Extreme Places On Google Earth

    March 11, 2008

Frank Taylor points out on his Google Earth Blog that a member of the Google Earth Community has put together an interesting collection of extreme places on Earth.

Deepest Canyon on Earth Deepest Canyon on Earth
(Photo Credit: Google Earth Blog)

The collection includes the windiest place on Earth, the snowiest place on Earth and the largest natural feature on the planet to name just a few. The collection is called the "Extreme Series" and was created by someone using the pseudonym "satishgsk."

Taylor writes, "Once you load the Extreme Series  each placemark shows the location, and often contains a photo showing more details of each sight. You may also want to check out satishgsk’s post which includes bigger photos and information."

He also offers tips for viewing the Extreme Series. "You can select the Extreme Series folder and hit the "Play" button (looks like the play button on a TV remote) below the Places pane to watch a flying tour of each location."

"Go to the ‘Tools->Options’ (or "Preferences" on the Mac) and select ‘Touring->Show Balloon when Tour is Paused’ to have it automatically show the balloons during the tour playback. You also might want to adjust the "Tour Pause" speed to give more time to read the balloons."

It is a nice collection of the unusual and is worth checking out even if you have only a mild interest in such things.