Extend Firefox, Win Prizes

    November 5, 2005

If you haven’t yet seen the news, there’s a contest going on called Extend Firefox

Calling all Firefox enthusiasts: it’s time to submit your work for the chance to win great prizes and earn bragging rights as one of the premier Extension developers for Firefox! We’re looking for new and upgraded Firefox Extensions that focus on enhancing the Firefox experience, especially those that take advantage of new features in Firefox 1.5.

Jesse Ruderman has a quick overview of new Firefox 1.5 features that you’re encouraged to take advantage of. The computer you could win looks pretty nice.

Need help or ideas? Try the new IRC channel. Or look at the list that Jesse published. (Bonus points if you make his Google idea work with Yahoo too…)

Disclaimer: I’m one of the judges. I do not take bribes. Well, not often. 😉

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