Facebook Adds New Security Measures

By: Mike Sachoff - July 17, 2009

Facebook announced today that it has taken additional measures to help users whose accounts have been hacked or used to send spam.

The company says the vast majority of its users have never experienced a security problem but it wants to give members new ways to take back control of their accounts if it does happen.

"We’ve spent the last few months improving the way to guide people through the process of regaining access to their account after it’s been compromised and used to send spam," Facebook said in a blog post. "Currently, we send emails explaining what happened and provide links to remedy the situation."

"Now we’re moving towards a new model that also involves clear and simple steps taken within Facebook itself. In doing so, we can ensure that the person logging in is the true owner of the account, thereby preventing hackers from using it to send spam in the future."

Facebook Account Suspension

Facebook says it will still send email notifications to users who have had their account compromised, but its added an additional step to verify the account holder.

"They’ll go through a quick verification process to ensure that they’re the legitimate owner of the account in question. Finally, we’ll help them pick a new, secure password and refer them to the Facebook Security Page, which includes helpful tips and information on how to be safe on Facebook and across the Internet."

Facebook said it will be introducing similar safeguards in the coming months focused on the different threats members may face.


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