Evelyn Lozada Pressing Charges, Chad Johnson Fans Call Bulls**t

    August 13, 2012
    Amanda Crum
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Evelyn Lozada says she wants to press charges against her husband, Miami Dolphins receiver Chad Johnson, for domestic abuse. Johnson was arrested on Saturday night after the couple had a fight which escalated, ending in a headbutt that left a laceration on Lozada’s face; however, not everyone thinks he’s guilty.

Lozada says the fight began when she found a receipt in Johnson’s car for condoms, which Johnson agrees with. But their stories differ when it comes to who got physical first; she claims he initiated it, while he insists she headbutted him. She says he yelled “I don’t give a (expletive)! I don’t give a (expletive) about my career!”, which has some fans thinking perhaps Lozada is up to her reality-show antics rather than being entirely truthful.

“You know what I think almost proves she’s a lying psychopath? The fact that she claimed he said ‘I dont give a *expletive* about my career!’. If you ask me, that just seems too convenient that he actually said that. She may have caught him cheating, which is one thing, but he, in my educated opinion, DID NOT hit her. She’s a psycho who is trying to ruin his career after catching him cheating,” fan Justin Embree posted on an NFL forum.

Poster Rodney Journey agrees. “The public has seen how crazy she is on TV. Had C. Johnson been in trouble with the law since college? Over a decade of no incidents? Who are you going to believe? A crazy temper tantrum chica or a legit dude with no previous troubles? Nuff said,” he wrote.

Lozada is known for her appearance on “Basketball Wives”, and for a feud with co-star Tami over an indiscretion with Tami’s ex-husband.

  • day

    she did the right thing to turn his ass in. i would have done the same thing. if you want to go ho then leave. but dont beat me up on the way out cus you think i want call the police. she did the right thing. go evelyn!!!!!

    • mzqtepie

      As to your reponse, I dont believe that any man should hit a on a woman nor do I believe a woman should hit a man. But everyone knows that Evelyn is a fuking drama queen who feels she can hit, throw shit at people and get away with it. I believe Chad was defending himself against that crazy bitch. Someone needs to beat her ass and bring that bitch back down to reality. She has not ran across the right one yet.

      • day


    • http://facebook takeia

      No, violence is not the answer, but lets be real all to often chicks is hitting on dudeS first and playing the victim later.it’s only so much a person can take -pressure bust pipes.but to EVELYN KARMA IS A BITCH AIN’T IT? YOU DUN PUBLICLY HUMILIATED AND BULLIED WOMEN ON T.V.AND DOGGED THEY RELATIONSHIPS NOW YO SHIT GOING DOWN THE DRAIN HEAD FIRST.IT’S A LOT OF HOES IN THIS WORLD BUT KARAMA AINT ONE OF ‘EM.

    • sincere

      You must have missed the episode where she told him “if you gonna cheat, atleast use a condom” I’m just sayin…she gave him the license to cheat and then went ahead and married him anyway. Why do women think marriage will change a man, what you marry is what you get. And there are two sides to this story so don’t be so quick to take one. We all know she is bout it, bout it..table jumping floozy, he brought her love, the diamonds, cars. Can’t turn a ho into a housewife, no matter how hard VH1 and Chad tried. She gave it up on the first date, nuff said…

  • Ty

    Chad got caught, got mad and he headbutted his wife and we are criticizing this woman for being abused… We should take a step back and think about it he got caught cheating….she has right to be angry…her show antics may be over the top but she doesnt deserve to be beaten…. A snake (ocho) always show true side when under pressure…

    • Mel

      Well according to how she responded to Jennifer when she got slapped by that woman on the BBWives show, Eve needs to just shut up, not press charges and deal with it. She’s a ratchet skank that is physically abusive to her cast mates and I have no sympathy for her.

    • Beastly

      that chick told him on national tv that she didnt care who he banged as long as he used protection – she even said she was open to 3 somes – but have u seen her on BBW’s? she is one of the most violent women I have ever seen – she throws wine bottles in the club at people – hops across tables to fight – and we have Chad Ochocinco – who has 0 history of violence and this is his FIRST arrest – she isn’t an abuse victim – she’s an ABUSER and she’s gettin away with it


    Domestic Violence is not good, but here’s a prime example of Die Hard Football Fans on the defense of one of their own! And the Petition to ABSOLUTELY NOT Air their show Sept. 3rd starts in 5-4-3…. SMH

  • Amp

    I believe chad on this one… shes ratchet!and the world has seen how she flies off the edge!

  • Nicole

    I think shes a crazy @ss wanna be trying to get more publicity now that the football season is starting and it will be all about Chad again… CJ will prevail – charges will probably be dropped or something

  • Zuly

    Don’t feel sorry for Evelyn she’s a HOE!!!! Chad should now drop your ass ! All Puerto Rican bitches are the same no FUCKING good!!

  • Al

    Somewhere right now Jen, along with the rest of those chicks from that show are laughing there asses off saying told you so. Do I think he cheated? Hell yeah! I mean c’mon, you all watched the show. Seen the type of guy he is. It ain’t his fault though. That’s just who he is. Not knocking that, but she is the RETARD that decides to marry him. Not saying she deserves it, but what did you expect Evelyn.
    I think she is lying about the fight. I think she DEFINITELY started that fight since she is known to be so hot tempered. I agree with most. She found he was cheating, and decided to get all MAN on him and throw blows.

  • http://yahoo.com Dee

    The marriage was bad from the start. They really were not ready to marry. I think they were excited with the idea of being married, but in order for it to work you have to have respect, honesty, commitment, and love. Did anyone think this marriage was going to last?

    • Shawn

      If it’s for the show the fact he’s unemployed isn’t

    • Mona

      Nope I never thought it would. Evelyn YOU PROMOTED VIOLENCE on the show, “YOU REPEAT WHAT YOU SOW”…you had to run to your neighbors for protection…I believe Chad was defending himself (no security around to grab her), and as anyone should when you are being attacked – defend yourself!! You knew what Chad was about before you married him…Absolutely, no sympathy from me – and I’m a female! Chad get an annultment!

  • http://webpronews/life antoinette Kincaid

    whateva I think it’s all for show…. But no man should put there hands on anyone & that goes 4 woman 2….

    • Shawn

      If it’s for the show the fact he’s unemployed and was in Browrad County Jail isn’t.

  • mzqtepie

    Hell she knew he was a cheat when she married him. That was her chose.

  • patrice

    these guys are so disrespectful quoted in this article, and it is obvious that they are no private eye. Just because evelyn fought females does not means she goes around fighting men, her husband no doubt. I guess the guys are not aware that he has hit a woman before, while in college and was arrested. He is not the first guy to blame the woman after they get caught doing some foul chit to the woman they married and claimed to love, it is called deflection. Chad is an idot in his own right and he does not need evelyn to help him ruin his career. he took his but over to new england and didn’t do chit, what a waste, he could not even make an impact in the super bowl. Ev had everty right to get pissed, 5 weeks and he is buying condoms to have sex with all the miami hoes possible, bruh that is not why you were brought there, you got a chance after you failed to deliver in new england, now you want to blame your bride, i hope she gets YCMB to whip his arse

  • Shawn

    Evelyn is a trip she is the same one who said she don’t mind him cheating as long as he wears condoms and tell her. How the hell you go on the radio and say that then when you find a receipt you get mad. She had this all planned out get married to him divorce and take half her animal a$$. Now she wants to press charges hell he done lost his job now what more do she want.

  • Sheila

    Team Chad and Team Jennifer!!

  • starr

    To lose his job!, to a jealous ass woman, doesnt make sense,,Evelyns nasty mouth, is enough to make ANYONE, wanna put there foot in it? But men dont hit women, he should have ran away! And filed for an annullment,,Now, no job, no wife, good luck!

  • Tressa

    Not surprise at all. They both have un-controlling bad tempers. I don’t think counseling would even help.

    Thank God it wasn’t worse!

  • dehope

    her friend told her and he warned her, she stepped in that mess on her own and I don’t believe he touched her I agree with the other comments, she went crazy and cried rape, I bet his family is reeling why would get with someone like her when he has daughter, she is not a good example, now if he did become violent with her he shot his own self in the foot!!!!!!!!!!!

    • sincere

      Her prob is that she thinks she is too fine to get cheated on..new flash, ya aint! And ther eare a ton of women out there that are just waiting to make you look just as dumb as you wanna be. Walking around all arrogant, no matter how may times you marry him, you don’t change the man. You tried to make yourself believe the hype. None of us did. This is just the beginning. Now that she made him lose his job, there is no going back, they need to cut their losses and move on. In this case Chad loss the most, what a shame. Once she called the law on the brotha, she knew what was going to happen to him.

  • http://WebProNews MisB

    Just like any woman that find a receipt for condom in the car, she got mad and went off on his, she’s firey and known for hitting and name calling I believe she provoked him and he defended himself, I condone any man hitting a woman, but sometime we woman need come down, relax and think.

