Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t

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Evelyn Lozada says she wants to press charges against her husband, Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson, for domestic abuse. Johnson was arrested on Saturday night after the couple had a fight which escalated, ending in a headbutt that left a laceration on Lozada’s face; however, not everyone thinks he’s guilty.

Lozada says the fight began when she found a receipt in Johnson’s car for condoms, which Johnson agrees with. But their stories differ when it comes to who got physical first; she claims he initiated it, while he insists she headbutted him. She says he yelled “I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t give a (expletive) about my career!”, which has some fans thinking perhaps Lozada is up to her reality-show antics rather than being entirely truthful.

“You know what I think almost proves she’s a lying psychopath? The fact that she claimed he said ‘I dont give a *expletive* about my career!’. If you ask me, that just seems too convenient that he actually said that. She may have caught him cheating, which is one thing, but he, in my educated opinion, DID NOT hit her. She’s a psycho who is trying to ruin his career after catching him cheating,” fan Justin Embree posted on an NFL forum.

Poster Rodney Journey agrees. “The public has seen how crazy she is on TV. Had C. Johnson been in trouble with the law since college? Over a decade of no incidents? Who are you going to believe? A crazy temper tantrum chica or a legit dude with no previous troubles? Nuff said,” he wrote.

Lozada is known for her appearance on “Basketball Wives”, and for a feud with co-star Tami over an indiscretion with Tami’s ex-husband.

Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t
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  • robyn

    a nightmare!!!

  • Bri Cortez

    Evelyn may certainly be feisty at times, but what kind of person changes their name to “Ochocinco”? Attention seekers who love DRAMA! He knew who he was marrying and it’s disgusting to think anyone believes she deserved to be treated like this. Maybe Chad can now get his OWN reality show since he needs a job! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!Go Evelyn!!!!!

    • kimmie

      I know right..lol They both in my book eff’d up. Now they both look stupid and have the media all over this. I don’t think she deserved it however no matter how mad a person get..she should’ve handled this differently. Chad is goin to be alright. He’s going to come at Ev so hard that gag orders are going to be needed. I’m not going to go at his neck because he lost his job ova this or say go Ev because at the end of the day….THEY BOTH WILL END UP PAYING SOMEHOW whether financially or mentally

  • Silverfox

    I hope now that this has happened, she really thought about Jennifer’s friendship!! Maybe this will make her see what a true friend Jen was to her. I saw the reunion show, and I know she did accept Jen’s apology, but I feel Jennifer spoke the truth about Chad and Evelyn’s relationship. This incident over the weekend relly proved Jen was right!!!!!

  • http://yahoo aquamere

    This bitch is crazy and we all know it… She threw her friendship away over a guy who did exactly what her BESTFRIEND!!! said he would, go figure… Don’t spite ya nose cause your mouth can’t breath ev- ev!!! Karma’s a nasty little bitch aint it….
    #TeamJEN! straight like that!

    • sincere

      Ditto !

    • kimmie

      exactly!!..she’s mad that she looks sooooo effin stupid right now. I mean even her baby’s father stated that she’s a good liar when that situation came about referring to money he hid. Remember what that b*tch said..”I THOUGHT HE NEEDED FOR ME TO HOLD ONTO IT FOR HIM”. Okay Ev you and this man hated each other. Why would he ask you to “hold onto his money”. He got in trouble and she walked away free. I’m telling you..she’s a grimey.

  • CJ

    What a f’n mess! He should have never married her a**. What type of s*it is that; that he’s married to her for less than two months and loses his job behind her stupid ass. As someone stated, didn’t she agree on TV that it was okay for him to cheat?? I guess she thought he would change because he married her? NOT! He already told her the deal and yet she still married him. Yep, trying to get those dollars! Also, as someone else stated, she was engaged to Antoine for 10 years and he didn’t marry her. Chad should have known something was wrong with that situation. Hopefully he can get out of this mess without having to give her too much money.

  • Bri

    If Evelyn was the aggressor, as most people seem to feel, she wouldnt have just headbutted him, she would have completely kicked his dumb ass!

  • Logic

    Listen! If anybody put a 3 inch cut anywhere on my face, I’m pressing charges. I don’t care what I may have said that may be hypocritical in the past or what may be karma in the present. All that will be what matters is that a 3 inch cut is in my face and that is what I will be pissed about at that time. It’s sad that Chad has allowed this type of drama to impact his career with the Dolphins and now has an arrest record for domestic violence but it’s not good for a vendictive person like Ev to be in the driver’s seat in a situation like this.

