Facebook Gift Shop May Soon Get Songs

    October 21, 2009

The Facebook Gift Shop may soon get a lot better.  A new report indicates that full songs are coming to the store, and a clever option that should even allow them to be transferred off the site is also part of the plan.

Brad Stone wrote this afternoon that Facebook will integrate Lala into its store.  He then continued, "And Lala is the perfect partner for this.  It charges 10 cents (or one Facebook credit) for a ‘Web song,’ which can be played online in perpetuity; for full price, usually around 10 credits, the recipient of the music gift will be able to download the song and transfer it to their iPod."

Facebook will have to be careful that the introduction of Lala doesn’t turn it into autoplay-era MySpace; no one needs Nickelback blaring from their speakers every time a new page loads.  Otherwise, though, the idea sounds solid.

Look at it this way: would you rather send a friend a few pixels that look like a mug of beer, or a four-minute song by some great band?  Most people would go for the second option, ensuring that Lala’s music will become a hit among existing Facebook Gift Shop users.  Then, as gifts are given and word spreads, a lot more people are likely to spend a little money.

Unfortunately, it’s unknown exactly when the Facebook-Lala integration will take place, so stay tuned.