Facebook CTO Seeking “Career Opportunities”

    May 12, 2008

It looks bad enough when any executive quits a company.  Making the matter potentially worse for Facebook is the fact that Adam D’Angelo served as its chief technology officer.  And strangely, it seems that the CTO position will be eliminated as he leaves.

These developments could serve as a cause for alarm; instead of being some job-hopping title-holder, D’Angelo was a longtime employee, and Kara Swisher writes, "The quiet, self-effacing D’Angelo should get a lot of credit for Facebook’s elegant and robust architecture."

Adam D'Angelo
 Adam D’Angelo’s LinkedIn Profile

It’s hard to imagine a company like Facebook without a CTO, too.

But Swisher adds, "[S]ources said D’Angelo simply wanted to do something different."  Also, people from Google and other important tech companies continue to leave their jobs in favor of Facebook, so its restructuring – there will be a vice president of engineering, not a CTO, now – probably isn’t due to a lack of available talent.

Anyone seeking more reasons that Facebook’s okay need only count the 100 million of them provided by TriplePoint a few days ago.