    • sincere

      So what are you saying exactly? Your statement has no “Logic” !?

    • kimmie

      I’m a victim and I think that something isn’t right with the stories. If we remember before Chad n Ev got together there was this girl in Philly talking about everything between them was fake and for their own TV reality show that was coming. So i think Ev actually fell for Chad not realizing he was being real with her about loving “women” period. She thought she could tame him and her bedroom antics could keep him but it didn’t. I feel she became mad at the site of the receipt and did exactly what Chad stated. So the 3in cut is her own fault. She shouldn’t try to humiliate Chad because she made herself look stupid. Let’s think about this…Ev is always ready to fight ANYONE on sight all of a sudden she runs to a neighbor after being headbutted. I don’t think so. I think she plotted and planned in her head at that moment what to do in a matter of seconds and executed her “I’m the victim” to the fullest. She’s so mad that she wants to take this man’s dignity and livelihood away not realizing “KARMA’S A B*TCH..WE ALL HAVE TO DEAL WITH GRIMEY THINGS WE DO AT ONE POINT IN OUR LIVES”.

    • day

      i agree its obivious he has boxing skills so he should put that to good use jack ass

  • 1CoolGranny

    Evelyn knew Chad’s reputation before they even got togethet and he admitted he didn’t feel he could be with just one woman the rest of his life; she knew, she maybe thought he would change after the got married. Stupid of her to believe that…

  • irene martinez

    another Chris & Rih haha.

  • roy moore

    These two dum asses should have never married.!!!!!!!

  • cheryl

    I think everyone needs to mind their own business. Everyone has issues in life. So keep it movin.

    • sincere

      Nope, we are not going to butt out. They put their relationship out there for the world to see. Gloating all the way to the bank, they even made a reality show about it. So no, they wanted our attention via ratings, so now they got it!

  • Frances mathews

    When you marry someone, who is making $925,000 a year in the NFL, the reality is the money not the condoms. The marriage from these two parties from different social-economic backgrounds, would give reason for foul play. Somebody is trying to get paid!!!

  • jmar

    Evelyn Lozada is a crazy, violent woman. No one who has ever seen Basketball Wives can debate that. Crazy, narcissistic, diva. I feel bad for him. She screwed up everything for him.

  • http://webpronews micheasl smith

    divorce her chad .she not worth it.she trying to get paid.look what happen to antoine walker.he is broke.

    • http://yahoo shere hayes

      He must have head butted the shit out of her to call the police knowing how much they both have on the line . They both had matching headaches. lol

  • danny

    hey..cant that marriage be annulled??????..here’s your chance chad….whatever it is…get out now son!!!!!run boy run……hahahaaahaahh…no joke though

  • ray

    I feel sorry for none of them, they deserve everything they get. That includes all athletes and there marraiges.the next one will hear about is rick fox who plans to get married, yet again will end up the same way. Bet the house on that.

  • sabina

    For all we know she could be telling the truth, but because of how she acts on Basketball Wives, it’s hard to believe her. That’s why it’s so important to have a good public image.

  • Taneisha Fletcher

    Ev. is a skank ho, who just wants to get paid. stay with her chad. why not, pay that bitch, you two deserve each other. thought you had much more sense than to get with that skank. in too deep now. deal with it.

  • Christina

    Okay Editor I know this is your story to write or whatever but shouldn’t you be taking a non bias approach to this article? This seems a tad bit unprofessional.

    • Nina

      Good Point!

  • Joan

    While I do NOT condone any form of violence, in my opinion, I believe this was an incident waiting to happen. When you have a “grown” woman, who has a penchant for bullying and fisticuffs, as Evelyn Lozada so regularly and disgustingly exhibits on the reality show, “Basketball Wives,” it doesn’t take an imbecile to determine that she was likely the antagonist in this incident. And now that “the chicken have come home to roost,” she calls the police and is now filing charges. What hypocritical decisions for someone who bad-mouthed and degraded her BW co-star, Jennifer Williams, when she sought legal assistance about filing charges after she was physically attacked on the show by Lozada’s personal assistant. For this brazen, foul-mouth bully, I say “pull up your grown woman panties,” and show some decency yourself with your so-called, wanna-be bad azz! God don’t like ugly!!!

