F-35 Fighter Jet: Popularity Rising


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The Lockheed Martin Corporation is bracing for an onslaught of potential international demands to purchase several dozen F-35 fighter jets. This Tuesday the South Korean government turned down an offer from Boeing Co to build sixty F-15 warplanes claiming that a more advanced aircraft was needed. While there is no definitive word on whether South Korea will eventually come to an agreement with Boeing, Lockheed Martin has multiple prospects.

The F-35 initiative involves $392 billion and serves as the Pentagon's most expensive program. The increased popularity may be the result of new leadership within the Lockheed Martin Corporation. Lockheed Martin Canada recently hired Charles Bouchard who serves as a lieutenant general within the Canadian militia before retiring in April 2012. Pat Dewar, who is the executive vice-president of Lockheed Martin International, will serve as Bouchard's superior.

A press release noted the recent employment.

"Bouchard will assume leadership of the portfolio of Lockheed Martin activities in Canada and will be the corporation's lead representative in the country. Bouchard's appointment is a result of Lockheed Martin International's focus on providing customers with direct access to the company's broad range of products and solutions," the release read.

After thirty-seven years serving on the Royal Canadian Air Force, Charles Bouchard will be an integral part of the company's international functioning. Pat Dewar spoke about Bouchard's recent addition to the corporation.

"We added a tremendous leader to our organization today. Charles will facilitate access to Lockheed Martin's broad portfolio of products and technologies to help Canada address its security and citizen service challenges. We highly value our customers in Canada and we're investing for long-term partnership and growth," Pat Dewar said.

Lockheed Martin is currently working on variations of the F-35 for the U.S. military, as well as partner countries including: Canada, Britain, Australia, Norway, the Netherlands, Italy, Turkey, and Denmark. Reports claim that both Japan and Israel have also placed orders.

[Image Via Wikimedia Commons And Courtesy Of Senior Airman Julianne Showalter (USAF)]