Facebook Connect Gets Nod From Orbitz

    July 29, 2009

It looks like Facebook’s made still more progress in terms of dealing with important companies.  Following earlier news about 1-800-Flowers.com, it turns out that the social network has become a friend of Orbitz.

Matt Holliday reported, "Orbitz has launched a new Facebook Connect integration to help anyone making travel plans through the site share their flight and hotel details with friends and family on Facebook."  Which sounds nice enough – like something that users will even appreciate, even.

Holliday then continued, "With the new Connect implementation, Facebook friends are able to see users’ complete travel plans in their News Feed when Orbitz users share those details on Facebook.  By clicking on the feed story, they’ll be taken to the Orbitz site, where they can book a similar trip."

This last bit might represent more of a stretch than the 1-800-Flowers development; the average person will more readily spring for a $40 bouquet than book a flight to Panama.  It’s still an interesting move and a nod to Facebook’s importance, however.

Also, as with the 1-800-Flowers news, it’s possible that this will lead to something of a domino effect in terms of companies embracing Facebook.