  • http://www.webprones.com Audrea Durousseau

    I agree 100% on every comment previously stated. EVE is an an evil bit–h. She got what she deserves. I donot condone abuse but… I beat my last dollar, she threw the fist punch. His entire behavior was always as Jen stated, Chad is a WHORE and so is Evelyn. Remember, she slept with him the 1st time they met; her legs were all on top of him. What a poor example for a MOM. She is money and status hungry. Now she had destroyed this man’s career so,,,, she needs to try to get money via court system. She and Tammy both apologized to public/fans because of how the Media responded to their “nasty and evil behavior. I hope with all my heart that Chad’s reputation his peers; those who know him will stand by his side. From all who have expressed themselves here, Evelyn is nothing but “Goodwill Rejects.” Remember Evelyn, Beauty gets you no respect; I am sorry Chad lost his job but; glad her “pretty” face was messed-up. Can’t wait to see the next season of Basketball Wives…

    • http://Yahoo Cindy

      Andrea I am not surprised by all the drama those two have created for themselves neither one is better than the other but for you to go on here and say you were glad then I wish the very same on you in the name of all the women sitting in battered shelters you are the scum of the earth to actually say you are glad that any man no matter what the situation is you are glad he beat her. Then lady i hope by your very own words it happens to you then i would hope you would get to eat the very nasty and twisted mind you possess. You evil cow.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Renee

    Eve got Karma the way she turned on Jennifer and Tami was backing her up Jennifer try to tell her he was no good but she flipped her friendship for Chad I think she did what she did for publicity for her worth I hope he sign a prenuptial if not he should be broke.She is terrible what goes around will come to her.

  • Lana Robinson

    I agree with some of the things that people are saying. Evelyn is a little violent on her show The Basketball wives, that is true, But no woman or man deserves to be abused! No Excuses! Also Chad told her on the show,(we all seen it)that he couldn’t have sex with just one woman, and she accepted it! Crazy,she knew what she was in for with him.Would you have still married someone that told you that?

    • MoeGilly

      Chad should of known better not to get married to this chick she is nothing but drama damn she was on basketball wives that show is full of drama know look more drama all she wants is attention word of advice chad divorce that bitch and move on to someone thats not on VH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darlene

    I hate the fact that Chad lost his career opportunity with Miami over Evelyn. I don’t condone violence but Chad told her right up front that he was not going to change who he is. He made that very clear on the show Basketball Wives straight out in front of all America who watches the show. I got the message I know she got it also. He even told her that if they were out having dinners/drink and he saw someone that he felt he liked and wanted to bring back to the house he should be able to do so. What did she not get? Thought she was going to bully him. So for her to get upset about a condom receipt is bogus

    • Jennifer

      Your mate is your mirror. Who you chose as a mate friend or folks that you spend the majority of your time with, mirror who you are as a person. When you see two people, with one giving the appearance of being stable while the other appears unstable, such as the case of this couple, this is nothing more than the classic “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” routine. It is sad the people who defend Chad over Evelyn cannot see his part in this game.

      This guy has dated this woman long enough to know who she is, yet he risk it all to marry her. In my opinion, It speaks volumes about him more so than her.

  • Chrisz

    The comments that say she just trying to get paid, thats is not the case. Evelyn has plenty of places where she is getting her own money for instance: a book deal with young money, clothing line, make up made by the same company as MAC, a shoe store that is now online. She don’t need his money and quite frankly the way he has been playing, he was gonna be looking at her for money.

    • Akai

      She may not NEED his money but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t WANT it. Evelyn is very greedy and violent. It’s not okay for men to hit women but who says a man can’t fight back if a violent woman like Evelyn attacks them?

  • nikki l

    For some reason I do not believe her story. Chad probably did cheat,but I think she is lying like a dog. I have seen her show, and she is completely shiesty.

  • Robin

    Jennifer knew what he was about? Right Evelyn? (LOL)

  • Robin

    Evelyn you know what they say about Karma

  • http://EVELYN&CHAD blackgale2004


  • http://aol lei

    I feel bad for both of them — however I do find it strange that a man who has had NO
    chrgs at all since college all of a sudden gets into a domestic brawl, he’s been with plenty
    of women since college — this chick ruined his career chances, and pushed his buttons
    they both need therapy including the woman who is playing a poor defenseless me act!

  • http://facebook cat

    He is what they call he a bad boy, And she is a hot head it will never mix..

  • markitia

    you lay with dogs and you will get fleas.

  • Devona

    I really think that it happened exactly how Chad said. He may be a lot of thing but I’ve heard anything about him being a liar. He always says what’s on his mind right or wrong like it or not. I never heard anything about him being violent towards anyone ever. Her on the other hand please. Just watch basketball wives and you will see the real ev. All she did on that show was make threats,drink, cuss ppl out,drink, jump across tables,drink, throw bottles,drink, try to fight anybody that did not agree with her and drink. Then she makes tee shirt about it and try to sell them in her store.

