Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t

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Evelyn Lozada says she wants to press charges against her husband, Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson, for domestic abuse. Johnson was arrested on Saturday night after the couple had a fight which escalated, ending in a headbutt that left a laceration on Lozada’s face; however, not everyone thinks he’s guilty.

Lozada says the fight began when she found a receipt in Johnson’s car for condoms, which Johnson agrees with. But their stories differ when it comes to who got physical first; she claims he initiated it, while he insists she headbutted him. She says he yelled “I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t give a (expletive) about my career!”, which has some fans thinking perhaps Lozada is up to her reality-show antics rather than being entirely truthful.

“You know what I think almost proves she’s a lying psychopath? The fact that she claimed he said ‘I dont give a *expletive* about my career!’. If you ask me, that just seems too convenient that he actually said that. She may have caught him cheating, which is one thing, but he, in my educated opinion, DID NOT hit her. She’s a psycho who is trying to ruin his career after catching him cheating,” fan Justin Embree posted on an NFL forum.

Poster Rodney Journey agrees. “The public has seen how crazy she is on TV. Had C. Johnson been in trouble with the law since college? Over a decade of no incidents? Who are you going to believe? A crazy temper tantrum chica or a legit dude with no previous troubles? Nuff said,” he wrote.

Lozada is known for her appearance on “Basketball Wives”, and for a feud with co-star Tami over an indiscretion with Tami’s ex-husband.

Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t
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  • day

    she did the right thing to turn his ass in. i would have done the same thing. if you want to go ho then leave. but dont beat me up on the way out cus you think i want call the police. she did the right thing. go evelyn!!!!!

    • mzqtepie

      As to your reponse, I dont believe that any man should hit a on a woman nor do I believe a woman should hit a man. But everyone knows that Evelyn is a fuking drama queen who feels she can hit, throw shit at people and get away with it. I believe Chad was defending himself against that crazy bitch. Someone needs to beat her ass and bring that bitch back down to reality. She has not ran across the right one yet.

      • day


    • http://facebook takeia

      No, violence is not the answer, but lets be real all to often chicks is hitting on dudeS first and playing the victim later.it’s only so much a person can take -pressure bust pipes.but to EVELYN KARMA IS A BITCH AIN’T IT? YOU DUN PUBLICLY HUMILIATED AND BULLIED WOMEN ON T.V.AND DOGGED THEY RELATIONSHIPS NOW YO SHIT GOING DOWN THE DRAIN HEAD FIRST.IT’S A LOT OF HOES IN THIS WORLD BUT KARAMA AINT ONE OF ‘EM.

    • sincere

      You must have missed the episode where she told him “if you gonna cheat, atleast use a condom” I’m just sayin…she gave him the license to cheat and then went ahead and married him anyway. Why do women think marriage will change a man, what you marry is what you get. And there are two sides to this story so don’t be so quick to take one. We all know she is bout it, bout it..table jumping floozy, he brought her love, the diamonds, cars. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife, no matter how hard VH1 and Chad tried. She gave it up on the first date, nuff said…

  • Ty

    Chad got caught, got mad and he headbutted his wife and we are criticizing this woman for being abused… We should take a step back and think about it he got caught cheating….she has right to be angry…her show antics may be over the top but she doesnt deserve to be beaten…. A snake (ocho) always show true side when under pressure…

    • Mel

      Well according to how she responded to Jennifer when she got slapped by that woman on the BBWives show, Eve needs to just shut up, not press charges and deal with it. She’s a ratchet skank that is physically abusive to her cast mates and I have no sympathy for her.

    • Beastly

      that chick told him on national tv that she didnt care who he banged as long as he used protection – she even said she was open to 3 somes – but have u seen her on BBW’s? she is one of the most violent women I have ever seen – she throws wine bottles in the club at people – hops across tables to fight – and we have Chad Ochocinco – who has 0 history of violence and this is his FIRST arrest – she isn’t an abuse victim – she’s an ABUSER and she’s gettin away with it


    Domestic Violence is not good, but here’s a prime example of Die Hard Football Fans on the defense of one of their own! And the Petition to ABSOLUTELY NOT Air their show Sept. 3rd starts in 5-4-3…. SMH

  • Amp

    I believe chad on this one… shes ratchet!and the world has seen how she flies off the edge!

