Facebook Graph Search Is Coming to All U.S. Users

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If you're an English language-using, United States-based Facebook user and you've yet to be granted access to Facebook's Graph Search feature - that's about the change. Apparently, Facebook feels comfortable enough with the product to start rolling it out to the masses.

Starting today, Graph Search will begin to roll out to "several hundreds of millions" of users over the course of this week. The users who are getting the upgrade are only those who use Facebook with the "U.S. English" language setting. A wider, global rollout will commence after that.

Bottom line: If you're in the U.S., you will have Graph Search by the end of this week.

Facebook's been testing (and reportedly improving) Graph Search since they first launched it in beta back in January. ABC News reports that Facebook is launching the product today with some improvements to speed and accuracy.

Of course, its launch raised privacy concerns, and some users balked at the idea of any user now being given the opportunity to search all of their prior likes, photos, and app activities. In reality, Graph Search doesn't make any information available that wasn't already available - but it does make it easier to unearth old data.

Concerns or no, Graph Search is about to be unleashed to a wider audience. Next up, at some point, Facebook may just finally release the new news feed to everyone.

UPDATE: Facebook has made it official. Everyone in the U.S. should see a tip box appear when they log in that announces the Graph Search rollout.

Facebook says that in the near future, Graph Search will get the ability to search posts and comments. They also say that they're working on bringing it to mobile.

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