f8: Facebook Unveils Next Version of Open Graph

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The next version of open graph will be a "completely new class of apps," says Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

"[We're] going to make it so you can connect to anything you want in any way you want," he says.

Basically you don't have to "like" everything. You can just read a book, watch a movie, eat a meal, etc. That's the way he describes it.

You'll start seeing things like:

Mark "reviewed" a restaurant.

"Last year we added the nouns, this year we added the verbs," he says.

This stuff goes into ticker and timeline, but not the news feed, as to make it less annoying.

The new class of apps will focus on helping users fill out their timeline and helping users discover new things through their friends. The three ways they'll do this, he says, will be frictionless experiences, realtime serendipity and finding patterns in friends' activity.

Apps will be designed around things like music, movies, TV, News, Books, etc. but also around things like Exercise, Fashion, Emotions, and other lifestyle categories.

All of Facebook's new music whisperings we've been hearing about are based on this. Various music services are simply taking advantage (like Spotify, Slacker Radio and others). You can listen to songs at the same time your friend is, with the track synced up.

There is a music timeline view on people's timelines where you can see your friends' musical tastes.

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