Facebook Redesign Emerges

Separates News Feed/Live Feed

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Update 2: Facebook announced today that the changes are rolling out. With the new design, you can view stories by News feed (what Facebook deems the most interesting stories in your feed) or Live feed (everything in real-time).

Why they did it:

Facebook’s Raylene Yung  explains: "While seeing real-time activities is extremely valuable, we also want to be sure you don’t miss other interesting content. After hearing feedback from many of you and exploring some new designs, we decided with today’s changes to move what you used to see in Highlights from the right-hand side to the News Feed view in the main column so you can more easily engage with both views."

Facebook Redesign

Update: Facebook sent the following messages to advertisers:

Facebook is simplifying the user experience on the home page by introducing Top News and Recent Activity streams. Now, when users log on to Facebook for the ?rst time in a while, they will see the most important stories that they missed while they were away. From there, users can navigate to the real-time stream and toggle between both views throughout their sessions. In addition to making it easier for users to view content that is most relevant to them, this change also speeds up the time it takes for the home page to load and makes birthday reminders more prominent.

Ultimately, Facebook believes these changes will increase engagement on the home page by surfacing more relevant stories to users.”

Mashable has more screenshots.

Original Article: The Next Web got a hold of some screenshots of what were rumored to be of a new design being tested for the Facebook news feed and home page. There was some question as to whether or not they were real, but Facebook has confirmed that they are indeed testing, according to the the site.

The Next Web claims Faceboook gave the site the following statement:

"We are currently testing different designs of the News Feed and the home page with select users. The tests help us understand if we can make it easier for users to balance both the most important and the most recent information from people they’re connected to."

The new design of the feed does not display the publisher box until an "update status" button is clicked upon. The feed also displays as separate pages with different links depending on which one you’re actually on. There are options for "recent stories" and "top news." According to the Next Web, the Top News option filters updates with the most comments and likes.

The Next Web has several screenshots posted, such as the one below.

Facebook - New Design Being Tested

As is to be expected, reactions about these possible design changes are mixed. It’s hard to say what Facebook will actually do. That will depend on the tests, but Facebook has had plenty of uproarious feedback in the past over design changes, although the last several less drastic ones have gone over fairly smoothly.

It will be interesting to see what Facebook’s decision ends up being and how users react.

Facebook Redesign Emerges
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  • mpheadley

    How about a dislike option? How about a blog feature or SOMETHING that allows you to write more than a paragraph? How about post categorizations so people who are interested in one facet of you can read those posts and ignore the rest? Or vice versa, ignore one type of posts you create? Now I put one or two word post categorizations at the beginning of my posts. For instance, if the post is about my family I put “Family:” at the beginning of it. I use Facebook like other people use twitter. But why would complete strangers be interested in what I say if I used Twitter?

  • Jeremy Muncy

    It feels like everytime I finally get used to the last set of changes… Facebook makes more drastic changes.

    I wish Facebook let us, the user, pick which layout we wanted to use.

    Jeremy Muncy
    Follow me on Twitter twitter.com/jmuncy”>@jmuncy

  • http://www.dipoll.com Halle

    The Facebook news feed is way better than live feed. I dont get what people are complaining about. Go to this poll and vote for news feed: http://www.dipoll.com/index.php?poll_id=577

  • Guest

    Of course, they also introduced new bugs. Facebook has lost all of my friends in the process.
    When the friends do appear briefly, I now see notices that friend A is now friends with someone I don’t know. I don’t care to see those messages, but there is no way to turn them off.
    Why doesn’t Facebook solicit feedback from its users before making changes, and more importantly, why doesn’t it test the impact of changes offline before taking them live?

  • http://officialsafetyandsecurity.com/ Official Safety and Security

    I typically use FaceBook to socially market my safety and security web site and raise awareness for its products so I guess I’ll find out what my friends think. Feedback can be a wonderful thing!

  • http://AnnArborRealEstateTalk.com Missy Caulk

    Is there a limit to the amount of friends you can see on Live feed?
    Someone updated their status on it and said you had to edit it to allow up to 5000, but I didn’t see the edit button.

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