  • Devona

    I really think that it happened exactly how Chad said. He may be a lot of thing but I’ve heard anything about him being a liar. He always says what’s on his mind right or wrong like it or not. I never heard anything about him being violent towards anyone ever. Her on the other hand please. Just watch basketball wives and you will see the real ev. All she did on that show was make threats,drink, cuss ppl out,drink, jump across tables,drink, throw bottles,drink, try to fight anybody that did not agree with her and drink. Then she makes tee shirt about it and try to sell them in her store.

    It’s funny how ev and tami like to bully young classy ladies on their show but when the cameras are off they become punks running to the police I thought they said they handle their own business they don’t run to the police…smh…it’s all fun and games until somebody gets head butted.

    • http://www.rulaglass.com julie

      this is his 2nd domestic. A leopard doesnt change his spots. Once a beater, always a beater.

  • Holly

    I support Ev. I am a huge fan of hers…I could care less about Chad. He annoys the hell out of me and I wouldn’t put it past him if he cheated. If she says that it got physical, then I believe her until she is proved wrong. :)

  • Debra

    I do not support Evelyn’s rotten abusive and disgraceful behavior as seen on Basketball wives and supported by Tammi and Shaunie (the pretender). I believe she is capable of doing what Chad said., but he is a piece of crap himself. Anyway, I would be darned if I support any form of domestic violence meted out to Bully Evelyn even though it is easy to see how some persons think she deserves a few kicks and cuffs to see how it feels to bully others. She is right to press charges and let his ass pay the penalty. Evelyn knew she was getting into a relationship that was open any why is she checking on his condoms now? .

    • Honest

      RIGHT ON!

  • Honest

    Feel bad for poor Chad, EV is obviously from somewhere deep in the ghetto, just by how she behaves on BB wives, we all know that she was the one to abuse him!

  • DeAndrea Sampson

    i dont condone a man hitting /head butting a woman; however i think evelyn is lying. she is so full of drama and is a messy messy person. i think she is so miserable that she wants everyone around her to be miserable. i cant stand the heffa. she caught him cheating and she just wants him to pay. she knew he was a cheater when she married him. that marriage is such a joke!

  • bababooey

    She has BITCH AND GOLD DIGGER written all over her face.

  • Jennifer

    Well apparently Chad told her on the show that he was going to have sex with other women. Her dumb self married him anyway. I guess she didn’t think he was serious or that if she found out he was having sex with some other woman, she was gonna go “Evelyn” on him. Granted, it makes sense for her to get mad at the receipt, even if he told her in front of America that she wasn’t gonna be the only one, who wouldn’t? But still, chick, he told you what was up and you married him anyway! I’m not blaming her for this though, because whether she initiated the fight or not, he still had no business physically abusing her. So even though I blame Evelyn for getting herself into a marriage like this, this current situation right here is all Chad’s fault.

  • Forest Gump

    Stupid is as stupid does

    • http://yahoo gigi1781


  • Hotcookies

    Evelyn is a drop shot ass hoe! She has ruined this man’s career. As much as she has bullied other women in basketball wives, she should have charged this one to the game (if he did in fact head butt her). I guess she really ain’t bout dat life! Looks like she is going to be a non-motherfuckin factor!

    • http://YAHOO Kay

      Hotcookies..I think that’s what’s up!!

  • http://evelynlozada's marsha

    chad should have been watching her realilty show. guys you gotta look pass what’s on the outside, cause on the inside of evelyn she so transparent,superficial,low class,trouble maker,foul mouth,there’s nothing lady like about her.if she’s anything of what she protrays herself as on tv. man you should have looked far beyond her for a wife and a soulmate. and if you were cheating you should’nt had gotten married.

    • CMV

      He was on the show for a few cameo’s but obviously you are what you attract.

  • Tippy Carroll

    To all of the asshole bitches tht said she deserved it or tht he didnt hit her do know chad like I knw chad. He asked her to marry him nt the other way so tht means let ur hoes go or b by urself dumbass. I dnt blame her I would have blasted his ass also. And its all his fault tht he lost his job wat he did to my Sis EVE jus made the coaches decision a whole lot easier. If u dnt like her then dnt watch her. Shes doin more than any of yall haten ass on here. TEAM EVE all day eveyday. All yall haters can kiss my ass lol. Dnt like wat I gt to say I really dnt gve a fuck LMAO. Dueces bitches.

