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Optimizing your site for search engines can be challenging and time consuming. It’s a game where the rules are always changing and there is no shortage of outdated and just flat out bad advice readily available. So, what should you be doing? How should you be approaching the whole search engine optimization mess?

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When creating your SEO strategy, due diligence mandates that you not just take the word of the first self-styled SEO expert that just ‘shows up’ in your inbox one day. Beyond that it’s an even better idea to look for consensus viewpoints among established and recognized experts in the field.

So, where would an SEO expert start with a site? That’s what we wanted to know. What are some of the common themes, concepts, ideas and practices all of these guys would agree on? We put these questions to four leading SEO guys.

We got some good ones too.

  • Rand Fishkin, CEO of SEOmoz.org, sure he wears funny shoes, but he’s an SEO rockstar of the first order by anyone’s definition.
  • Eric Enge of Stone Temple Consulting, a regular and veteran of the SEO conference scene.
  • David Brown of Top SEO Consultants. SEO, forums, podcasts, blogs – if you know a buzzword, David’s probably been there and done it already.
  • Brian Mark from Toolbarn.com. Brian is an admin at WebProWorld forum and last year Toolbarn made the list of top 100 Internet retailers. ‘Nuff said.

Eric Enge title=

Obviously, you can watch the video to get the info first hand, but for those of you who prefer to stick with the text here are some of the more interesting points made:

All of these guys agreed on the importance of having a crawlable site. Dump the pull down navigation windows, take it easy on the java script, don’t get nuts with Flash dominated pages. Always use distinct titles and descriptions from page to page. Watch your achor (link) text – you don’t want to use things like ‘click here’ or ‘home’ for your navigation because they don’t mean much to search spiders.

David Brown David Brown specifically mentioned the concept of the KEI, or Keyword Efficiency Index when thinking about and choosing keywords you want to focus on. KEI is important and it’s one of those things you can show off to your non-SEO friends to make them understand how smart you are because it has a very impressive looking formula:

KEI = (DS^2/C) = (DS/C * DS)

It’s actually not as complicated as it looks, and there is a great definition of KEI at StrictlyCSS.com.

Brian Mark Eric, Rand and Brian all mentioned how important the content of your site is to your SEO efforts. This is particularly true in terms of garnering those all-important inbound links to your site. As Rand observes specifically, search engines rank based on two factors; relevance and popularity.

Relevance is fairly self-explanatory, but the popularity angle is more interesting. You want your on page content to be popular – not necessarily with engines themselves (because they don’t care) and not necessarily popular with your customers — you want your content to be popular with other people in your field. Similar sites with similar topics, targeting the same kind of areas Links from those kinds of sites/pages are extremely valuable inbound links.

Rand Fishkin Obviously, this isn’t to say to ignore your customers and end users when you create your content. Simply that you should also be thinking about the attractiveness or linkability of your content to other people sites within your subject area. At the end of the day, nothing will move you further, faster than quality inbound links.

Speaking of inbound links, the general consensus of all of our experts in the video is basically the more the merrier. They all stress the importance and value of having relevant inbound links with good, keyword specific anchor text, but none of them seem to have any qualms or issues with HOW you go about getting them. A couple of guys just flat out admit that they will, and have, paid for sites to link to them.

That said, they also all agree that if you do buy links, you should be smart about it. Be selective about the types of links you buy – make double sure they are relevant etc and just basically keep it under your hat.

There’s plenty more info in the video. Be sure to check it out. If you feel like we left some major point unexplored or have suggestions or ideas for future video interviews, let me know about it and we’ll see what we can come up with.

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Expert Strategies for SEO
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  • http://www.osgfx.com scott Adie

    Not that I’ve ever used one or even have the need at the moment, but I’d think someone who masters search engine optimization would be a tremendous asset to anybody who markets on the web. Search engine optimization is not like so many persuits where there are incremental changes that we can slowly and systematically respond to. It’s more like a nuclear explosion that sends most of us running for cover that is never truly adequate. The fallout covers everything we think, everything we do. If you have a great SEO expert, think about a nice Christmas bonus, they sure earn it.

    • http://www.slackerhtml.com Ejaz

      WEll the Seo is not a rocket sciece as u thinks about it.It is just a game of thins king that how search engine crawlers works if some one according to the policy of search engine crawler surly he will get the results.

  • http://www.fabricstodyefor.com cyberkid

    I found when helping a friend with her Web site that it turned out that I knew absolutely nothing about its contents. Namely, sewing and quilting…

    Who buys this stuff and over time what trends develop and so on?

    Given the nature of such a problem I found I could effectively data mine book titles and cover many areas of this niche interest as I learned to build out the Web site. I cataloged book titles as a way to canvas the market area and low and behold trends developed.

    The catch is even though we thought we were in the supply business it turns out with such a broad range of data sets that the business of mining for search terms can create phenomena where more people end up finding you from search term phrases or keywords that are derived from the pages of information you’ve created. I’m sure most everyone has experienced this where a term appears you never even keyed in, and you may well be stuck with it.

    The search term that prevailed after inputting over a thousand pages was “flower pounding?” I never input such a term anywhere. In another Web site the prevailing term became “wall mirrors.” That was a truer result because I did input a section with a display of wall mirrors.

    Now I am happy if I have many possible outcomes and an even distribution of search terms that lead to one part of our site or the other. But I still can

  • http://www.higherawareness.com John Robson

    I think KEI is very misleading and almost useless.

    There are so many bloggs, forums, journals online now that most of these so called competitors are actually people discussing teh key word and often having a real need.
    There are not 100,000 plus comtetitors but only a handful of serious ones with many people talking about their need or their comments on the search topic.
    Looking foreard to your response.
    The only true way to find the competioin is to be a searcher and look online. Unlsss you know of another way?

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