Evil Stick, The Demonic Dollar Store Toy


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There’s nothing like a wonderful stroll to your daily dollar store and picking up some economy class toys for your loved ones. So who would have thought that among the libraries of cheap molds and Chloe knock off Barbies that evil was afoot? It was.

In Dayton, Ohio, a mother out purchasing a toy wand called ‘EVIL STICK’ for her daughter this week was shocked to find a secret image.

Hidden behind the quality foil of the wand was a picture of something truly disturbing: a black lipped, sharped tooth, dead-like, MS painted eyed demonic girl cutting her wrist with a kitchen knife as it drips in a pool of blood.

"It's a picture of a girl slitting her wrists. I'm outraged over it," mother Nicole Allen, who purchased the toy wand for her two-year-old daughter, told WHIO.

Shake the wand and a noise box emits cackling laughter; though odd (but permissible) if the wand was devoid of the image, becomes frightening when paired with it.

"I want to know how they think that that is suitable for a child. There was Barbie dolls on one side and baby toys on the other side, and these were right in the middle.”

The elegant cursive lettering, pink decorated background, swirl designs, and cute anime character suggested the princess wand was kid friendly. However, with a name like ‘EVIL STICK’, it’s questionable over what the product’s message entails (despite being in the toy section of the store.)

The owner of the dollar store (literally called ‘$.100 store’), Amar Moustafa, said that Allen should have read the toy’s label before buying it.

"The name on it, it says "Evil Stick",' Moustafa said.

"So from the name, if I was buying it for my kid, I would inspect it before I gave it to them."

Moustsafa added that he felt the toy would be better “for a five, sex, seven, 10-year-old, I mean they see that on TV everyday.”

‘EVIL STICK’ still remains on sale at the store.