Facebook Finds Way To Save On Photo Storage

    April 6, 2009

Facebook’s users are known for loving photos; the social network’s become a more popular place to upload pictures than even Flickr.  This popularity has had its price, however, and Facebook’s now trying to address the problem. 

Facebook Logo

Last week, we reported that Credit Suisse analysts believe YouTube will lose $470 million this year, largely due to bandwidth costs of $1 million per day.  Facebook’s saddled with the same sort of burden as more than 850 million photos are uploaded every month.

So Facebook has taken a page from Google’s data center book and gone the DIY route.

Niall Kennedy wrote, "Facebook has invested in its own large blob storage solution to replace expensive proprietary offerings from NetApp and others.  The new server structure should reduce Facebook’s total cost per photo for both storage and delivery moving forward."

Here’s one other interesting little note: "Jason Sobel, a former NetApp engineer, led Facebook’s effort to design a more cost-effective and high-performance storage system for their unique needs."

This is a great time for any company to save money, of course, and if Facebook goes public anytime soon, it’ll be even more important that all of its financial info is in good shape.