Facebook Gives Translators Awards for Their Services

    December 16, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has launched an award system for translators, where those who translate for the social network can get special icons as they accomplish specific milestones. Awards are grouped into into the categories of voting participation, words published, and translations published.

"Since launching our Translations application two years ago, more than 300,000 people have answered the call to contribute translations and make Facebook available in more than 70 different languages," says Facebook’s Eric Kwan. "These translators are helping more people connect in the languages that feel most comfortable to them, no matter how big or small of a community speaks a language or dialect. For all of their efforts, we think that translators deserve some extra recognition."

Facebook Translation Awards

"We would have never accomplished so much so quickly without the help of all of you who have contributed to translating Facebook," says Kwan. "Since the first translation, we’ve grown to more than 350 million users on Facebook, with 70 percent of them now outside of the United States. We appreciate the hard work from all of you who’ve taken part, and we hope you’ll enjoy translating even more with the new award system."

Currently there are nine awards that translators can receive, but Facebook says it may add more depending upon feedback.

Facebook’s Translations application has nearly 47,000 fans. Those who want to translate for Facebook can simply add the app, review, and vote on translations in their language. Currently there are 96 languages open for translation, while 64 have already been released.

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