  • JVeritas

    That b!tch is crazzzzy! We’ve all seen it. I don’t believe for one second that she just sat there and TALKED with him after she found that evidence… she’s not capable of TALKING about anything, she gets violent. She has major issues and so does he if that’s the kind of person he chose to marry. Bad, bad move.

  • SpeakYaMind

    I wonder who’s the “Non-Mu$%A Factor” now!! Umph…Kara is truly a B*&^h!!

  • DarkCirles

    Head-butting is an NFL move. Also, Chad is a foot taller than Evelyn… so did she jump up and head butt him? DOUBT IT!

    Yes, Evelyn has a short temper, but he is twice her size, weight, and muscle mass so he should know better. If she hit him first, then she was wrong. But the extend to which he took it was out of line. I have seen him since the incident and he is unscathed. SHE has a bruised and bloody laceration on her face, so clearly, he Chris Browned her.

    On the show, she yells and curses, and throws fists and objects. Evelyn has never been caught head-butting someone. I believe that she aggravated him. But his violent response is not what a loving husband who respects women would do.

    • Beastly

      they were sitting in a car when this happened

    • sincere

      True, true, nfl players do headbunt..I’d go with that. But we have also seen her temper. I’m sure both of them flared up…a womans words in the heat of an argument can be like daggers being thrown at a man. Women know how to say things to push a man over the edge and he may have lost control. None of it is right, but that’s what happens when you get married for all the WRONG reasons..who did she think they were gonna be..Will and Jada? LOL.. plz.

    • t

      That hoe is nasty she nasty on the show she nasty in life and she was nasty sleeping with antoine walker> How is she a basketball wife when he never married her Chad Listen If the Crack head Antoine Walker didn’t marry that bitch you should have seen that coming
      She Got What She Deserved For all the shit she did on the show and all the bottles thrown punches thrown and words she put out there Now everybody wants to have pity for this broad like she had pity for these teenage girls watching this show thinking she the truth fuck that he should have striped the bitch naked dumped her in the trash so she can be comfortable in her known environment.

  • sincere

    Granted Chad has the personality of a rock. And as a Pittsburgh Steelers fan I would be the first to say his arrogance is annoying and caused him to fail on the field. HOWEVER…she is just as unlikeable as her husband. I mean have you watched her?? She was the most hated person on last season BBW. Her disregard for basic human respect and personal space was ridiculous. Then when she gets back the mess she dished out so quickly to Jen you all wanna have a pity party for her. It says when it comes back to you it’s 3 folds worse…here it goes…I know, I know, nobody want’s to reap.

    • http://yahoo DaRrEn

      I agree 100% You reap what you sow, period!!! Her and Tammy are disgusting human beings and proves the adage that true beauty lies within a person.

  • Effie

    I guess she is not “about that life” if she is pressing charges.

  • Beastly

    Evelyn said on nationl tv to Chad that she ddnt care who else he banged as long as he used condoms and she also pitched the possibility of 3 somes – so how the freak does an argument insue from her finding a condom receipt? she is a maniac and I believe that she started the fight and laid hands on him 1st

    • PC Cole

      Thank you, Beastly! I thought I was the only person who remembered that conversation, in front of the cameras. I knew that it was going to be a different story AFTER she got what she wanted (a waltz down the aisle). Also, why is it OK for her friend/assistant to slap Jennifer but not OK for Chad to headbutt Evelyn? Jennifer pressed charges against Nia (sp?) and Evelyn and Tami thought that she was wrong for her to do so, but now Evelyn is pressing charges? Very interesting. EVERYONE should keep their hands to themselves! Does anyone have money on how long these two numbnuts will last? She has shown her true colors on National TV and I have not sympathy for her; although domestic violence is no joke and I do not support it in any way. I’m sure Chad thought that her “temper” was attractive and cute at some point. I hope he wakes up and restructures his future, sans Mrs. Crazy!

    • Gayle

      I agree Beastly. She ran off at the mouth about how she hoped he would be responsible if he did decide to cheat and now she wants to complain.

  • Firestorm

    Chad is not a saint and any woman that spends time with him should know that up front. I do think men in general are pawns to women waiting to be played. Chad is no different. He is just a pawn with a lot of cheddar and a kind heart. Yes this is was a publicity stunt, but I don’t think that to be the case on his part. I do beleive she may have headbutted him, was injured and flipped the script on him. Easy to do. He just lost his gig in the process and need to get rid of his wife in the same stroke of bad luck. If you like to sleep around, do it. Just don’t get married and think because you have in-house pus that you will get any of it. Stay single and do your thing whatever that is. Marriage to the wrong person for the wrong reason does not work for anyone long term. Chad needs to get his life in order and leave the skanks alone. If you need sexual pleasure get one you pay to leave when it is all over. Don’t marry her and have live-in problems to go along with the live in pus. Start clean, get the tramp out of your life NOW for good. Next time, you may not make bail and you may lose more than just your job.

    • sincere

      Dude, your advice is hilarious. He proposed to her, so therefore he wasn’t forced into marriage. They both got together to ride each other’s fame in my opinion. Granted I see the point you are trying to make. He got himself into this, he needs to get himself out.

  • Lisa

    Bout time someone beat her ass!!! LMFAO!!

    • bev

      Right?!?! she is always running her mouth like she is hard.

      • R. Parker

        Amen to that! What goes around comes around. How is it that she is pressing charges for assault but had a hard time accepting it when Jennifer pressed charges on her friend? I think Chad is the one who is going to make her pay for all the evil stuff she did to those other women on the show because payback is a B. I think she met her match this time.

  • http://yahoo DaRrEn

    I’m surprised their marriage lasted this long. Both of them are horrible choices for marriage. She’s cheap as dirt, and he is about as arrogant as a human being can get. That combo does not make for a successful union. The only way to define that union is a big, fat mess (and thats being kind).

  • Marilyn

    i knew this was gonna happened, he’s a player and she’s a total nut case that’s always throwing bottles and glasses she can’t control her anger. she should have listen to her best friend!!



    • sincere

      Yeppers! He was just trying to be a good husband by doing what he was told. He used condoms, so what’s the prob Ev!

  • Jermaine Lett

    I see no one talked to the mirror this morning before they started posting….leggo….

  • Ms. Vette

    poor Evelyn……..she knew from the beginning that he was a dog…..why get mad now?????? she thought that because she married Chad things would change…….No BOOBOO>…….. you were not pleasing him so he had to wonder out…..

  • darla

    I find it interesting that Chad doesn’t have a mark on him, and to create a whopping 3 inch cut on her head should leave a mark. She probably head-butted the dash while doing that head bobbing thing she does when she’s mad. I’d like to hear Chad’s side of the story & I think the Dolphins should have said the same thing.

  • Michelle

    Its funny that she gets head butted and she wants to press charges but gets mad st Jennifer for pressing charges against Niya for slapping her this is so much Karma its not even funny Sorry you got head butted but it was no big deal when she was slapped.

    • Andrea

      Michelle, I agree with you 100% !

    • sincere

      I agree, and not only that…when the reunion show aired she got all over Jen’s case for not pressing charges on her husband for throwing a drink in her face. Now, would you rather have a drink thrown in your face or headbunted by a NFL player.. things that make you say Hmmmmmmmm!

    • mskc72

      Sorry 2 say but this couldn

      Evenly got what she deserves and all she after is money. i agree she wanted to talk about jennifer every time she seen her. All she like 2 jump all in evrybody face, n she thinks she all taht and her baby daddy called it off with her and if you remeber she was all over chad on their first date her high yellow make her think she can get wht she wants. I hated that the marriage went on but I had already said it wasnt gong 2 last to the end of the yar.

  • sincere

    NEWS FLASH..beauty is not enought to stop a man from cheating!!!!!!! Just ask Halle. And when you tell or even hint to a man that you might be ok with him stepping out on you if certain conditions are met, a man will run with that. Hello!?!! Once she married him and knew all his lil dirty secrets she figured she could control him with that threat. Nope, some dudes that aint gonna work with. On to the next one.

  • B

    If he was known for being a player this time and never committed to any of his baby’s mothers then what makes Evelyn think she would make him become a 1 woman man. She knew what she was getting in to when she married him. I don’t condone domestic violence one bit but I have watched all the seasons of Basketball Wives and she has a short fuse herself. I don’t really think he head butted her first. I feel no sympathy for her what so ever! All the foul stuff she done in her past is catching up with her now.

  • dmkennedy

    This is not a nice woman, nor even truthful one. Chad should have known beter than to marry her. He should divorce her immediately, no matter what the cost, because the longer this marriage lasts the more money she will demand to go away. If he wants a peaceful life, he will have to dump this woman.

  • Judysea

    I admired him for marrying her, and he said he needed someone strong. However, Evelyn is not going to press charges…she has been advised to deploy that tactic to get some more money. She knows the marriage is probadly over and after so brief a time she ain’t going to get much, so why not threaten him.
    Right out of the PLAYER’S HANDBOOK.

