Facebook Encourages Developers To Upgrade To Its iOS 7 SDK


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Current rumors suggest that the iPhone 5S and iOS 7 are only a month away. As such, Facebook is prepping its SDK for the eventual release of the newest version of iOS and wants its developers to be ready as well.

In an update on the Facebook Developers blog, Jason Clark writes that Facebook is doing things a little differently this time around in regards to its iOS development. Instead of waiting for the final release to start issuing bug fixes, Facebook is working to address as many bugs as possible before launch. He also says that any developer working on iOS 7 will want to upgrade to Facebook SDK for iOS 3.7.1 or newer. You can grab that here.

Alongside the changes to its iOS development, Clark also announced some changes to Facebook's platform policies. For starters, developers are no longer required to administer promotions only within apps. They can now send out promotions on Page Timelines and Facebook Web apps. Obviously, you still can't administer promotions on personal Timelines.

The other policy change allows developers to use user data in advertisements. Facebook recently just settled a lawsuit regarding this very issue so the social network now says that developers must obtain explicit permission from users to use their data in advertisements.

To learn all about these new changes, check out Facebook's very informative video on the subject:

[Image: Facebook Developers]