Ex-Googler Finds Lawyers Under The Tree

    January 5, 2006
    WebProNews Staff

Ron Garret, a former Google staffer contributing to the Xooglers blog, hasn’t been posting workplace anecdotes recently; it seems some legal types with big Gs on their Louis Vuitton attaches want a brief word with him.

"Apology accepted, Captain Needa."
-- Darth Vader demonstrates advanced business dialoging concepts by Force-choking an underperforming subordinate, The Empire Strikes Back

Although Garret has been keeping up with posts on his personal blog, Xooglers, his blog for ex-Googlers and thoughts on search, has been mostly quiet through the holidays.

Garret’s most recent post explained why Xooglers has been bereft of his entertaining stories from the Mountain View trenches:

The reason I’ve been quiet on xooglers is that Google legal has asked to talk to me about it (no big deal I am assured) and we’ve been having trouble making contact.

To pass the time on Xooglers, Garret recounts a pre-Google digression on airplanes and the concept of immense wealth. While it’s mildly interesting, it’s not the insider’s peek at pre-IPO, pre-Schmidt Google that the Googlites who obsess about the company crave.

Let’s wish Garret and Doug Edwards the best of luck with Google’s legal team (cue Imperial March music here) and hope for his speedy return to regularly dishing the inside scoop.

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