Expedia Last Minute Deals : Give Away Your Work

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Planning a trip seams fun in theory but I just never seem to get around to doing it. Wouldn't it be nice if someone else just took care of it? Yes, It's called a travel agent and they're too expensive for me. Thankfully there is always someone else willing to my work, at least in this regard. Expedia is making deals, exclusive to your area, that someone else already researched and found the best price on. Basically they are live and emerging deals, available to book for a twelve hour window, then they are gone.

"In a sense, the millions of people who come to Expedia® are now serving as your own personal travel agent, helping you find the best and most popular deals from your home city," said Joe Megibow, vice president and general manager, Expedia.com. "So many customers travel with Expedia every month that it puts us in a great position to deliver this type of service to our customers. With Last-Minute Deals, you can get the best deals available by letting everyone else do your research for you."

The deals are part of a new program by Expedia titled ASAP (A Sudden Amazing Price).