  • kat

    Evelyn is a beast. Season after season of BBW she has bullied others verbally & physically in the cast. She’s jumped off tables, threw bottles & punches – – a victim or helpless lady she’s NOT!! On the show it’s seen that it’s taken several ppl to pull her off those she attacks. She’s shown she’s always vulgar & the aggressor. She gave him a pass to cheat…so why be upset that he was using protection? maybe she didn’t like who he was cheating with? It’s not even within the realm of reality that Chad head butted her.

  • dave

    A has been football PLAYER!!!!!!!!!

    • kimmie

      over p*ssy..something that’s easy to get but can create many problems if f*cked ova..yes i said it and many will disagree but it’s true. when a woman gets mad or should i say enraged…our keen senses kick in and there’s no telling how we’re going to handle the situation because we black out and ride our emotions. he was a great WR

  • Nick M

    Maybe someone should ask Antoine Walker why he was with her for ten years and never married.

  • TeeTee4949

    Can I just say Karma is a biatchi! Can I also say hypocrite! She wants to press charges against Ochocinco but when she is the one attacking someone they should just let it ride. Not buying the innocent wife routine. She can definitely dish it but can’t take it. Remember there is always two sides to every story. Don’t get me wrong, in no way do I condone a man putting his hands on a woman but after watching basketball wives and seeing how this lady operates, when I heard the story I LOL!

  • Ms. Jackson

    2 wrongs dont make a right neither does a man or woman physically abusing one another. Only the 2 of them know what happend in that vehicle. I will not judge but i will say this from watching these reality shows and seeing the behavior of the women it makes you wonder. But everyone has issues and Evelyn knew what she was getting into when she married an athlete who is a hot commodity. What did she expect ????? Not to find a receipt for condoms????? I dont condone the physical part or cheating but its more likely for her man to cheat he is all over the world. sorry EVE, get beter

    • mskc72

      Iam so sick an tired about men cheating and they being doing it along time.,people need to stop and think who are they cheating with women so the is both cheat women and man. men always get that they are chaters so are women.

  • lannie

    u cant trust nobody that looks like a animal squrill

  • sincere

    ok I’m done… The concensous seems to be the same..the marriage is a joke, no one is surprised and both parties are to blame.

  • Matt

    She found condoms in HER car? Soooooooo how do we know those condoms weren’t her’s? I smells me a lying biotch up in here!!!

    • Shari

      I read she found it in his car!

  • Amy

    You people need to realize that the crazy antics that go on in these “reality” shows are scripted to create the drama that everyone wants to watch episode after episode. It’s what keeps people tuned in, case in point, YOU ALL watch it. But yet, when it comes to a personal situation and the way said person would humanly react to it, you judge them based on the scripted reality you so religiously watch. Get real. If any woman caught her newly-wed husband cheating, of course you can expect an angry reaction. But to speculate that she may have started the fight based on the drama surrounding her on tv, which is encouraged to an extent by producers, the show’s writers, and creators for ratings, is idiotic. There is never any excuse for a man to hit a woman and vice versa. Nor is there any reason to excuse CJ’s behavior for cheating either, whether she knew how he was or not. You women that come on these forums and pick one side over another and make excuse even the idea of domestic violence and infidelity, need to educate yourselves and realize the low standards you are not only encouraging but creating in our society today. Another thing, if you are going to very publicly post your ideas or opinions, at least make sure you’re on point with your grammar and spelling!!!

    • Shari

      Amy, I agree with you the show is very scripted but she knew she was marrying a cheater and still settled. And I honestly believe that if u pass a lick man or woman you deserve to get one back. To me no one wins in their situation!

      • Susan King

        Amy, I couldn’t have worded that better!

    • sincere

      Yes the reality shows are sometimes a set up, but they do not tell one or the other how to react. The actions come based on your nature and how you respond to certain situations. The producer didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that she will show her butt every chance they give her. If the show was as fake as you say it was, she would have never apologized during the reunion for her actions, she could have took the easy way out and blamed the producers. And pressing charges against someone is not fake as Jen showed them. The person who needs to educate themselves is Evenlyn, she admitted that her lack of having a dad around was part of the reason why she was so “lose” as Kenya put it. She slept with Chad the first date, she needs to learn the value of what she has between her legs and stop selling it to the highest bidder. No, domestic violence is not right, and neither is violence of any sort. Two wrongs don’t make a right. They were two left shoes to begin with, the whole relationship seemed forced,scripted, fake and way to Hollywood for me. The next reality show was about their marriage…now, how fake is that! Since your calling “reality” shows scripted…hmmm, wait til Sept, Ev and Ocho…plz..

  • http://yahoo.com Donna

    I’ve watched Evelyn Lozada for a couple of years now. I’ve seen her throw glasses and wine bottles at people’s heads and last season, she hit her ex-best friend in the head with her purse and jumped up on a table barefooted and leaped and lunged at her to beat her up and threatened to beat her up every time she saw her! She is extremely violent. There is no doubt in my mind who the aggressor was here. I don’t condone domestic violence but I don’t think women with this kind of background should be given the benefit of the doubt!

    • http://webpronews.com Kimgirl

      Donna, I totally agree with you. This woman (and I use the term loosely) is a ticking time bomb! A known cheater and an insecure mate, spells recipe for a disastrous relationship. I bet my girlfriends the marriage wouldn’t last more than a year; but it didn’t even last a month. What an embarrassment and disgrace.

  • http://webpronews Pamela

    A 14 year friendship ruined between Evelyn and Jennifer….sometimes friends know best. Should have listened to Jennifer !

  • Shari

    If anyone has ever watched the show she give him a pass to cheat with other women as long as he used condoms because she knew that he would be on the road a lot, and she also said she would even join in if the woman was to her standards. I honestly believe it was newly wed jealously and that he was provoked. But watching from the show she is the agressor in majority of the situations and I seriously believe she was the aggressor in this one as well. Me being a female finding a reciept for condoms in my husbands car I am sure I would not only be pissed but as well be the aggressor. But she knew who she was marrying and so did he and its said that he is now released from the dolphins and may never be picked up by any NFL team and it is said she is so dramatic.

  • ray

    Iam really tired of hearing about athletes, actors, and actresses and there marraiges. You deserve everything you get if you think they will not cheat.

  • kay

    See this is what happens when people marry for the wrong reasons alot of these black guys who get some fame and money are marry women for their beauty and their complexion. Alot of times these unions have nothing to do with love most of them not all. So hence you have to pay for being so vain and shallow

  • robyn

    a nightmare!!!

  • Bri Cortez

    Evelyn may certainly be feisty at times, but what kind of person changes their name to “Ochocinco”? Attention seekers who love DRAMA! He knew who he was marrying and it’s disgusting to think anyone believes she deserved to be treated like this. Maybe Chad can now get his OWN reality show since he needs a job! Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!Go Evelyn!!!!!

    • kimmie

      I know right..lol They both in my book eff’d up. Now they both look stupid and have the media all over this. I don’t think she deserved it however no matter how mad a person get..she should’ve handled this differently. Chad is goin to be alright. He’s going to come at Ev so hard that gag orders are going to be needed. I’m not going to go at his neck because he lost his job ova this or say go Ev because at the end of the day….THEY BOTH WILL END UP PAYING SOMEHOW whether financially or mentally

  • Silverfox

    I hope now that this has happened, she really thought about Jennifer’s friendship!! Maybe this will make her see what a true friend Jen was to her. I saw the reunion show, and I know she did accept Jen’s apology, but I feel Jennifer spoke the truth about Chad and Evelyn’s relationship. This incident over the weekend relly proved Jen was right!!!!!

  • http://yahoo aquamere

    This bitch is crazy and we all know it… She threw her friendship away over a guy who did exactly what her BESTFRIEND!!! said he would, go figure… Don’t spite ya nose cause your mouth can’t breath ev- ev!!! Karma’s a nasty little bitch aint it….
    #TeamJEN! straight like that!

    • sincere

      Ditto !

    • kimmie

      exactly!!..she’s mad that she looks sooooo effin stupid right now. I mean even her baby’s father stated that she’s a good liar when that situation came about referring to money he hid. Remember what that b*tch said..”I THOUGHT HE NEEDED FOR ME TO HOLD ONTO IT FOR HIM”. Okay Ev you and this man hated each other. Why would he ask you to “hold onto his money”. He got in trouble and she walked away free. I’m telling you..she’s a grimey.

  • CJ

    What a f’n mess! He should have never married her a**. What type of s*it is that; that he’s married to her for less than two months and loses his job behind her stupid ass. As someone stated, didn’t she agree on TV that it was okay for him to cheat?? I guess she thought he would change because he married her? NOT! He already told her the deal and yet she still married him. Yep, trying to get those dollars! Also, as someone else stated, she was engaged to Antoine for 10 years and he didn’t marry her. Chad should have known something was wrong with that situation. Hopefully he can get out of this mess without having to give her too much money.

