Facebook And Bing Talk Social Search


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Yusuf Mehdi, Senior Vice President, Online Business, Microsoft  says they are  grateful for the Facebook partnership. We are going to show how search gets better because of your friends.

Editor's note. This article was live blogged.

Qi Liu, President, Online Services Division Microsoft, talks about partnership between Facebook and Bing and taking search to the next level. We will harness potential of social, take it to the next level.

Unfolding a new era of search. Create search capabilities that were not available.


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Classic search problem who knows what. Create consumer and economic value. Make
popular opinion expert opinion

Mark Zuckerberg. Design products around people and social search. Talks about beginning of Facebook. Organizing information around people. People brains focus on processing information about people.

Early photos album, early apps were not rich. Socially integrated. High resolution photos and the progress since the beginning of Facebook. Kept building out apps and allows other companies to add to Facebook.

Social game companies product designed around people. More than just about games, products that are sociallyl integrated. Social search and a great partnership with Microsoft. Microsoft is the underdog and can go all out. Microsoft is a good ally and partner. 

Mehdi is back. On Facebook you can search results. Not everyone wants to search the web on Facebook. Talks about Bing Social results as a tab in Bing.

Can see shared links on Facebook and see the buzz.

 What he wants in search results is what his friends think. Now likes and information into search you can't get anywhere else. We have likes included from friends. You can see stories people like.  More personal search for everyone.

Say you want to find a Stephen Colbert video. I go to Bing, type in video. If my friends have liked it, I can get right to the one I want instead of wading through mashups or anything else.

Talks about  people search. We've collaborated to make things better. If we're looking for a person it's not easy. We're going to bring in people from Facebook. Use a number of social signals. If I'm friends of a friend, then I can see that friend.

Dan Rose from Facebook  talks about Facebook's early  partnerships. Knew Microsoft would be a good partner. They have been partners for four years. The important thing is to be flexible.