Facebook Debuts New Ad Targeting Filters

    July 15, 2009

Advertisers asked for them, and now they’ve got ’em.  Yesterday evening, Facebook unveiled three new ad targeting filters that topped a "most requested" list and should make contacting the right users a much easier process.

The option to target people according to their connections may be the cleverest of the trio.  This will let advertisers "target Facebook Ads only to users who have expressed interest in your Page, Group, Event or Application," as a Facebook Ads note explained, and thus avoid wasting time on people who are indifferent or might even regard an overture as spam.

Or, for the sake of not preaching to the figurative choir, advertisers can flip that model on its head and target Facebooks Ads only to users who haven’t explicitly expressed interest. 

The second filter allows for multiple country targeting.  The upper limit in terms of different nations is 25, so it seems that Facebook is courting either really huge corporations or online businesses that ship everywhere (or both). 

Finally, it’s become possible for advertisers to reach every user on his or her own special day.  The Facebook Ads note suggested, "Simply create a new ad and select the ‘Birthday’ box.  Your ad will be delivered to users in your target audience on their birthday." 

This is an impressive selection of filters that’s likely to help Facebook attract a lot more attention from advertisers.