  • Bri

    If Evelyn was the aggressor, as most people seem to feel, she wouldnt have just headbutted him, she would have completely kicked his dumb ass!

  • Logic

    Listen! If anybody put a 3 inch cut anywhere on my face, I’m pressing charges. I don’t care what I may have said that may be hypocritical in the past or what may be karma in the present. All that will be what matters is that a 3 inch cut is in my face and that is what I will be pissed about at that time. It’s sad that Chad has allowed this type of drama to impact his career with the Dolphins and now has an arrest record for domestic violence but it’s not good for a vendictive person like Ev to be in the driver’s seat in a situation like this.

    • sincere

      So what are you saying exactly? Your statement has no “Logic” !?

    • kimmie

      I’m a victim and I think that something isn’t right with the stories. If we remember before Chad n Ev got together there was this girl in Philly talking about everything between them was fake and for their own TV reality show that was coming. So i think Ev actually fell for Chad not realizing he was being real with her about loving “women” period. She thought she could tame him and her bedroom antics could keep him but it didn’t. I feel she became mad at the site of the receipt and did exactly what Chad stated. So the 3in cut is her own fault. She shouldn’t try to humiliate Chad because she made herself look stupid. Let’s think about this…Ev is always ready to fight ANYONE on sight all of a sudden she runs to a neighbor after being headbutted. I don’t think so. I think she plotted and planned in her head at that moment what to do in a matter of seconds and executed her “I’m the victim” to the fullest. She’s so mad that she wants to take this man’s dignity and livelihood away not realizing “KARMA’S A B*TCH..WE ALL HAVE TO DEAL WITH GRIMEY THINGS WE DO AT ONE POINT IN OUR LIVES”.

    • day

      i agree its obivious he has boxing skills so he should put that to good use jack ass

  • 1CoolGranny

    Evelyn knew Chad’s reputation before they even got togethet and he admitted he didn’t feel he could be with just one woman the rest of his life; she knew, she maybe thought he would change after the got married. Stupid of her to believe that…

  • irene martinez

    another Chris & Rih haha.

  • roy moore

    These two dum asses should have never married.!!!!!!!

  • cheryl

    I think everyone needs to mind their own business. Everyone has issues in life. So keep it movin.

    • sincere

      Nope, we are not going to butt out. They put their relationship out there for the world to see. Gloating all the way to the bank, they even made a reality show about it. So no, they wanted our attention via ratings, so now they got it!

  • Frances mathews

    When you marry someone, who is making $925,000 a year in the NFL, the reality is the money not the condoms. The marriage from these two parties from different social-economic backgrounds, would give reason for foul play. Somebody is trying to get paid!!!

  • jmar

    Evelyn Lozada is a crazy, violent woman. No one who has ever seen Basketball Wives can debate that. Crazy, narcissistic, diva. I feel bad for him. She screwed up everything for him.

  • http://webpronews micheasl smith

    divorce her chad .she not worth it.she trying to get paid.look what happen to antoine walker.he is broke.

    • http://yahoo shere hayes

      He must have head butted the shit out of her to call the police knowing how much they both have on the line . They both had matching headaches. lol

  • danny

    hey..cant that marriage be annulled??????..here’s your chance chad….whatever it is…get out now son!!!!!run boy run……hahahaaahaahh…no joke though

  • ray

    I feel sorry for none of them, they deserve everything they get. That includes all athletes and there marraiges.the next one will hear about is rick fox who plans to get married, yet again will end up the same way. Bet the house on that.

  • sabina

    For all we know she could be telling the truth, but because of how she acts on Basketball Wives, it’s hard to believe her. That’s why it’s so important to have a good public image.

  • Taneisha Fletcher

    Ev. is a skank ho, who just wants to get paid. stay with her chad. why not, pay that bitch, you two deserve each other. thought you had much more sense than to get with that skank. in too deep now. deal with it.

  • Christina

    Okay Editor I know this is your story to write or whatever but shouldn’t you be taking a non bias approach to this article? This seems a tad bit unprofessional.

    • Nina

      Good Point!

  • Joan

    While I do NOT condone any form of violence, in my opinion, I believe this was an incident waiting to happen. When you have a “grown” woman, who has a penchant for bullying and fisticuffs, as Evelyn Lozada so regularly and disgustingly exhibits on the reality show, “Basketball Wives,” it doesn’t take an imbecile to determine that she was likely the antagonist in this incident. And now that “the chicken have come home to roost,” she calls the police and is now filing charges. What hypocritical decisions for someone who bad-mouthed and degraded her BW co-star, Jennifer Williams, when she sought legal assistance about filing charges after she was physically attacked on the show by Lozada’s personal assistant. For this brazen, foul-mouth bully, I say “pull up your grown woman panties,” and show some decency yourself with your so-called, wanna-be bad azz! God don’t like ugly!!!

  • http://www.webprones.com Audrea Durousseau

    I agree 100% on every comment previously stated. EVE is an an evil bit–h. She got what she deserves. I donot condone abuse but… I beat my last dollar, she threw the fist punch. His entire behavior was always as Jen stated, Chad is a WHORE and so is Evelyn. Remember, she slept with him the 1st time they met; her legs were all on top of him. What a poor example for a MOM. She is money and status hungry. Now she had destroyed this man’s career so,,,, she needs to try to get money via court system. She and Tammy both apologized to public/fans because of how the Media responded to their “nasty and evil behavior. I hope with all my heart that Chad’s reputation his peers; those who know him will stand by his side. From all who have expressed themselves here, Evelyn is nothing but “Goodwill Rejects.” Remember Evelyn, Beauty gets you no respect; I am sorry Chad lost his job but; glad her “pretty” face was messed-up. Can’t wait to see the next season of Basketball Wives…

    • http://Yahoo Cindy

      Andrea I am not surprised by all the drama those two have created for themselves neither one is better than the other but for you to go on here and say you were glad then I wish the very same on you in the name of all the women sitting in battered shelters you are the scum of the earth to actually say you are glad that any man no matter what the situation is you are glad he beat her. Then lady i hope by your very own words it happens to you then i would hope you would get to eat the very nasty and twisted mind you possess. You evil cow.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Renee

    Eve got Karma the way she turned on Jennifer and Tami was backing her up Jennifer try to tell her he was no good but she flipped her friendship for Chad I think she did what she did for publicity for her worth I hope he sign a prenuptial if not he should be broke.She is terrible what goes around will come to her.

  • Lana Robinson

    I agree with some of the things that people are saying. Evelyn is a little violent on her show The Basketball wives, that is true, But no woman or man deserves to be abused! No Excuses! Also Chad told her on the show,(we all seen it)that he couldn’t have sex with just one woman, and she accepted it! Crazy,she knew what she was in for with him.Would you have still married someone that told you that?

    • MoeGilly

      Chad should of known better not to get married to this chick she is nothing but drama damn she was on basketball wives that show is full of drama know look more drama all she wants is attention word of advice chad divorce that bitch and move on to someone thats not on VH1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Darlene

    I hate the fact that Chad lost his career opportunity with Miami over Evelyn. I don’t condone violence but Chad told her right up front that he was not going to change who he is. He made that very clear on the show Basketball Wives straight out in front of all America who watches the show. I got the message I know she got it also. He even told her that if they were out having dinners/drink and he saw someone that he felt he liked and wanted to bring back to the house he should be able to do so. What did she not get? Thought she was going to bully him. So for her to get upset about a condom receipt is bogus

    • Jennifer

      Your mate is your mirror. Who you chose as a mate friend or folks that you spend the majority of your time with, mirror who you are as a person. When you see two people, with one giving the appearance of being stable while the other appears unstable, such as the case of this couple, this is nothing more than the classic “Good Cop, Bad Cop,” routine. It is sad the people who defend Chad over Evelyn cannot see his part in this game.

      This guy has dated this woman long enough to know who she is, yet he risk it all to marry her. In my opinion, It speaks volumes about him more so than her.

  • Chrisz

    The comments that say she just trying to get paid, thats is not the case. Evelyn has plenty of places where she is getting her own money for instance: a book deal with young money, clothing line, make up made by the same company as MAC, a shoe store that is now online. She don’t need his money and quite frankly the way he has been playing, he was gonna be looking at her for money.

    • Akai

      She may not NEED his money but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t WANT it. Evelyn is very greedy and violent. It’s not okay for men to hit women but who says a man can’t fight back if a violent woman like Evelyn attacks them?

  • nikki l

    For some reason I do not believe her story. Chad probably did cheat,but I think she is lying like a dog. I have seen her show, and she is completely shiesty.

