Facebook Exec To Find Another Job

    February 20, 2008

Even as Yahoo employees abandon ship (and get booted off it) at an alarming rate, Owen Van Natta, Facebook’s chief revenue officer and vice president of operations, has decided to leave his company.

Van Natta’s departure doesn’t appear to be remotely as troubling as those of the Yahoo employees, however.  Typical smile-for-the-camera faces aside, Facebook and Van Natta still seem to be on good terms.

Facebook Exec To Find Another Job

A Facebook spokeswoman told Vauhini Vara that Van Natta has been "instrumental in building out the core infrastructure of the company and has been key to building Facebook’s Microsoft relationship.  He also recruited some great executives in sales and business development and has been an influential part of the management team."

In the future, Van Natta will attempt to become the influential supervisor of a management team; he has expressed a desire to become a CEO.  Since no further specifics were given, secrecy or a lack of direction may come into play at this point, but as a successful Facebook exec, Van Natta shouldn’t have trouble getting a job.

Facebook, by the way, has not yet named a new chief revenue officer and vice president of operations.