    • charsha

      Both of them knew who they were getting when they chose to marry each other. Chad knows Evelyn is ignorant and she knew he would be F&$@ing other women. She only gave him permission on one of the episodes of BW’s. Had she listened when she was warned not to marry Chad, she wouldn’t be in this situation but this is what happens when you have a point to prove to everyone. She was trying to prove that everyone else would be wrong when everyone else, including Jen was right. Evelyn needs to grow up.

      • http://YAHOO Kay

        Charsha…..That’s real talk.It’s sad, but it’s true. If you listen closely people will tell on themselves most of the time.

    • Pooch

      u dumb.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    Chad is a total Douche and I am sorry to all his fans but it does not matter how fucked up a relationship gets it doesnt matter how annoying a person is. You dont ever ever hit that person. She sends a very clear message to all stupid men and most importantly to her daughter by pressing charges IT IS NOT OK TO HIT A WOMAN. PERIOD. hit the streets, take a long run, go to the gym hit the bag but douche what were you thinking. You deserve all thats coming next.
    HIS bosses have let him go in light of this latest fiasco it doesnt matter who you are, hitting a female is dumb. Rhianna and Chris went through the same crap. What is it with these men. join the long line behind that jerk Mel Gibson. total loosers.

    • Osiris

      Spoken like a true women! Why speak on it if you dont know the facts yet. you sound dumb, and man, woman, transvestite I dont care; if someone hits you, you should have all the permission in the world to defend yourself. but this world is backwards and teaches young woman at a young age that it is ok to hit men because they are defenseless against you. You are sending the wrong message honey. No ONE should put their hands on anyone, man or woman! This is the very reason these young girls turn into women who provoke men. But like I said, keep your mouth shut until you know the whole truth

    • http://YAHOO Kay

      Cindy, I hate to say this and I am against domestic violence. But I kinda think Evelyn may be guilty. She is the one always hot as a firecracker!! And in her show he clearly said he would cheat! And he would bring another woman in their bed. So she knew what she was getting into. And these days at least he bought the Dam- Condoms!!! Some won’t do that!!

  • Nophilia Long

    As an educator of English grammar, literature and writing, I am just wondered how in the hell do these people, such as Amada Crum, get jobs writing when her and other web writer’s grammar and writing skills are atrocious. Who does she know? Who do they know? And how do I continue to convince my young students that good writing skills are important and worthwhile. It’s ridiculous!!!!

    • Nophilia Long

      Typos are one thing, poor punctuation is something else. Let me repeat myself without being attacked for my ‘ed’ instead of ‘ing’. As an educator of English Grammar, Literature, and Writing, I am just wondering how in the hell do these people, such as Amada Crum, get jobs writing when her and other web writer’s grammar and writing skills are atrocious! Who does she know? Who do they know? And how do I continue to convince my young students that good writing and grammar skills are important, valuable, and worthwhile. It is ridiculous!!!!!

      • Elizabeth

        You still didn’t get it quite right but, that’s okay, we totally get what you’re saying and I agree 100%. These so called journalists and professional bloggers take absolutely no pride in their work whatsoever. A typo here and there, every now and then, isn’t so bad but the constant misspellings, atrocious grammar and punctuation gets on my nerves. Sometimes I wonder if they even care.

  • As it should be

    Chad should of never married Evelyn. Less than 90 days and she shows her butt. The writing was on the wall of her life. I wish the Dolphins would relook their decision, but he has to deal with his choices. I pray another team picks him up and he lets go of his baggage and pay close attention to the writing on the wall. It was there.

    • Elizabeth

      Of all the things you could be praying for, this is your request to God? Maybe you mean you “hope” he gets picked up by another team. Last season he only completed 15 passes and in their preseason opener, he dropped his only pass. If he would quit focusing on all these reality shows and crazy women and put all of his effort back on the field, he does stand a shot of being picked up by another team. But until he starts making better decisions, coaches,players, team owners and fans won’t want him around.

  • gette

    He should have known better than to marry an angry, violent, gold-digging woman.

  • Marva

    I think that this is another Rihanna and C Brown situation and that is that the ladies did there flapping of the lips and though I know its 3 sides 2 every story, I feel they flapped their jaws, hit the boys and as they say, they got the worst end of the deal. So, though I do not condone a man hitting a woman, but nor does a woman have a right to hit a man. Don’t bring what you can’t take. Anyway as trifling as these FL woman are, she should have been thankful, he’s wrapping it it up, hell if he’s cheating. If, that’s a allegation.

  • Sharon

    Didn’t he write poem to her stating that she was like “the last slice of pizza in the box, that nobody wants”? And she took that comment with a smile.

    Chad thought that he was playin’ her.

    Chad,you just got played.

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