Facebook – Dying Or Not?

    March 26, 2008

Admit it: you thought Facebook was the coolest thing since sliced bread (okay, CD/DVD-RW drives). You were so proud of yourself for joining long before Facebook became the media darling they are today.

And now you’re cheering for its demise with the rest of them. But you’ll have to hold off on the death watch for a little while longer.

Last week, Hitwise published a graph that showed that Facebook’s traffic had dramatically fallen off after Christmas 2007 in the UK, through March 17. Compared to their growth over same period in 2006, that wasn’t good news.

Luckily, a couple days later, Hitwise looked back at the data: in the last few days of the week, Facebook’s traffic had jumped up to its Christmas peak—tying for its record high.

Do we need a refresher on Facebook traffic analysis?

facebook traffic analysis, uk

Now, tell me: is it spring break in Britain?

And if that’s not convincing enough, here’s some more data that might help: even before last week’s dramatic recovery, Facebook’s mid-March traffic for 2008 was seven times that of the year before.

yoy comparison of holiday-season facebook traffic in the uk

It’s easy to claim that “we’re so over” Facebook when it looks like the numbers are down, but the reality is that they’re not quite dead. Yet.