Facebook Adds Pop-Ups for Notifications

    May 12, 2009
    Chris Crum

Facebook has now implemented instant notifications that let users know when something is being shared with them as soon as it is shared.

"Notifications let you know when people take actions on Facebook related to you, so you can quickly check out a photo you’ve been tagged in or read a new posting on your Wall," says Arjun Banker on the Facebook Blog.

Notifications have already been available at the bottom right corner of Facebook, next to the chat bar, but now they will appear automatically and in real time above the chat bar as pop-up alerts. It looks something like this:

Facebook Pop-Up Notifications

The pop up will close after a few seconds. If a user does not act on the notification right away, each notification will still be available for viewing in the list just like before.

"A common use of notifications with applications on Facebook is for multi-player gaming," explains Banker. "For example, when you’re playing a game and take your turn, your opponent receives a notification so they know to take their turn. The immediate notifications can help you play a game faster."

If you find the pop ups annoying, you have the option to turn them off. Actually, you can turn off specific types too, so if you like seeing when someone has posted to you wall, but you don’t want to see every time you’re tagged in a photo for example, you can adjust this.

When a pop-up appears, and you click the x to close it out, it will ask you if you want to permanently turn off future notifications of that same type.