eWeek Asks Whether VC Firms Are Supporting .NET

    July 17, 2005

eWeek: Is .NET failing to capture Venture Capital Loyalty? Why is only one VC firm quoted in this article? …

I wonder what Rick Segal, for instance, would say?

Update: Rick just blogged his answer.

Joi Ito? Allen Morgan? Bill Gurley? Jason Caplain? Steve Hall? Steve Jurvetson? Jeff Nolan? Tim Oren? Ed Sim? Martin Tobias? Fred Wilson? Brad Feld?

Now, I’ll be honest, most of them will say Microsoft is dead. That open source is where the action is.

Why do I know that? Because they’ve told me such. And, because most of them are looking at yesterday’s money and assuming that tomorrow’s money is gonna be made the same way. Google made some of them fantastic sums of money, but now the rest are chasing that dream.

Problem is, will tomorrow match up with yesterday?

You’re probably noticing a theme here. I’m posting all of the bad news about Microsoft. Steve Rubel is switching to a Mac. The VC firms are supporting open source. Longhorn is seen by many as a failure waiting to happen.

I love big challenges. These are big challenges.

But, I keep going back to what’s important: the small things. The details. The devil is in them, right?

Obviously I’m speaking from a position of strength here. I know what’s coming. So, I’m fearless. Go ahead. Punch us in the stomach. Again and again. Go ahead. Tell us we’re out of the game. Go ahead. Tell us we can’t do anything right.

Let’s get it all out, all here, all now.

Give us your best shot!

LInk: Is .Net Failing to Draw Venture Capital Loyalty?

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