  • Robin

    Jennifer knew what he was about? Right Evelyn? (LOL)

  • Robin

    Evelyn you know what they say about Karma

  • http://EVELYN&CHAD blackgale2004


  • http://aol lei

    I feel bad for both of them — however I do find it strange that a man who has had NO
    chrgs at all since college all of a sudden gets into a domestic brawl, he’s been with plenty
    of women since college — this chick ruined his career chances, and pushed his buttons
    they both need therapy including the woman who is playing a poor defenseless me act!

  • http://facebook cat

    He is what they call he a bad boy, And she is a hot head it will never mix..

  • markitia

    you lay with dogs and you will get fleas.

  • Devona

    I really think that it happened exactly how Chad said. He may be a lot of thing but I’ve heard anything about him being a liar. He always says what’s on his mind right or wrong like it or not. I never heard anything about him being violent towards anyone ever. Her on the other hand please. Just watch basketball wives and you will see the real ev. All she did on that show was make threats,drink, cuss ppl out,drink, jump across tables,drink, throw bottles,drink, try to fight anybody that did not agree with her and drink. Then she makes tee shirt about it and try to sell them in her store.

  • Devona

    I really think that it happened exactly how Chad said. He may be a lot of thing but I’ve heard anything about him being a liar. He always says what’s on his mind right or wrong like it or not. I never heard anything about him being violent towards anyone ever. Her on the other hand please. Just watch basketball wives and you will see the real ev. All she did on that show was make threats,drink, cuss ppl out,drink, jump across tables,drink, throw bottles,drink, try to fight anybody that did not agree with her and drink. Then she makes tee shirt about it and try to sell them in her store.

    It’s funny how ev and tami like to bully young classy ladies on their show but when the cameras are off they become punks running to the police I thought they said they handle their own business they don’t run to the police…smh…it’s all fun and games until somebody gets head butted.

    • http://www.rulaglass.com julie

      this is his 2nd domestic. A leopard doesnt change his spots. Once a beater, always a beater.

  • Holly

    I support Ev. I am a huge fan of hers…I could care less about Chad. He annoys the hell out of me and I wouldn’t put it past him if he cheated. If she says that it got physical, then I believe her until she is proved wrong. :)

  • Debra

    I do not support Evelyn’s rotten abusive and disgraceful behavior as seen on Basketball wives and supported by Tammi and Shaunie (the pretender). I believe she is capable of doing what Chad said., but he is a piece of crap himself. Anyway, I would be darned if I support any form of domestic violence meted out to Bully Evelyn even though it is easy to see how some persons think she deserves a few kicks and cuffs to see how it feels to bully others. She is right to press charges and let his ass pay the penalty. Evelyn knew she was getting into a relationship that was open any why is she checking on his condoms now? .

    • Honest

      RIGHT ON!

  • Honest

    Feel bad for poor Chad, EV is obviously from somewhere deep in the ghetto, just by how she behaves on BB wives, we all know that she was the one to abuse him!

  • DeAndrea Sampson

    i dont condone a man hitting /head butting a woman; however i think evelyn is lying. she is so full of drama and is a messy messy person. i think she is so miserable that she wants everyone around her to be miserable. i cant stand the heffa. she caught him cheating and she just wants him to pay. she knew he was a cheater when she married him. that marriage is such a joke!

  • bababooey

    She has BITCH AND GOLD DIGGER written all over her face.

  • Jennifer

    Well apparently Chad told her on the show that he was going to have sex with other women. Her dumb self married him anyway. I guess she didn’t think he was serious or that if she found out he was having sex with some other woman, she was gonna go “Evelyn” on him. Granted, it makes sense for her to get mad at the receipt, even if he told her in front of America that she wasn’t gonna be the only one, who wouldn’t? But still, chick, he told you what was up and you married him anyway! I’m not blaming her for this though, because whether she initiated the fight or not, he still had no business physically abusing her. So even though I blame Evelyn for getting herself into a marriage like this, this current situation right here is all Chad’s fault.

  • Forest Gump

    Stupid is as stupid does

    • http://yahoo gigi1781


  • Hotcookies

    Evelyn is a drop shot ass hoe! She has ruined this man’s career. As much as she has bullied other women in basketball wives, she should have charged this one to the game (if he did in fact head butt her). I guess she really ain’t bout dat life! Looks like she is going to be a non-motherfuckin factor!

    • http://YAHOO Kay

      Hotcookies..I think that’s what’s up!!

  • http://evelynlozada's marsha

    chad should have been watching her realilty show. guys you gotta look pass what’s on the outside, cause on the inside of evelyn she so transparent,superficial,low class,trouble maker,foul mouth,there’s nothing lady like about her.if she’s anything of what she protrays herself as on tv. man you should have looked far beyond her for a wife and a soulmate. and if you were cheating you should’nt had gotten married.

    • CMV

      He was on the show for a few cameo’s but obviously you are what you attract.

  • Tippy Carroll

    To all of the asshole bitches tht said she deserved it or tht he didnt hit her do know chad like I knw chad. He asked her to marry him nt the other way so tht means let ur hoes go or b by urself dumbass. I dnt blame her I would have blasted his ass also. And its all his fault tht he lost his job wat he did to my Sis EVE jus made the coaches decision a whole lot easier. If u dnt like her then dnt watch her. Shes doin more than any of yall haten ass on here. TEAM EVE all day eveyday. All yall haters can kiss my ass lol. Dnt like wat I gt to say I really dnt gve a fuck LMAO. Dueces bitches.

    • charsha

      Both of them knew who they were getting when they chose to marry each other. Chad knows Evelyn is ignorant and she knew he would be F&$@ing other women. She only gave him permission on one of the episodes of BW’s. Had she listened when she was warned not to marry Chad, she wouldn’t be in this situation but this is what happens when you have a point to prove to everyone. She was trying to prove that everyone else would be wrong when everyone else, including Jen was right. Evelyn needs to grow up.

      • http://YAHOO Kay

        Charsha…..That’s real talk.It’s sad, but it’s true. If you listen closely people will tell on themselves most of the time.

    • Pooch

      u dumb.

  • http://Yahoo Cindy

    Chad is a total Douche and I am sorry to all his fans but it does not matter how fucked up a relationship gets it doesnt matter how annoying a person is. You dont ever ever hit that person. She sends a very clear message to all stupid men and most importantly to her daughter by pressing charges IT IS NOT OK TO HIT A WOMAN. PERIOD. hit the streets, take a long run, go to the gym hit the bag but douche what were you thinking. You deserve all thats coming next.
    HIS bosses have let him go in light of this latest fiasco it doesnt matter who you are, hitting a female is dumb. Rhianna and Chris went through the same crap. What is it with these men. join the long line behind that jerk Mel Gibson. total loosers.

    • Osiris

      Spoken like a true women! Why speak on it if you dont know the facts yet. you sound dumb, and man, woman, transvestite I dont care; if someone hits you, you should have all the permission in the world to defend yourself. but this world is backwards and teaches young woman at a young age that it is ok to hit men because they are defenseless against you. You are sending the wrong message honey. No ONE should put their hands on anyone, man or woman! This is the very reason these young girls turn into women who provoke men. But like I said, keep your mouth shut until you know the whole truth

    • http://YAHOO Kay

      Cindy, I hate to say this and I am against domestic violence. But I kinda think Evelyn may be guilty. She is the one always hot as a firecracker!! And in her show he clearly said he would cheat! And he would bring another woman in their bed. So she knew what she was getting into. And these days at least he bought the Dam- Condoms!!! Some won’t do that!!

  • Nophilia Long

    As an educator of English grammar, literature and writing, I am just wondered how in the hell do these people, such as Amada Crum, get jobs writing when her and other web writer’s grammar and writing skills are atrocious. Who does she know? Who do they know? And how do I continue to convince my young students that good writing skills are important and worthwhile. It’s ridiculous!!!!

    • Nophilia Long

      Typos are one thing, poor punctuation is something else. Let me repeat myself without being attacked for my ‘ed’ instead of ‘ing’. As an educator of English Grammar, Literature, and Writing, I am just wondering how in the hell do these people, such as Amada Crum, get jobs writing when her and other web writer’s grammar and writing skills are atrocious! Who does she know? Who do they know? And how do I continue to convince my young students that good writing and grammar skills are important, valuable, and worthwhile. It is ridiculous!!!!!

      • Elizabeth

        You still didn’t get it quite right but, that’s okay, we totally get what you’re saying and I agree 100%. These so called journalists and professional bloggers take absolutely no pride in their work whatsoever. A typo here and there, every now and then, isn’t so bad but the constant misspellings, atrocious grammar and punctuation gets on my nerves. Sometimes I wonder if they even care.

  • As it should be

    Chad should of never married Evelyn. Less than 90 days and she shows her butt. The writing was on the wall of her life. I wish the Dolphins would relook their decision, but he has to deal with his choices. I pray another team picks him up and he lets go of his baggage and pay close attention to the writing on the wall. It was there.

