Facebook Just Became More Important to Search

Real-Time Search Competition Heating Up

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Facebook has begun rolling out a new version of its search feature, which it began testing with a select few last month. Of course, this would be real-time search, in the company’s latest effort to move into Twitter territory. The announcement of Facebook’s real-time search comes hot off the heels of their big announcement about the acquisition of FriendFeed, which comes with a pretty nifty real-time search engine of its own. But that’s a different story.

How important to do you think real-time search is to the industry? For finding relevant info? 
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Interestingly enough, Google’s got its own project in the works that looks to have some real-time search implications. The company has announced a search update called "Caffeine," which among other things is aimed at indexing content faster. "It’s the first step in a process that will let us push the envelope on size, indexing speed, accuracy, comprehensiveness and other dimensions," says Google’s Webmaster Central team. Perhaps Google can bring some added relevancy to real-time search.

Well, Google already indexes content fairly quickly, even more so in recent weeks, as a matter of fact. The faster it gets at doing so, the closer it will get to real-time search, a direction the company has acknowledged that it needs to pursue.

Google is still testing the Caffeine update, but it is allowing users a glimpse into it here. WebProNews has more on the update here.

With regards to Facebook’s own search, the company’s Akhil Wable says, "You now will be able to search the last 30 days of your News Feed for status updates, photos, links, videos and notes being shared by your friends and the Facebook Pages of which you’re a fan. If people have chosen to make their content available to everyone, you also will be able to search for their status updates, links and notes, regardless of whether or not you are friends. Search results will continue to include people’s profiles as well as relevant Facebook Pages, groups and applications."

Just search like normal, and then use the filters on the left side of the screen (on the results page) to adjust your results to view by people, pages, groups, apps, events, your own friends, etc.

Facebook Real Time Search

I would speculate that at some point, this real-time search functionality would incorporate more of what FriendFeed brings to the table. Searching FriendFeed gives you access to real-time results from all kinds of social networks – whatever the service’s users are sharing.

Services on Friendfeed

Facebook could bring masses of people into the mix on that front, and make it far more useful as an all-encompassing real time search engine. We don’t know what they’re going to do with that yet though. Facebook does say that FriendFeed will continue to operate independently, but it will no doubt become integrated into Facebook in some capacity.

As far as Facebook’s new search feature, the company reminds users that if they don’t want their stuff to show up in other people’s search results, they can adjust thier privacy settings accordingly. They’re still in the process of rolling the feature out, so you may not be able to use it just yet, but rest assured, it’s on the way.

What do you think of Facebook’s move into real-time search? Will you use the feature? Tell us.

Facebook Just Became More Important to Search
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  • http://www.impactmedialtd.co.uk/search-engine-marketing-services/seo-copywriting.htm Steve Logan

    More and more Internet services appear to be moving towards real-time. But I still don’t think that many online users are really aware of what it is or how they can benefit from it; so I can’t see how the transition to real-time will be short – probably why Google aren’t rushing into an out-and-out real-time platform.

    I wonder though what the future now holds for Twitter. Yes it is popular, but certainly nowhere near as popular as Facebook. So once Facebook integrates the FriendFeed functionality – which we have to assume it will – will Twitter lose its niche and if it does, will it remain relevant?

    There are certainly big changes afoot at the moment, Google Caffeine being one big example of that and PubSubHubbub being another. It seems like we are moving further towards having one source for our search and communication needs, be that Facebook, Google, Twitter or YaBing. Interesting times ahead for real-time aggregation.

  • http://www.cell-phone-numbers.com/ Guest

    While Google indexes content fairly quickly; what I am so SICK of is having to wade through the first 3 to 10 pages of PAID FOR advertising Crap before I get to any *REAL* results to my queries!

    I am quite certain that 90% of people are also sick of it and I feel bad for the people who don’t even realize that the paid for ads are NOT only on the side of the search results but on the main page itself – which is rather disguised.

    I sure hope Facebook and whatever it does and whom ever it hooks up with will take into account the Importance of plain and simple REAL search results!!


  • http://www.latterkursus.dk/lattercoaching.htm Ejvind

    It sounds almost science fiction like, but of course it will happen to all systems that include search eventually. There is a demand, and thus a product will be developed to make search instant and real time.

    On a sidenote, it is certain that the big players will try to corner the market in every way possible, simply because it is so lucrative to be in the search engine/paid ads business.

  • http://www.aweekinthelifeofaredhead.com A Week In the Life of A Redhead

    I don’t like how Facebook has change the search feature for friends. Its cumbersome and you have to re-filter every time you change the name. For example, you start with a name like Robert in a particular region or network and then realize the name Bob is more relevant, you have to re-set your filters all over again instead of the search staying with that Network. The old search was not this way.

  • http://www.patrickmcmurray.com Patrick McMurray

    there’s always room for improvement and competition

  • Guest

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  • http://capecodchoice.com/ cakhabib

    Life is a choice must be made by each person as well as your choice to get something you want

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com Official Safety and Security

    I guess the need for more and more information and to have it quickly is a good thing. I mainly use Twitter and FaceBook to market my safety and security web site. Twitter, especially, is a good platform to get my sales out quickly and share new information with the masses. Thanks, Chris.

  • http://www.radsnrails.co.uk/ Central Heating

    I don’t think real time search is relevant to 99% of users. RELAVENCY is the main issue for all search providers.

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