Extreme Gamers Spend 48 Hours Per Week Gaming

Overall time spent gaming up

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Extreme gamers, which represent 4 percent of the total U.S. gaming population, spend 48.5 hours a week playing games, according to a new report from The NPD Group.

 Overall, U.S. gamers spend 13 hours per week playing games, up from 12.3 hours in 2009.

When looking at the number of hours gamers spend per week playing video games, hours spent playing both console and PC games showed a marked increase over last year’s study, with console games increasing 9 percent and PC games increasing 6 percent.  The number of hours gamers spent playing portable games saw a decline of 16 percent. 

Anita-Frazier-NPD "With these kinds of shifts in the composition of the gaming consumer and changes in gaming behavior, it’s clear that the need to understand gamers and their purchase patterns remains critical information to those that develop, market and sell games," said Anita Frazier, industry analyst, The NPD Group.

The average age of gamers increased slightly over last year from 31 years of age in the 2009 study to 32 years in this year’s study.  Avid PC Gamers and Offline PC Gamers, comprising 11 percent and 8 percent of the gaming population, respectively, are the oldest segments with an average age for both of 42 years.

Extreme Gamers Spend 48 Hours Per Week Gaming
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  • http://impulsemagazine.net Men’s Online Magazine

    I definitely believe this to be true, that is why I don’t have a gaming system in my house

  • http://hdtvandgaming.blogspot.com steve

    Yes i can also believe this to be true i would not call myself an extreme gamer but i have had periods when i am playing online and i am that into it that six hours has gone by and i think i better stop now because i need to get up for work in a few hours.

    As for the average age going up i can only see it going up further as there’s more people than ever who are gaming at the moment and will probably carry it on in to their later life.

  • http://www.websitetemplates.bz Website Templates.bz

    Well, I think 48 hours per weeks is not that extreme.

    I personally know a few kids and adults who spend far more that 48 per week(((
    This is insane, but I guess that would make more than 50((((
    every day about 5 hours and wekends are pretty much spent on gaming.

    stop them somebody!!!

  • http://www.seocreations.com/showsevices.php Link Building

    It’s not much if we spend 48.5 hours a week playing games

  • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean Flory

    After I came to the realization that Quake III Arena was taking up too much of my time my gaming has slowed to a crawl. Just like Steve said, looking at the clock and realizing there’s only a few hours till the work day can really have a negative impact over time.

    I still play 40 hours a week on my Vectrex…just kidding, but it still works, well, most of the cartridges. :)

  • http://www.deanflory.com/ Dean Flory

    I wonder if the economy has played a role in gaming vs. movies time. I watch/buy less movies now and watch more hulu and broadcast rabbit ears TV than before.

  • http://www.bidchargers.com/ Penny Auction Online

    It is seeming a story related to me. Ya I am a hardcore gamer but now these days, it is difficult to pay 48 hours but still I manage 30-35 hours for gaming.

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