Ex-Technorati Techie Goes To Microsoft

    April 11, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Niall Kennedy was one of a few people to depart blog search site Technorati in recent months, and now he has announced he will join the Windows Live team.

Kennedy will work with Microsoft’s Windows Live division to develop a feed syndication platform that should connect syndicated content with users regardless of their platform, he disclosed on his blog:

I’ll be working closely with the Hotmail storage team to make sure the platform scales and with the Windows Live Alerts team to make sure you can customize how you receive new content. Microsoft Research already has a few projects focused on the blogosphere as well as research into new search and social networking techniques.

Once developed, Kennedy envisions users being able to access content from virtually anywhere on a host of devices. Achieving this means “having a strong enough platform on the back-end to make it all possible.”

Industry insiders have posted their positive views of Kennedy coming aboard the Redmond mothership, even if he will be working in California for a while.

The Microsoft-tracking LiveSide.net website noted, “Niall is definitely a great asset to Microsoft, especially Windows Live, so hopefully they’ll make good use of him. That said, Niall seems very keen to join as he’s nearly got the internal mantra word-perfect and he hasn’t even be forced to drink the kool-aid yet 😉 ”

Windows Live’s Dare Obasanjo had been slated to work on a syndication platform, but other duties have cropped up, he observed on his blog. However, Kennedy’s availability came to the rescue:

I promised the my management and the partner teams who were interested in this platform that I’d make sure we got the right person to work on this project. When I found out Niall was leaving Technorati it seemed like a match made in heaven. I recommended him for the job and talked to him on the phone about working at Microsoft.

All proceeded well, and Kennedy accepted the offer.


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