  • Nicole

    I think shes a crazy @ss wanna be trying to get more publicity now that the football season is starting and it will be all about Chad again… CJ will prevail – charges will probably be dropped or something

  • Zuly

    Don’t feel sorry for Evelyn she’s a HOE!!!! Chad should now drop your ass ! All Puerto Rican bitches are the same no FUCKING good!!

  • Al

    Somewhere right now Jen, along with the rest of those chicks from that show are laughing there asses off saying told you so. Do I think he cheated? Hell yeah! I mean c’mon, you all watched the show. Seen the type of guy he is. It ain’t his fault though. That’s just who he is. Not knocking that, but she is the RETARD that decides to marry him. Not saying she deserves it, but what did you expect Evelyn.
    I think she is lying about the fight. I think she DEFINITELY started that fight since she is known to be so hot tempered. I agree with most. She found he was cheating, and decided to get all MAN on him and throw blows.

  • http://yahoo.com Dee

    The marriage was bad from the start. They really were not ready to marry. I think they were excited with the idea of being married, but in order for it to work you have to have respect, honesty, commitment, and love. Did anyone think this marriage was going to last?

    • Shawn

      If it’s for the show the fact he’s unemployed isn’t

    • Mona

      Nope I never thought it would. Evelyn YOU PROMOTED VIOLENCE on the show, “YOU REPEAT WHAT YOU SOW”…you had to run to your neighbors for protection…I believe Chad was defending himself (no security around to grab her), and as anyone should when you are being attacked – defend yourself!! You knew what Chad was about before you married him…Absolutely, no sympathy from me – and I’m a female! Chad get an annultment!

  • http://webpronews/life antoinette Kincaid

    whateva I think it’s all for show…. But no man should put there hands on anyone & that goes 4 woman 2….

    • Shawn

      If it’s for the show the fact he’s unemployed and was in Browrad County Jail isn’t.

  • mzqtepie

    Hell she knew he was a cheat when she married him. That was her chose.

  • patrice

    these guys are so disrespectful quoted in this article, and it is obvious that they are no private eye. Just because evelyn fought females does not means she goes around fighting men, her husband no doubt. I guess the guys are not aware that he has hit a woman before, while in college and was arrested. He is not the first guy to blame the woman after they get caught doing some foul chit to the woman they married and claimed to love, it is called deflection. Chad is an idot in his own right and he does not need evelyn to help him ruin his career. he took his but over to new england and didn’t do chit, what a waste, he could not even make an impact in the super bowl. Ev had everty right to get pissed, 5 weeks and he is buying condoms to have sex with all the miami hoes possible, bruh that is not why you were brought there, you got a chance after you failed to deliver in new england, now you want to blame your bride, i hope she gets YCMB to whip his arse

  • Shawn

    Evelyn is a trip she is the same one who said she don’t mind him cheating as long as he wears condoms and tell her. How the hell you go on the radio and say that then when you find a receipt you get mad. She had this all planned out get married to him divorce and take half her animal a$$. Now she wants to press charges hell he done lost his job now what more do she want.

  • Sheila

    Team Chad and Team Jennifer!!

  • starr

    To lose his job!, to a jealous ass woman, doesnt make sense,,Evelyns nasty mouth, is enough to make ANYONE, wanna put there foot in it? But men dont hit women, he should have ran away! And filed for an annullment,,Now, no job, no wife, good luck!

  • Tressa

    Not surprise at all. They both have un-controlling bad tempers. I don’t think counseling would even help.

    Thank God it wasn’t worse!

