Facebook Co-Sponsors Next GOP Debate

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With the Iowa Republican Caucus in the record books - and Michelle Bachmann's campaign in the history books - the nation sets its sights on the New Hampshire Republican Primary on January 10.

Will Mitt Romney keep his 25% momentum rolling? Right now he actually polls at 47%, more than double his nearest rival.

Will flavor-of-the-week Rick Santorum still be relevant by then?

Will Jon Huntsman's efforts in that state pay off with a surprise?

Will Ron Paul's never-say-die base pull off a big upset?

Will Newt Gingrich show up? Or will there be a book signing schedule conflict?

Before the Primary on Tuesday, the remaining candidates square off in yet another debate on Saturday the 7th. This one is staged jointly by NBC's "Meet the Press" and Facebook.

Taking advantage of the nature of social media, the debate will feature days of opportunity for viewers to submit questions, chat up each other about the candidates, and watch videos.

Facebook is highlighting how the candidates use social media, specifically Facebook of course, to interact with voters and get their message out.


Their "U.S. Politics on Facebook" page talks through how the candidates are doing.

The Facebook presence for Meet the Press is pushing the upcoming debate heavily.

As for the event itself. it will take place at 9:00 a.m. ET in Concord, NH. Of course, Facebook will carry a live stream, and video will be available on Facebook afterward.

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