    • Elizabeth

      Of all the things you could be praying for, this is your request to God? Maybe you mean you “hope” he gets picked up by another team. Last season he only completed 15 passes and in their preseason opener, he dropped his only pass. If he would quit focusing on all these reality shows and crazy women and put all of his effort back on the field, he does stand a shot of being picked up by another team. But until he starts making better decisions, coaches,players, team owners and fans won’t want him around.

  • gette

    He should have known better than to marry an angry, violent, gold-digging woman.

  • Marva

    I think that this is another Rihanna and C Brown situation and that is that the ladies did there flapping of the lips and though I know its 3 sides 2 every story, I feel they flapped their jaws, hit the boys and as they say, they got the worst end of the deal. So, though I do not condone a man hitting a woman, but nor does a woman have a right to hit a man. Don’t bring what you can’t take. Anyway as trifling as these FL woman are, she should have been thankful, he’s wrapping it it up, hell if he’s cheating. If, that’s a allegation.

  • Sharon

    Didn’t he write poem to her stating that she was like “the last slice of pizza in the box, that nobody wants”? And she took that comment with a smile.

    Chad thought that he was playin’ her.

    Chad,you just got played.

  • Precious

    Karma is fat tired B%$ch

    • Mo

      She very easily could have head butted him if they were sitting in the smart car arguing and he was holding her wrists so that she could hit him. They would have been face to face. Crazy that the man hasn’t had one problem with the law while playing in the NFL and gets booted from a team that has a known wife beater (B Marshall.) This is what happens when you take on a woman who has no class and doesn’t respect boundries. Talk about karma she spent her days F***ing married men and now her husband is showing her the other side of that coin.

      • Elizabeth

        Good point Mo. I can absolutely see her doing that in that type scenario. The woman is a complete head case and if Chad came out with a plausible story like the one you just pointed out, I would definitely be more inclined to believe him.

  • Precious

    The way she has treated the ladies on the show it’s well deserved if it is true. I may sound like a hypocrite but I dont think that it’s right for a man to hit a woman, but i am sure she brought it on her self. She is a mean, gold-digging witch and i cant’t stand her.

    • Elizabeth

      It is never, ever okay to hit a woman. I don’t care how much she’s ranting and raving. If a woman is physically assaulting a man he does have a right to restrain her until police arrive or he can get away.
      I have no doubt she was out of control and going off like a lunatic. Having said that, I don’t think she head butted him. Even in very high heels she is much shorter than he is and she would of had to have jumped up to head butt him. Usually when women assault men, they kick, punch, bite, or scratch. It’s not impossible that she head butted him, just not likely.
      Having said all that, if it was me, I wouldn’t be pressing charges on him. He got kicked off his football team and lost his reality show gig. I would kick him out and file for an annulment and be done with him.

      • nancym

        B*tch shut up!

      • marcus j

        they were sitting in a car when this happened, according to the reports…so its not beyond the realm of possibility that she head butted him because sitting down, they are at an almost equal height

  • Haruka

    I love Evelyn, but if she thought she could tame a player like Chad 85, she has another thing coming. He had TWO reality shows of trying to find the “perfect woman” and it didn’t work out either time. Once a playa, always a playa. People like him shouldn’t get married because they can’t commit. Evelyn is a hot head, and may have struck first, and neither party should put their hands on the other, but as Judge Mathis said, if a woman gets out of control, the guy should just walk away or just hold her at a safe distance and not strike back, because he is the one who is going to take the heat from it. Seriously men are physically stronger than women and can do more damage (unless the woman is fighting with an object). If you have a greater power, you have greater responsibility, that’s just how it is. therefore why set himself up to take the fall? If she has pictures and stuff and can prove her injuries, he could go to jail for a long time.

  • CMV

    She knew what she was dealing with. He flat out told her he couldn’t be faithful on her show. She is past high strung she probably thought she could take him. Proballers need to wise up. If they can’t add to your life to make it better drop them. That goes for a man and woman. Time out for all the drama.

  • Myra

    So now its not ok ro put your hands( in this case head) on you HUH. LOL. Karma dumbass!

  • newport lady

    Good that’s what she get she a HOE. Every Dog has a dog and bird dog has a whole season. Sorry Chad why did marry her?

  • Mike D

    I totally agree with this comment by Mike D that was posted on ThyBlackman.com

    Mike D says:
    August 13, 2012 at 6:06 pm

    EVERYBODY warned Ocho about that crazy witch. Petitions have been created and signed 30,000+ over the horrific violence this woman used on her costars. So many letters and comments were posted about the ticking time bomb that this terrible woman was, now she has DESTROYED him like she DESTROYED and ran through $100million + that. Antoine Walker HAD. I believe SHE attacked HIM. She will now take everything he has left..VH1 is RESPONSIBLE for this mess, after she threw the bottle and crawled across the table like a DEVIL they needed to pull the plug on her because she was obviously DANGEROUS !!!!!!!!!!thanks God the children were not injured. Sick , sick, sick & sad for Chad because he spent his life building his career, just to have it destroyed by a low grade, cheap, crazy prostitute.

    • s1416


  • nancym

    OOooo I hate the hoe!! Tami should’ve beat her azz… Just divorce him b*tch, don’t be spiteful! …she deserved every lump she received…

  • http://yahoo gigi1781

    A person who fights all the time with friend and foe mostly likely turns the table on loved ones just as easily. Did Chad really not expect to receive Evelyn’s wrath? She’s a fighter, not a mediator!

  • carling

    Evelyn is the reason I watch BW. I love this chick; however, those of you supporting Ev in the name of domestic abuse victims clearly have not seen the show. Yes, Chad had one DV incident in college. But despite countless women, several children, and 12 years in the NFL, he had not had an arrest or violent incident since. NONE. That counts for something in my book. I think it’s a safe bet that Ev went OFF after she found those condoms (and rightfully so) thus starting the altercation. My point is, even if Ev’s version of events is the gospel truth, it’s a very tough sell because she lacks credibility. Her quick temper and violent behavior are well documented. Evelyn is my girl, but I am slightly more inclined to believe him than her given their histories. I think we should reserve judgement until see how this one plays out. I detests abusers, but there is reasonable doubt galore in this case.

    • Mo


  • Ann

    Evelyn knew that Chad was a Ho! To get him fired from his job–is atrocious! That’s his livelihood!! To the Miami Dolphins, Please take him back! She has staged this!! He told her on BW that he was going to continue to sleep with other women! She probably started the fight, & although I don’t think a man should hit a woman, she probably MADE him hit her, since she fights like a man, herself!

  • Lois Jacobs

    What a Joke! Unfortunatetly truly beleive Ocho because Evelyn is in it for the fame and money, she don’t give a hoot about Ocho. Eve has too many psychological problems! He knew better, he is just stupid and now he is going to pay big time. Too bad, he should have listened to somebody!She was never ever worth it! That’s what happens when you start thinking you above the higher power, he will bring you to your knees. People better start humbling themselves!

  • Lorraine Beck

    I think Chad should have left that project hoe right out there where she was. ump ump ump now what is your mother saying?CHAD.Also i know u r sleepy as hell now.

  • cutie

    Chad wouldn’t dare hit a woman. I have known him for years and i know he would not put his life and career in jeopardy over a woman. Evelyn is crazy and she had to start the shit. Evelyn messed everything up. I bet when it’s all said and done, she was in the wrong.

  • Abby in Dallas

    Evelyn got what she deserved. On all the season of the Basketball Wives show; she threatened fought, hit people. Evelyn always talked the most BullS!*^, about everyone on the shows. Yes, Evelyn is beautiful; but she has got a terrible, ugly attitude. Its about time, somebody shut her up. Good for you Chad!

  • juamenein

    Its like saying because your naked in the bed with somene and change your mind about having sex with them yet they dont understand no mines no, did you deserve to get rape??? NO!!!! She may be a mess but it dont give him the right to “headbutt” her…. We dont know what happen we was not there…. So Stop it!!!

  • get it girl

    God bless the all. A woman gets head butted and its her fault. Now what can you expect from this man now, he has no job. He’s really going to be pissed. And its all over some condoms. Give me a break.

  • Mo

    I do call bulls***! Chad is too good of a dude to be messed up in this drama! It’s sad that this trashy chick is ruining his life. I hope he bounces back from this one. I find it very funny that she had no problem f*cking married men and now is pissed that her husband is out there with other chicks. She can condone cheating when it benefits her for the night (or six months like she says in the video) but not when her man does it? I believe she is the one who head butted him she’s pretty nutty when she gets angry(see video above).

    • steve

      Bitch got what she deserved. Why is Ocho banging Antoine Walker’s leftovers anyway? Stanking ass hoe! She lucky he didn’t whoop her ass and throw her off the top rope and suplex her skanking ass. A tribute to all the beyotches out there making the Kardashians look like real women.

