Executive Blog vs. Executive Blog Roll

    June 1, 2006

BusinessWeek’s Bruce Nussbaum points out the next best thing to an executive blogging-an executive actively reading blogs.

Specifically, P&G’s Vice President of Design Innovation and Strategy, Claudia Kotchka.

Kotchka helped A.G. Lafley shift the house of brand’s focus to design. This effort secured P&G’s spot as one of the top ten most innovative companies in the world.

Nussbaum suggests of Kotchka’s blog roll: “Now take a minute and think about this list. I figure it’s worth about $1 million to you-if you use it wisely.”

The value seems a tad high-unless you’re one of the blogs short listed. But his point is that it’s valuable to know what blogs help shape Kotchka’s perspective on design. He’s right.

In the process, Nussbaum has created a way for executives to bathe in the glow of social media without blogging and a way for well-read blogs to get an implied endorsement from a Fortune 25 brand.

Do you know which blogs your top customers read? What about your employees? Do they all know which ones you read? Creating and sharing these lists can be a valuable exercise, “if you use them wisely.”

Kevin Dugan is the author of the popular Strategic Public Relations blog. Kevin is Director of Marketing Communications for FRCH Design Worldwide.

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