Facebook Addresses BNP Problem

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One week ago, six major corporations pulled their advertising from Facebook.  Then the British government followed suit.   Now the social networking site has introduced a solution that may bring them all back.

First, though, comes a recap of the strange event that caused the mass departure: it seems that these companies’ ads were being shown on the British National Party’s Facebook page.  And yes, that sounds innocent enough, but you must stop to consider that the BNP is “committed to stemming and reversing the tide of non-white immigration . . .”

Naturally, no one wanted to be associated with that sort of thing.  Hence the advertisers’ exodus.

But losing that revenue – and, quite possibly, getting a lot of questionable press – just wouldn’t do, so “Facebook has added a tweak to the site so that advertisers can opt out of the groups section entirely,” according to the Guardian Unlimited’s Jemima Kiss.  Facebook has also “emailed all its UK advertisers and agencies to point that out.”

Because of this development, it’s probable that most (or all) of the advertisers that left will return.

Lastly, for a bit of fun, we’ll check back in on a couple of Facebook groups.  “A Chief Export of Chuck Norris Is Pain” now has 12,747 followers, while the “The British National Party”’s got about 1.7 percent of that with 217 members.


Facebook Addresses BNP Problem
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  • DaveJ

    What about this for a little bit of fun Douglas, the bnp polled averaged almost 15% of the votes where they stood candidates in the last lot of local elections. So quite clearly lots of people do support them. Also there website is the most visited of any of the political party websites.

  • Ffyon

    I’m a BNP member and so I called Vodafone to cancel my account. I was happy with their service but they are clearly not happy to have me as a customer so I did the honourable thing and helped them out of their dilemma. They must be such a fabulously wealthy business that they can pick and choose their customers.

  • Mark

    the BNP is

  • Fernando

    Oh sure people support them now. But after a Nazi Germany type happens here in UK, assuming a war takes place. 8 years later post Nazi Britain will be the same as post Nazi Germany. I wonder if the good unassuming people of Germany thought that that sort of thing would happen when they were all saying. "you know, Hitler aint such a bad guy. I’m gonna vote for him and the Nazi party". Its a pity so many people will have to die just to amuse them and make them change their minds. Of course it won’t the grand allied UK and US anymore. This time it will be the grand EU & US alliance vs the UK.

  • Guest

    "Most visited of all political websites" – and how much of that traffic is people keeping tabs on the BNP, people researching the BNP for articles etc on how awful the BNP are or people just writing in to abuse the members?

    "Actually a lot of people in the UK (possibly even the majority) "

    don’t talk crap, nowhere near the majority, you know it, the rest of the country knows it. The BNP are a disgusting mish mash of racists, fascists, bigots, homophobes (and now rapists of 14 year old girls it would appear.) Many in the BNP are busy trying to paint themselves as the real voive of Britain thwarted by the left wing press etc. The fact is that most people can see past the thin veneer of varnish you apply to yourselves, we know how disgusting you are, that your members engage in assualts on ethnic minorities, trade unioinists, political dissenters homosexuals etc. Your main figures are on record as spewing some of the worst bile, homophobia, holocaust denial, attacks on the working classes. Should the BNP ever come to power we will see the worst totalitarian regime, ethnic cleansing and denial of free sopeech since the Nazi’s.

    I applaud the businesses that have refiosed to be associated wityh the BNP. I only wish we could shame Facebook into following suit and banning you permanently.

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