Exploding Gassy Whale Shoots Guts Onshore


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On Faroe Islands, a set of islands between Norway and Iceland, two dead sperm whales washed onshore. According to the Faroese Broadcasting Corporation, after two days, a marine biologist by the name of Bjarni Mikkelse was called upon to remove one of the whale's skeleton for a local museum.

Although it is very likely that Mikkelse is an adept marine biologist, this was his first time cutting open a whale. He knew that it was routine for dead whales to hold gas pressure, but nothing prepared him for the blast that happened almost immediately after he began cutting it.

As Mikkelse began to slice open the whale, a powerful blast of gas and guts shot out of its belly with a loud bang. Thankfully, Mikkelse was light enough on his feet to avoid the gassy impact, and quick-fingered spectators were fast enough to record the explosion for us to enjoy.

The biggest question of all is: Was it the smell that forced that marine biologist to flee or the force behind the exploding innards?

(Image: Youtube)