Facebook Gives Page Admins A “Voice,” Lets Them Easily Post As Themselves

    June 28, 2012
    Josh Wolford
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If you’re a page admin on Facebook, have you ever “liked” one of your own posts thinking that the “like” would show up as from you, yourself, and not the page? I know I’ve liked plenty of WebProNews posts, thinking it would say “Josh Wolford liked this,” but instead seeing “WebProNews likes this.”


Now, Facebook has made it incredibly easy to switch between your true identity and your page admin identity when you want to comment or like a post.

Now, when you go to a page of which you’re on admin, you’ll see a new tab on the top right called “Voice”:

Facebook voice feature

Clicking that will drop down a little bar that reads “You are posting, commenting, and liking as _______ – Change to ________,” where those blanks refer to your page name and your personal account name:

Clicking on the “change to” part quickly lets you post as your true self, so you can like your page’s posts to your little heart’s desire. The functionality doesn’t exist elsewhere, as the “voice” tab goes away when you go back to your News Feed.

Google+ has allowed users to easily shift between personal and page admin accounts for a while now, and it’s great to finally see Facebook give page admins an easy way to do this.

  • http://www.FyreStation.com Ali

    Josh, please don’t mind but you might need to revise your post. While you’re absolutely spot-on about the new Voice feature, apparently the ability to post on a Facebook page as yourself isn’t a new feature. It has been available for quite sometime, however it wasn’t properly documented. All users had to do was to change their posting preferences from their admin panel and Use Facebook as page to do the trick. Voice makes this entire process easier by just a click. I’ve written about it as well on my blog. Do have a look at it: http://www.fyrestation.com/facebook-adds-voice-to-indicate-page-admins-who-they-are-posting-as/

  • http://design-kreeda.blogspot.com/ kanchan

    hi Josh,

    This was very helpful.. i was trying to understand the voice tab but was not finding an answer earlier.
    Although it seems likes a good option, is there a way to get rid of it and go back to the same old personal account and page as separate entities? I am having trouble switching from my me as myself to my page…
    When I click the ‘use facebook as’ option on the top right drop down window, it no longer takes me to my page, Instead takes me to a blank page… the url is same as my page though..

    can you tell me what the problem could be?


    • http://www.facebook.com/GoldenRuleTheWorld Gray

      Kanchan, I’m having the same problem: blank pages when I try to access my page or any other page (using Facebook as my page). It’s been this way for 2 or 3 days. I’m guessing since they rolled out the “Voice” feature. Any luck yet on fixing this problem? Thanks!

  • laura

    I’m having the same problems as Kanchan and Gray. Any advice would be appreciated!

  • Steve

    I’m having the same trouble.