Facebook Enters Stickers-For-Businesses Game

Official "'Like' us on Facebook" window decal makes appearance

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The storefront windows of tech-savvy businesses may be getting rather crowded before long.  Perhaps following the example set by "People love us on Yelp" stickers and "We’re a favorite place on Google" decals, Facebook’s begun to send out promotional stickers of its own.

The Museum of Making Music recently received one such sticker, which you can see below, and accompanying it was a letter from Tim Kendall, Facebook’s director of product marketing.  Kendall wrote, "We invite you to place it prominently on your window or sales counter, since businesses that promote their Page off-Facebook tend to see a 20% or greater increase in connections."

Facebook Sticker
Photo Credit: Museum of Making Music

That represents a nice result for businesses.  Facebook of course stands to receive more traffic, too.  Then there’s one way in which this move may help the social network get money in a direct fashion.

Kendall stated, "You can also use Facebook Ads to grow your page.  Visit facebook.com/free, create an ad, and use Coupon Code [redacted] for your $25 trial."  With the idea being that businesses will see positive results and decide to pay for Facebook Ads, no doubt.

Anyway, hat tips go to both B.J. Morgan, the Museum of Making Music’s marketing and promotions director, and Jennifer Van Grove.  It should be interesting to see how many other businesses receive envelopes from Facebook.

Facebook Enters Stickers-For-Businesses Game
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  • http://www.pagercall.co.uk Pagers

    OK so the sticker decals for facebook are available, wow! I’m impressed (sarcasm). I cant see many retailers wanting to take advantage of these. As for facebook ads, well I can see the advantage for some target areas but for the majority of online advertisers Facebook just isnt targeted enough. Unless you want to target teenagers that is.

  • Guest

    Lets see how this works… its a tough competition with Google….
    wouldn’t be surprised Google buys facebook

    I think i will give it a try for www.jewelrygrabber.com

  • http://www.spectrumspecialties.com/contact/ Chris

    Unlike the previous commenter, I think bringing Facebook into the real world with stickers is a great idea for both Facebook and small businesses. Additionally, I’ve seen a few ads on TV for regular local businesses who are advertising their Facebook page URLs along with their other contact information.

  • http://www.passiononline.co.uk/ Passion

    I am a great fan of combining online promotion with real-world marketing so this will be a good idea. Because Facebook is so social, it

  • http://www.wine-fi.com Guest

    Store windows are going to start being cluttered with “Yelp Us” Stickers, “Like Us” Facebook Stickers etc. there won’t be any room for regular store adds.

  • http://www.siskiyouwebdesign.com Siskiyou Web Design

    I already have a Google sticker, NAPP, IWA and Alarm company stickers in my window, now Facebook might give me one. At what point does the clutter…..look cluttered!

  • http://itsmyurls.com/body-rockin Body-Rockin.com

    Over all I do not see a problem with business displaying those stickers, since if they already post up all other types of ads on their windows, and signage…will they have to pay for these stickers and how much, how to get em?

    Facebooks quest for world domination, now you may see your favorite stores with a FB “Like” us sticker in their windows :)

    Can I get one for my car windows to put right next to the “Protected by” alarm stickers..no bumper sticker though cause those be to hard for folks to read driving in traffic..officer says “why did you hit that car, you say well I was trying to read that FB sticker” :)

  • http://www.dougncisaac.com Doug McIsaac

    I can’t believe that someone who reads WPN would think that Facebook was just teenagers. There are more people over 35 on Facebook than there are under 35 and the 55+ demographic is the fastest growing.

    Facebook advertising works extremely well and can be more targeted than Google. It’s more like the content network than the search network, but being able to drop an ad in front of someone based on their location and their likes is extremely powerful. ie if someone says they “like” camping you can deliver camping ads to them. Or if their status says they are “engaged” you can drop wedding photographer ads in front of them. Or if they graduated from high school 10 or 20 years ago you can drop ads in front of them about losing weight or getting in shape before their reunion.


  • http://list2closeassistant.com Serita Diana

    I just attended a free webinar where it cited a recent study showing facebook users are approximately 70% 35+ and have college degrees. So going by those demographics, I would say that these stickers could be useful to local small businesses. If my storefront were not virtual, I would certainly want one of these.

  • http://www.surpriseballs.com Guest

    Your article doesn’t tell us how to get these stickers. Our business has a website at www.surpriseballs.com, and a facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/home.php?#!/pages/Surprise-Balls/290320049729?ref=ts. We’d like to post one to see if it helps with our online traffic. And I have to disagree with the previous comment. Facebook is no longer just for teens. Classmates, old friends and families connect on Facebook every day. I’ve recently reconnected with over 40 of my old classmates from 30 years ago, We chat all the time online now. Thanks Facebook!

  • http://perfectvisualhost.com Perfect

    This is welcome development for business owners.

  • ButterflyBob

    So what’s wrong with a little friendly competition?
    Hey this contry was founded on competition.
    I say let the sticker wars begin.
    Anything that can help a business grow, why not?

  • http://www.storpod.com Chris

    The Google / Facebook sticker idea could be quite good for “space aggregators”. Foursquare is one such example where it would be a benefit for them to obtain stacks of stickers (or tell their location owners how to get such stickers) for all the venues in their database.

    At StorPod.com we would probably look to doing the same thing, certainly for our corporate members – private members may wish to retain privacy.

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