  • dehope

    her friend told her and he warned her, she stepped in that mess on her own and I don’t believe he touched her I agree with the other comments, she went crazy and cried rape, I bet his family is reeling why would get with someone like her when he has daughter, she is not a good example, now if he did become violent with her he shot his own self in the foot!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sincere

      Her prob is that she thinks she is too fine to get cheated on..new flash, ya aint! And ther eare a ton of women out there that are just waiting to make you look just as dumb as you wanna be. Walking around all arrogant, no matter how may times you marry him, you don’t change the man. You tried to make yourself believe the hype. None of us did. This is just the beginning. Now that she made him lose his job, there is no going back, they need to cut their losses and move on. In this case Chad loss the most, what a shame. Once she called the law on the brotha, she knew what was going to happen to him.

  • http://WebProNews MisB

    Just like any woman that find a receipt for condom in the car, she got mad and went off on his, she’s firey and known for hitting and name calling I believe she provoked him and he defended himself, I condone any man hitting a woman, but sometime we woman need come down, relax and think.

  • JVeritas

    That b!tch is crazzzzy! We’ve all seen it. I don’t believe for one second that she just sat there and TALKED with him after she found that evidence… she’s not capable of TALKING about anything, she gets violent. She has major issues and so does he if that’s the kind of person he chose to marry. Bad, bad move.

  • SpeakYaMind

    I wonder who’s the “Non-Mu$%A Factor” now!! Umph…Kara is truly a B*&^h!!

  • DarkCirles

    Head-butting is an NFL move. Also, Chad is a foot taller than Evelyn… so did she jump up and head butt him? DOUBT IT!

    Yes, Evelyn has a short temper, but he is twice her size, weight, and muscle mass so he should know better. If she hit him first, then she was wrong. But the extend to which he took it was out of line. I have seen him since the incident and he is unscathed. SHE has a bruised and bloody laceration on her face, so clearly, he Chris Browned her.

    On the show, she yells and curses, and throws fists and objects. Evelyn has never been caught head-butting someone. I believe that she aggravated him. But his violent response is not what a loving husband who respects women would do.

    • Beastly

      they were sitting in a car when this happened

    • sincere

      True, true, nfl players do headbunt..I’d go with that. But we have also seen her temper. I’m sure both of them flared up…a womans words in the heat of an argument can be like daggers being thrown at a man. Women know how to say things to push a man over the edge and he may have lost control. None of it is right, but that’s what happens when you get married for all the WRONG reasons..who did she think they were gonna be..Will and Jada? LOL.. plz.

    • t

      That hoe is nasty she nasty on the show she nasty in life and she was nasty sleeping with antoine walker> How is she a basketball wife when he never married her Chad Listen If the Crack head Antoine Walker didn’t marry that bitch you should have seen that coming
      She Got What She Deserved For all the shit she did on the show and all the bottles thrown punches thrown and words she put out there Now everybody wants to have pity for this broad like she had pity for these teenage girls watching this show thinking she the truth fuck that he should have striped the bitch naked dumped her in the trash so she can be comfortable in her known environment.

  • sincere

    Granted Chad has the personality of a rock. And as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I would be the first to say his arrogance is annoying and caused him to fail on the field. HOWEVER…she is just as unlikeable as her husband. I mean have you watched her?? She was the most hated person on last season BBW. Her disregard for basic human respect and personal space was ridiculous. Then when she gets back the mess she dished out so quickly to Jen you all wanna have a pity party for her. It says when it comes back to you it’s 3 folds worse…here it goes…I know, I know, nobody want’s to reap.

    • http://yahoo DaRrEn

      I agree 100% You reap what you sow, period!!! Her and Tammy are disgusting human beings and proves the adage that true beauty lies within a person.

  • Effie

    I guess she is not “about that life” if she is pressing charges.

  • Beastly

    Evelyn said on nationl tv to Chad that she ddnt care who else he banged as long as he used condoms and she also pitched the possibility of 3 somes – so how the freak does an argument insue from her finding a condom receipt? she is a maniac and I believe that she started the fight and laid hands on him 1st

    • PC Cole

      Thank you, Beastly! I thought I was the only person who remembered that conversation, in front of the cameras. I knew that it was going to be a different story AFTER she got what she wanted (a waltz down the aisle). Also, why is it OK for her friend/assistant to slap Jennifer but not OK for Chad to headbutt Evelyn? Jennifer pressed charges against Nia (sp?) and Evelyn and Tami thought that she was wrong for her to do so, but now Evelyn is pressing charges? Very interesting. EVERYONE should keep their hands to themselves! Does anyone have money on how long these two numbnuts will last? She has shown her true colors on National TV and I have not sympathy for her; although domestic violence is no joke and I do not support it in any way. I’m sure Chad thought that her “temper” was attractive and cute at some point. I hope he wakes up and restructures his future, sans Mrs. Crazy!

