Facebook Alters App Measurement System

    August 5, 2008

When trying to separate the good Facebook applications from the bad – or at least the popular apps from the ostracized ones – a statistic known as the "daily active user count" often came in handy.  Facebook’s now trying to make it better by switching to a monthly perspective, and the social network is even recommending apps to some users.

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 Facebook Takes A Longterm View

In regards to that first development: things can change a lot in a 24-hour period.  Facebook’s Eric Zamore mentions a rent-splitting app that would only see much use once a month, for example.  Or press coverage of, say, the relaunch of Scrabulous/Wordscraper could affect things for a week or more, but less than 30 days.

So a monthly active user count it is.  Consider this a tiny step towards making Facebook less ADD in nature.

As for Facebook suggesting that people use certain apps, Zamore writes, "[W]e’ve been testing an application recommendation algorithm called ‘Applications You May Like’ with a portion of users visiting the Application Directory.  The applications presented to users are algorithmically generated based on many factors, including which applications a user’s friends use and the applications that have engaged similar users."

All in all, these moves are likely to reward developers who have succeeded in building loyal followings, and a few more of those who haven’t will get weeded out.