  • Deborah S

    Evelyn Knew that Chad was not going to be a one man woman and she married him anyway. So now you find a receipt for condoms and you want to get angry about it. That is just like walking over to a stove, knowing that if it’s on and you touch it, you will get burned. For Him to go that ballistic on you, what transpired first? You are known for having a bad temper. Why did you married this man. Why are you pressing charges? Is this your way of getting out of a marriage that you knew shouldn’t have took place in the first place?

  • Kim

    Hot Cookies said it best!!!! She’s clearly not “about that life”. Fake ass, wanna be hard, byatch!! You wanna leave him, do that but how can you claim you are “about that life” and call the police on your husband, knowing that it could potentially ruin his career.

  • Taryn

    Well if you remember, she gave the O.K. on him cheating as long as she was informed. She has no reason to be P.O’ed

  • Dee

    She said that she would consider a threesom ……….why did this make her made……what trash…

    • Jacquel Pitts

      EXACTLY! I’m so glad someone else noticed this!

  • elle

    Are we really going here again? Like Chris Brown and Rihanna? Why are people automatically jumping to his defense just because they like him as a NFL player. You don’t know him or her, so how about wait for the story to come out. Don’t assume she’s lying because you don’t like her and he’s your fave player. Tired of people making excuses for violence for a celeb they like

    • Dave

      One of these two has been on camera repeatedly saying violent things, doing violent things, and trying to start fights. It ain’t Chad. I’m inclined to believe Chad in a he-said, she-said argument because he isn’t the one that acts like a violent psychopath on television.

    • Sonja

      I disagree. After several seasons of watching basketball wives, i feel that we DO know Evelyn. Watch her past scenes with Chad and she even tells him on the show what she would do if she caught him cheating. She is hardly a blameless participant in all of this

  • http://YAHOO ELOVE

    Chad should have never married this Woman. He walked into a hornets nest now he has to PAY!!!!!!

  • Bridget

    The things that are certain about Eve and Chad are that Chad is a player and Evelyn has demonstrated she has a bad attitude on her show. We don’t know the facts of how things went down because we were not there. If she is lying, she will have to give an account for it, that’s for sure. On the other hand, if Chad did headbut her, he has a double whammy upside his head. Do I believe she could have headbutted him? Of course I do. She has a violent nature that she displayed on the BW show. I also believe it is possible that he got pissed over her finding the receipt and if she was all up in his face, he may have done it before he realized it out of anger. Who knows? After reading all the things that took a dive for the worse because of this, I believe they should just end the marriage. They both need to do some self-checks. It’s obvious.

  • http://yahoo.com kathy

    shes a crazy woman.. she needs help and he needs to stay away from her… knew it wouldnt last… but didnt think so fast…

  • Sandy Quil

    What comes around goes around! Evelyn cheated with Tami’s ex-husband
    Karma is a B I T C H !!!! TOUCHE!!!

  • http://Yahoo Janny

    I really do not understand why chad married her. She is always the type of woman who likes to fight in pubic and carry on bossy. She needs to realize that she cannot change chad. I feel bad for him because now his whole life is gonna be changed because of her. It was only a matter of time for her to ruin his career. It happened so fast. A disaster waiting to happen! Lets wait and see the outcome. Very sad day for a brother!

    • today

      but did eve move her mother out of the project yet ??????

  • http://Yahoo Carla Richards

    I have been watching Basketball Wives from the beginning and Everlyn is a mess nd she knows it. She has a hot temper. She is known for fighting like a wild animal in the woods. On one of the seasons show of BW whenshe got engaged to Chad she told him if he is going to cheat she would rather that he use condoms to me if the condoms are not for us then why would you tell him that and not expect that result. Then she is going to get upset when he does buy condoms. What is wrong with this picture? When u give a man or woman specifics what do u expect from either. They knew what they were in for but as i always say greed will get u all the time!!!!

  • Ashley

    I think Evelyn is a disgrace to the hispanic community, specially women! If she really loved him she would have conducted her self as a real woman knowing that if she was to call the cops his career was over. She will soon understand that acting this way will lead to no good. Dont bite the hand that feeds you!!

    • tamara

      Let some man hit you and tell me how it feel. That is the problem because people are famous people make excuses for them. Even if he is feeding her does not make it right. Every abuser does not get caught. If he was not famous would you feel the same NO.

      • Ashley

        I dont follow football so I am not Chads fan at all.. But I am going to tell you this.. just like she threw wine bottles at some of these girls in BW,and jump over tables to fight then she should have done the same with CHAD!!! But she rather call the COPS!!! Thats some P**SY crap that someone like her with a record of being violent should have been able to deal with it her self.. She knew what she was getting her self into when she married him. She wants revenge on him cheating on her.. The only way is to ruin his career. No woman on this earth should be abused by anyone but if you have such character like nothing phases BELIEVE ME, someone needs to show her to STOP THE S*IT and stop trying to act hard!!! because obviously she is nothing but a big fake!!

        • http://yahoo cree

          Ashley, you sound ick How is a woman going to hold it down against a professional athlete?? She did the right thing in clling the police. He still had no right to hit a woman. He could have held her down til the cops came, he could’ve left the house, he could’ve locked locked the door, he didn’t have to hit her. By the way, she’s crazy for sure, and extremely violent but I don’t very seriously think that she would pose a threat to the average man, let alone a man in the condition as Chad. Also, if he did feel threatened, don’t you think he’ have enough since to call the cops on her?

          • Ashley

            CREE…you are entitled to your opinion as I am entitled to mine… and you know what I think.. If she got head-butted by Chad.. guess what so sad for her.. get up and shake it off like she “plays pretend in BW”. She wants to be hot-tempered!! THERE SHE GOES!!! She messed with the wrong one.. I recall her saying that Chad is the only one that knows how to calm her down and deal with her temper.. GUESS NOT!!!

      • http://yahoo.com a eli

        She isn’t a Hispanic , or a Latina,or a Mexican she is a low life money hungry mud shark!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • bb

      I certainly will not cast a stone; however, relationships should be built on substance and character. Chad got caught up in the Looks and ended up with a bitter lemon head. You should’nt be surprised that things ended up sour.

  • Shonnett

    I can’t believe what I am reading! People wake up! Your saying she deserved it! No woman, no matter what she wears, how she acts, or even what she says deserves to have a man (mistreat) her or abuse her in any way physically, mentally, emotionally or verbally. Think about it as if she were your daughter, mother or sister! Thats like saysing Chris Brown never had any trouble with police and has never been arrested “so it is all Rihanna’s fault” for what he did to her. He may be a good football player, but they does not make him an exception to the rules. There is no in-between when it comes to breaking the law. He was wrong, he just didn’t think it would go as far as it has. If anyone knows someone who has been abused “Think about how the must have felt before, during and after? If you have ever been the Abuser Then you know, you will say adn do anything to get out of the HOT water “you(Abuser)caused!

    • Pat

      I believe what I’m reading; more drama from 2 of the most egotistical people on reality TV. None of us were there to witness what went down between the 2 of them, but based on past episodes of Basketball Wives and Evelyn’s psychotic, usually unprovoked rage, we can all imagine. And NO, no one deserves to be abused male or female. So again, we weren’t there, and we’llnever truly know.

    • Bobbi

      No one deserves to be hit man or woman, but………..Eve is reaping what she has sown. She hasn’t even begun to reap her sow. She has bullied people and you can’t continue to treat people like crap and not expect a return on it. Cause and Effect people Cause and Effect.

  • Barbie

    I do not know these trifling classless stupid azz people, but I will comment. I’m glad Chad lost his job. He is an arrogant SOB from when I watched his unforgettable reality show. He treated woman like ish on his show, and they put up with it. He thinks he is God because he is an athlete and now he’ll see he is back in the general population being a nobody struggling to make ends meet after his money run out. Good for his azz. Good for him and he’s not even attractive! Greed is a Mother and if he continues to fight women, disrespect women with his infidelity, he will continue to get screwed by a woman. He messed with the wrong woman who f-ed up his career and why? For some condoms which basically equates to sex. When are black men going to live up to their vows of fidelity in a marriage. If he want to hoe around, don’t get married. As for Evelyn, she is a gold digger. It’s just that simple. She has no class and is not even all of that. She is an embarrassment to herself, her daughter, her family and her race. She deserves to be alone because a woman like that is dangerous, if she is lying. For Evelyn to tell her husband to cheat and use condoms, is insane. I do not care if my husband was a clerk at Macy’s, I will not tell him to sleep with another woman – not even a threesome. She is a dumb azz and deserve to be alone. If she wanted to settle for a threesome or for him to cheat, she should not have agreed to a marriage commitment. They both are psychos and got what they deserved which a failed marriage and not each other.