    • Gayle

      I agree Beastly. She ran off at the mouth about how she hoped he would be responsible if he did decide to cheat and now she wants to complain.

  • Firestorm

    Chad is not a saint and any woman that spends time with him should know that up front. I do think men in general are pawns to women waiting to be played. Chad is no different. He is just a pawn with a lot of cheddar and a kind heart. Yes this is was a publicity stunt, but I don’t think that to be the case on his part. I do beleive she may have headbutted him, was injured and flipped the script on him. Easy to do. He just lost his gig in the process and need to get rid of his wife in the same stroke of bad luck. If you like to sleep around, do it. Just don’t get married and think because you have in-house pus that you will get any of it. Stay single and do your thing whatever that is. Marriage to the wrong person for the wrong reason does not work for anyone long term. Chad needs to get his life in order and leave the skanks alone. If you need sexual pleasure get one you pay to leave when it is all over. Don’t marry her and have live-in problems to go along with the live in pus. Start clean, get the tramp out of your life NOW for good. Next time, you may not make bail and you may lose more than just your job.

    • sincere

      Dude, your advice is hilarious. He proposed to her, so therefore he wasn’t forced into marriage. They both got together to ride each other’s fame in my opinion. Granted I see the point you are trying to make. He got himself into this, he needs to get himself out.

  • Lisa

    Bout time someone beat her ass!!! LMFAO!!

    • bev

      Right?!?! she is always running her mouth like she is hard.

      • R. Parker

        Amen to that! What goes around comes around. How is it that she is pressing charges for assault but had a hard time accepting it when Jennifer pressed charges on her friend? I think Chad is the one who is going to make her pay for all the evil stuff she did to those other women on the show because payback is a B. I think she met her match this time.

  • http://yahoo DaRrEn

    I’m surprised their marriage lasted this long. Both of them are horrible choices for marriage. She’s cheap as dirt, and he is about as arrogant as a human being can get. That combo does not make for a successful union. The only way to define that union is a big, fat mess (and thats being kind).

  • Marilyn

    i knew this was gonna happened, he’s a player and she’s a total nut case that’s always throwing bottles and glasses she can’t control her anger. she should have listen to her best friend!!



    • sincere

      Yeppers! He was just trying to be a good husband by doing what he was told. He used condoms, so what’s the prob Ev!

  • Jermaine Lett

    I see no one talked to the mirror this morning before they started posting….leggo….

  • Ms. Vette

    poor Evelyn……..she knew from the beginning that he was a dog…..why get mad now?????? she thought that because she married Chad things would change…….No BOOBOO>…….. you were not pleasing him so he had to wonder out…..

  • darla

    I find it interesting that Chad doesn’t have a mark on him, and to create a whopping 3 inch cut on her head should leave a mark. She probably head-butted the dash while doing that head bobbing thing she does when she’s mad. I’d like to hear Chad’s side of the story & I think the Dolphins should have said the same thing.

  • Michelle

    Its funny that she gets head butted and she wants to press charges but gets mad st Jennifer for pressing charges against Niya for slapping her this is so much Karma its not even funny Sorry you got head butted but it was no big deal when she was slapped.

    • Andrea

      Michelle, I agree with you 100% !

    • sincere

      I agree, and not only that…when the reunion show aired she got all over Jen’s case for not pressing charges on her husband for throwing a drink in her face. Now, would you rather have a drink thrown in your face or headbunted by a NFL player.. things that make you say Hmmmmmmmm!

