Facebook, Florist Take eCommerce Leap

    July 29, 2009

A sizable company has embraced Facebook in a potentially game-changing way.  Today marks the debut of an eCommerce store inside 1-800-Flowers.com’s Facebook Page, and said store is the first of its kind.

This is a smart move on the part of the florist.  As people use Facebook to announce engagements, births, deaths, and other significant occasions, it’s possible that more than a few of their friends will click over to the new store and spend a little cash (actually, all major credit cards are accepted).

Then, as this new venture succeeds (or even if it doesn’t), lots of other companies are likely to follow in the footsteps of 1-800-Flowers.  Which makes the development a big deal for Facebook, since it could become even more central to online life.

Jim McCann, the CEO and founder of 1-800-Flowers, even complimented the social network in a statement by saying, "Facebook is redefining the social web, a cultural and social phenomenon that has changed the way we connect with one another."

Anyway, you can look for the new 1-800-Flowers store to grow even more impressive in the future, since birthday calendars and group gift-giving options are supposed to be on the way.