Everybody Sues YouTube

    May 8, 2007

Several news items regarding YouTube lawsuits came through yesterday:

Google is getting hit by a class action lawsuit from the Premier League (a British soccer league) and Bourne Co., an independant music publisher, both angry that their copyrighted material appears illegally on YouTube. They’re asking other companies to join the class action and band together in suing YouTube. The suit claims Google is guilty of “engaging in, permitting, encouraging and facilitating” copyright violations.

(via Topix)

In a seperate lawsuit, YouTube is being sued by Los Angeles News Service operator Robert Tur, who took video of Reginald Denny being beaten during the 1992 LA riots. That suit has been ongoing. What is new is that both NBC Universal (which has not sued YouTube yet) and Viacom (which is suing them for $1 billion) have filed “friend of the court” briefs in support of the lawsuit. The companies are making it clear that, even in cases that have nothing to do with them, they stand as enemies of YouTube.