    • mskc72

      Sorry 2 say but this couldn

      Evenly got what she deserves and all she after is money. i agree she wanted to talk about jennifer every time she seen her. All she like 2 jump all in evrybody face, n she thinks she all taht and her baby daddy called it off with her and if you remeber she was all over chad on their first date her high yellow make her think she can get wht she wants. I hated that the marriage went on but I had already said it wasnt gong 2 last to the end of the yar.

  • sincere

    NEWS FLASH..beauty is not enought to stop a man from cheating!!!!!!! Just ask Halle. And when you tell or even hint to a man that you might be ok with him stepping out on you if certain conditions are met, a man will run with that. Hello!?!! Once she married him and knew all his lil dirty secrets she figured she could control him with that threat. Nope, some dudes that aint gonna work with. On to the next one.

  • B

    If he was known for being a player this time and never committed to any of his baby’s mothers then what makes Evelyn think she would make him become a 1 woman man. She knew what she was getting in to when she married him. I don’t condone domestic violence one bit but I have watched all the seasons of Basketball Wives and she has a short fuse herself. I don’t really think he head butted her first. I feel no sympathy for her what so ever! All the foul stuff she done in her past is catching up with her now.

  • dmkennedy

    This is not a nice woman, nor even truthful one. Chad should have known beter than to marry her. He should divorce her immediately, no matter what the cost, because the longer this marriage lasts the more money she will demand to go away. If he wants a peaceful life, he will have to dump this woman.

  • Judysea

    I admired him for marrying her, and he said he needed someone strong. However, Evelyn is not going to press charges…she has been advised to deploy that tactic to get some more money. She knows the marriage is probadly over and after so brief a time she ain’t going to get much, so why not threaten him.
    Right out of the PLAYER’S HANDBOOK.

  • kat

    Evelyn is a beast. Season after season of BBW she has bullied others verbally & physically in the cast. She’s jumped off tables, threw bottles & punches – – a victim or helpless lady she’s NOT!! On the show it’s seen that it’s taken several ppl to pull her off those she attacks. She’s shown she’s always vulgar & the aggressor. She gave him a pass to cheat…so why be upset that he was using protection? maybe she didn’t like who he was cheating with? It’s not even within the realm of reality that Chad head butted her.

  • dave

    A has been football PLAYER!!!!!!!!!

    • kimmie

      over p*ssy..something that’s easy to get but can create many problems if f*cked ova..yes i said it and many will disagree but it’s true. when a woman gets mad or should i say enraged…our keen senses kick in and there’s no telling how we’re going to handle the situation because we black out and ride our emotions. he was a great WR

  • Nick M

    Maybe someone should ask Antoine Walker why he was with her for ten years and never married.

  • TeeTee4949

    Can I just say Karma is a biatchi! Can I also say hypocrite! She wants to press charges against Ochocinco but when she is the one attacking someone they should just let it ride. Not buying the innocent wife routine. She can definitely dish it but can’t take it. Remember there is always two sides to every story. Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I condone a man putting his hands on a woman but after watching basketball wives and seeing how this lady operates, when I heard the story I LOL!

  • Ms. Jackson

    2 wrongs dont make a right neither does a man or woman physically abusing one another. Only the 2 of them know what happend in that vehicle. I will not judge but i will say this from watching these reality shows and seeing the behavior of the women it makes you wonder. But everyone has issues and Evelyn knew what she was getting into when she married an athlete who is a hot commodity. What did she expect ????? Not to find a receipt for condoms????? I dont condone the physical part or cheating but its more likely for her man to cheat he is all over the world. sorry EVE, get beter

    • mskc72

      Iam so sick an tired about men cheating and they being doing it along time.,people need to stop and think who are they cheating with women so the is both cheat women and man. men always get that they are chaters so are women.

  • lannie

    u cant trust nobody that looks like a animal squrill

  • sincere

    ok I’m done… The concensous seems to be the same..the marriage is a joke, no one is surprised and both parties are to blame.

  • Matt

    She found condoms in HER car? Soooooooo how do we know those condoms weren’t her’s? I smells me a lying biotch up in here!!!

    • Shari

      I read she found it in his car!

