Facebook Cooks Up New Site For Touchscreen Phones

    October 22, 2009

Facebook’s providing people with handy-dandy touchscreen phones a handy-dandy touchscreen site to match.  The new Facebook site – which is indeed different than the regular old mobile version that’s been out for a while – has made it out of testing and is available now.

The touchscreen site, which you can see at http://touch.facebook.com/, isn’t extraordinarily special, of course; Facebook hasn’t chosen to make people figure out a completely new layout while squinting at their rather tiny screens; it’s just optimized with bigger icons and other different adjustments.

Still, since Facebook’s made it easier for people to access the site while they’re on the move, it’s reasonable to assume that they’ll access it more, increasing page views and perhaps overall use as they meet folks and make new friends.

In fact, Facebook almost appears to be taking a page from Google’s playbook with this move; the search giant used to release something or other (a search tweak, a location tool, etc.) for a different subset of phones on what felt like a weekly basis.

And considering that the approach served Google well – most estimates put it very much on top of the mobile market – Facebook’s probably smart to adopt this approach.

Hat tip goes to Kim-Mai Cutler.