Facebook, Foo Fighters To Pair Up Tonight

Live performance at 7 PM PT/10 PM ET

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Call it "The Battle of the Bands and the Social Networks."  Following Weezer-MySpace and U2-YouTube match-ups in the past ten days, a third pairing will soon be added to the mix as a live Foo Fighters performance is scheduled to stream on Facebook this evening.

The free performance is supposed to start at 7 PM California time (the Foo Fighters will be using the Studio 606 complex in Northridge as a base of operation).  It’s sure to be a big draw, considering that the band has over 821,000 Facebook fans.

Of course, in all honesty, the Foo Fighters and Facebook don’t have much hope of matching U2 and YouTube.  Reports indicate that U2’s Sunday night broadcast generated 10 million streams, which is an astonishing number.

Factor in U2’s bigger fan base, plus the fact that this is a Friday, and again, no one should look for a repeat performance (in a manner of speaking).

Still, the spate of major concerts that’ve been streamed (toss in Hulu’s coverage of the Austin City Limits Music Festival, if you like) seems to represent the start of a trend, and should mean a lot to music fans who don’t feel like flying across the country and spending still more money on tickets.

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Facebook, Foo Fighters To Pair Up Tonight
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  • Stupidscript

    Add to the list a series of performances live-streamed in all their glory by Todd Rundgren, performing a series of dates to commemorate the 35th anniversary of the release of his ground-breaking album, “A Wizard, A True Star”. One special note that helps distinguish the AWATS performances from those of U2 and the Foo Fighters (bless them) is that all of Todd’s AWATS shows and the live multi-camera streaming videos with crystal clear stereo audio were produced by a small group of fans who simply took on the project and made it happen. They were not the result of corporate public relations … just the result of normal people presenting their favorite artist to the world. Truly a worthy use of the Internet. http://www.awatslive.com


      AWATS LIVE !!!! What a wonderful show to see live-streamed !! Highly recommend. Saw the live streamed shows AND went to a LIVE Show. WOW !!!

      TODD RUNDGREN is the most OVER-LOOKED GENIUS is ROCK/POP History. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame FINALLY at least recognized TODD and he had the MOST VISITORS the first day honoring him, in the WHOLE HISTORY of the R&R Hall of Fame.

      TODD WHO???
      That ought to tell you something, if so many visitors were there !!! Like VAN GOGH, VIVALDI, or BACH…totally overlooked or forgotten..Todd Rundgren’s Catalog, as well as his Catalog with the Group UTOPIA has been ignored. Just like these other Geniuses too ahead of their time, unfortunate for TODD that he’s mega million years ahead. He even wrote the first COLOR program for APPLE COMPUTER !!!

      All of you do yourselves a favor and check this MASTER out.

  • http://www.packagedhosting.com Packaged Hosting

    Regardless of the numbers The Foo Fighters are an awesome band and have come in to their own on their last 2 albums. It’s great to see them embracing modern technology, I just wish I could find a few of their songs for Singstar on PS2, then I’d show the kids how its done ;)

  • Stupidscript

    ‘Twas an awesome “show” … more of an extended rehearsal, really … nearly 3 hours worth of familiar and obscure tunes as only the Foo Fighters could deliver them. Registered viewers who were logged in could chat and post song requests to the band … amusing to witness on screen and inspirational to the group who “remembered” many of their older tunes as a result of requests from Uruguay and points even further out.

    I truly love going to live shows … the experience cannot be matched … but this live-streaming thing is very exciting, and will surely occupy a much larger place in the pile of entertainment options, as time goes on. Gotta love it!

    • Stupidscript

      At its peak, the performance had a few more than 19,700 viewers. When Foo leader Dave Grohl asked for a viewer check from the control room, they hollered “20” … and Dave was, like, “Wow. 20 whole viewers. What did I say? Promotion, promotion, promotion!” Waaay better than MTV.

  • http://www.london-diy.co.uk/ steve the plumber

    Facebook, Foo Fighters To Pair Up Tonight

    Thanks for sharing

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