  • Amy

    You people need to realize that the crazy antics that go on in these “reality” shows are scripted to create the drama that everyone wants to watch episode after episode. It’s what keeps people tuned in, case in point, YOU ALL watch it. But yet, when it comes to a personal situation and the way said person would humanly react to it, you judge them based on the scripted reality you so religiously watch. Get real. If any woman caught her newly-wed husband cheating, of course you can expect an angry reaction. But to speculate that she may have started the fight based on the drama surrounding her on tv, which is encouraged to an extent by producers, the show’s writers, and creators for ratings, is idiotic. There is never any excuse for a man to hit a woman and vice versa. Nor is there any reason to excuse CJ’s behavior for cheating either, whether she knew how he was or not. You women that come on these forums and pick one side over another and make excuse even the idea of domestic violence and infidelity, need to educate yourselves and realize the low standards you are not only encouraging but creating in our society today. Another thing, if you are going to very publicly post your ideas or opinions, at least make sure you’re on point with your grammar and spelling!!!

    • Shari

      Amy, I agree with you the show is very scripted but she knew she was marrying a cheater and still settled. And I honestly believe that if u pass a lick man or woman you deserve to get one back. To me no one wins in their situation!

      • Susan King

        Amy, I couldn’t have worded that better!

    • sincere

      Yes the reality shows are sometimes a set up, but they do not tell one or the other how to react. The actions come based on your nature and how you respond to certain situations. The producer didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that she will show her butt every chance they give her. If the show was as fake as you say it was, she would have never apologized during the reunion for her actions, she could have took the easy way out and blamed the producers. And pressing charges against someone is not fake as Jen showed them. The person who needs to educate themselves is Evenlyn, she admitted that her lack of having a dad around was part of the reason why she was so “lose” as Kenya put it. She slept with Chad the first date, she needs to learn the value of what she has between her legs and stop selling it to the highest bidder. No, domestic violence is not right, and neither is violence of any sort. Two wrongs don’t make a right. They were two left shoes to begin with, the whole relationship seemed forced,scripted, fake and way to Hollywood for me. The next reality show was about their marriage…now, how fake is that! Since your calling “reality” shows scripted…hmmm, wait til Sept, Ev and Ocho…plz..

  • http://yahoo.com Donna

    I’ve watched Evelyn Lozada for a couple of years now. I’ve seen her throw glasses and wine bottles at people’s heads and last season, she hit her ex-best friend in the head with her purse and jumped up on a table barefooted and leaped and lunged at her to beat her up and threatened to beat her up every time she saw her! She is extremely violent. There is no doubt in my mind who the aggressor was here. I don’t condone domestic violence but I don’t think women with this kind of background should be given the benefit of the doubt!

    • http://webpronews.com Kimgirl

      Donna, I totally agree with you. This woman (and I use the term loosely) is a ticking time bomb! A known cheater and an insecure mate, spells recipe for a disastrous relationship. I bet my girlfriends the marriage wouldn’t last more than a year; but it didn’t even last a month. What an embarrassment and disgrace.

  • http://webpronews Pamela

    A 14 year friendship ruined between Evelyn and Jennifer….sometimes friends know best. Should have listened to Jennifer !

  • Shari

    If anyone has ever watched the show she give him a pass to cheat with other women as long as he used condoms because she knew that he would be on the road a lot, and she also said she would even join in if the woman was to her standards. I honestly believe it was newly wed jealously and that he was provoked. But watching from the show she is the agressor in majority of the situations and I seriously believe she was the aggressor in this one as well. Me being a female finding a reciept for condoms in my husbands car I am sure I would not only be pissed but as well be the aggressor. But she knew who she was marrying and so did he and its said that he is now released from the dolphins and may never be picked up by any NFL team and it is said she is so dramatic.

  • ray

    Iam really tired of hearing about athletes, actors, and actresses and there marraiges. You deserve everything you get if you think they will not cheat.

  • kay

    See this is what happens when people marry for the wrong reasons alot of these black guys who get some fame and money are marry women for their beauty and their complexion. Alot of times these unions have nothing to do with love most of them not all. So hence you have to pay for being so vain and shallow

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