  • http://Yahoo Inshirah

    Chad did not go into this relationship or partnership blind so, I don’t feel bad for him. He married a Pit Bull that he know is an untamed animal. She has NO class or intelligence so she whored around and found a dumb ass to marry her. What comes around goes around Evelyn! As an African American woman, I would never promote or excuse domestic violence, this incident don’t qualify and women like you make it hard for women or men that deal with abuse. Do the world a favor and take some classes on how to be a lady so that your daughter do NOT grow to follow in your footsteps! thats where my concern is your daughter! Go AWAY, get some psych help and STOP being a gold digger! You are the poster child for Gold Diggers all over the world! Chad, I pray that you have learned a valuable and expensive lesson, ‘you cannot turn a whore into a housewife nor can you have that same person have your children DUMMY’! There are many african american women college educated that have class and would make a good wife and excellent mother to your children.

  • carling

    Sorry, but the comparing this incident to Chris Brown/Rihanna is ridiculous! I also don’t think most people are giving Chad the benefit of the doubt because he’s their “fave player” or making excuses for a “celeb that they like”. Personally, I don’t give a damn about Chad. I am a female Evelyn Lozada fan. But the fact of the matter is that we’ve seen my girl Evelyn start fights and even throw a wine bottle at someone for FAR LESS than what Chad did. People shouldn’t automatically be jumping to HER defense just because she’s a woman. Evelyn has done too much and nobody in their right mind is going to just take her word for it. If Rihanna had had a documented history of violence like Evelyn does, that ish would have gone down much differently. Trust.

  • CriticXreme

    This broad is a media slore and attention opportunist. She set him up and is now going to do a Rihanna plus take all of this douches money. Again, stop dealing with these types of broads. Chad, your dumb azz is done.

    • leslie lewis

      Well, evelyn is obviously out to stay out of the Bronx!!! accept and embrace her. The men leave themselves open because it’s all a game to them. Now they want to hate the players. Really! evelyn will have to answer for her trespasses. Will always pray with her.

    • Pooch

      lmao, so true

  • Molly Hill

    Why would Evelyn get mad at Chad for buying condoms? She already told the man it was perfectly fine with her if he wanted to screw around with other women. I don’t know WHY she got mad. Dummy! Plus, Evelyn is a wild animal when she loses her temper, so I kind of think SHE started it. She doesn’t deserve to be hit, but seriously; this girl is a wild animal!

  • Sarah Talks

    This article is crap and written by an imbecile. That is all.

    • http://yahoo.com a eli


  • http://yahoo linda

    i really don’t think he head butted her i think it was the other way around he don’t seem like the type of man that would do that or jepordise his career, i really hoped he signed a pre-nup so that crazy women cant get a dime and another thing she told him if wanted to cheat use a condum that is her fault she’s nothing but a pyscho fan now she’s trying to ruin his career

  • JP

    To be honest… Chad nor Evelyn are marriage material. They should just both get comfortable with being. They will be better off just having an occasional flings or what not.

  • Hope

    Krama is a bitch, what goes around comes around and she is gettin what she had dished out. For starters, she has more mouth than a pigs got ass. She runs her mouth too much and to be a woman she has a terrible mouth and don’t respect herself. She talked junk to Tami and she took it, she talked junk to Jennifer when she was trying to help her and tell her what she was getting herself into. But this is her bed she needs to sleep in it……..she allowed him to cheat, she told him if you are going to cheat cover the thing up, SO HE DID…ENOUGH SAID! But on another note, God don’t like ugly, and that is all she has been on the whole show of Basketball Wives is ugly and bullying people. So now lets see what she has to say about this, other than…… I heard she should have been wearing a helmet…too funny! She needs to get a grip and act like a lady, or at least try to!!!

    • Free your mind

      I agree… She was out her mind to think he would be faithful…. they had problems before they said “I DO”….. Ev was living in a dream…. Chad is young and still had a lot of play in him… He was not ready to slow down…. Ev should have known better… after all has been around the block a few times already…. Women to women… if a man show you himself before he says I Do….. THINK ABOUT IT…. Jen tried to tell you…. OH BUT NO YOU JUST HAD TO DO THE DAM THING…. SO NOW WHAT? LASTLY EV IT’S REALLY HARD TO TAKE YOUR WORD ON THIS MATTER… BECAUSE YOU ARE ALWAYS IN SOME SHIT…. PLEASE NOTE: I DO NOT EXCEPT NO SHIT FROM A MAN AND TO HAVE ONE HIT ME IS NOT COOL…. SO I WILL SUPPORT YOU ON THAT ISSUE…. BUT THE CHEATING…. YOU ASKED FOR IT…. REMEMBER YOU TOLD HIM IT WAS OK…. SO WHAT THE HELL YOU THOUGHT HE WAS GOING TO DO WITH THAT PASS….

  • http://yahoo.com a eli

    This tramp cares for no one except herself!! shes a gold digging, black pole smoking,attention whore!!!

  • kila

    First of all, honestly who goes around headbutting people?! you’re not in an action movie tone it down!

    CHAD:: Though I don’t like him very much at all because he’s an attention whore and he’s extremely immature, but apparently Chad is a big deal in sports and he worked his way to do so, so kudos to him for making himself relevant.

    Eve: She is a psycho. She fights over any and everything. Throwing bottles and always trying to slap a bitch up. She even tried to fight her “best friend” of 10+ years over a simple misunderstanding on this very guy. She got problems. Always talking about “I’m a grown woman”, hello, if you act like a grown woman then you’ll be treated as such. I don’t think either of them thought the marriage completely through when thinking he was gonna stay faithful to her. He’s not ready to settle and she knew that from the beginning. She obviously married him for the publicity. I guess they both got what they wanted ATTENTION…and bad attention is better than no attention right for some people.

  • Chester

    Hope you have a PRE-NUP.. that chick is SCARY.. has nothing to fall back on and has a reputation of wrecking everything plus a HOT TEMPER.

    If you ever get your life back in order GET a ANNULMENT before playing again..

  • susie

    I live in Cincinnati, Ohio and watched Chad from the second row in the Stadium – Bengals side 40 yard line for years. I am also an avid watcher of Basketball Wives way before Evelyn met Chad. My opinion of both is that they are selfish, stupid, angry people who make bad decisions. Frankly, I thought they were perfect for each other. They are both total train wrecks who use anger and violence as a way to communicate with each other and everyone around them. Frankly, neither are smart enough to have the high paying careers they have. They live off their looks and the media. Neither have any talent and I couldn’t be any happier to see both of them losing their jobs. They are both losers. Maybe being broke for a while will humble them.

  • Ryan

    It seems that everyone is jumping all over Evelyn, however that dumb ass Chad Johnson married her. It shows bad judgement and makes me realize that he is an idiot and he is actually getting what he had coming to him. For all guys out there, if you marry a skank who is aggressiver, you may end up in jail. He made a dumb decision. Also, he did say that they hit heads but it was an accident. Too bad for him becuase she has a gash in her head, so he is done.

  • sade

    my opinion is evelyn is a pretty woman she should’ve never got head butted by no damn man period a man dont suppose to put there hands on no woman period point blank and fuck his career as he said cause if he cared about his own ass he wouldve did right and stayed focused on his career other than settling down when his mind and dick wasnt ready for one damn woman and her ass shouldve been focused on her book and her own make up line she said out her mouth on basketball wives to chad get condoms its fine if they have a threesome so wtf both of dey asses crazy they both knew wtf dey was doing her ass know how she is he admit he hoewish her ass too she do all the time when somebody bring up her past and present ways aint shit change in no direction they never shouldve been together in the first damn place they wasnt ready to be faithfull or committed they wanted to be together for fun and screw around while they commited under god they got life fucked up you dont do no shit like dat and yea she got a daughter thats looking at her but seeing her she way diiferent from the moms she got more sense of wat not to do by looking at evelyn ass and wtf she do ppl make mistakes celebs aint perfect this world fucked up dis shit aint no shock to me motherfuckas do more bad shit den this but to me they sum big ass grown kids that wanted to make up they own rules in marriage and in life and yes chad do act like he all dat and like aint nobody shit around him so no telling wtf went on behind closed doors with they ass when problems be loose and not tight before you get married screws gone pop loose so wtf yall expected that shit wasnt gone work from the start they both need help fools fall in love and everything get and be fucked up!!!jus sayin she got a additude he do too so shit gone happen she alwways expected him not to do shit with other women but den she want to say he can her ass got a problem and he do too cause how he was talking he wasnt ready for no relationship and wat woman let dey man cheat while married couldnt be me soon as that nigga asked me dat shit he told evelyn i wouldve bussed the fuck up plus he joke to damn much you cant tell if he serious or not he think he the shit he got the big head now he dont got shit lets see how he act now cause now he got the small head he fucked up big time big time and if he cared bout yall fans he wouldve kept his ass in line with his ways and additude to stay his ass on dat field so evidently he aint GIVE A FUCK BOUT SHIT OR HIS LIFE NOR REPUTATION ON HIS KIDS…so fuck the non-sense damnnn!!!

  • jen

    Who didn’t see this coming? When they got together, you know she was after his money…She’s a goldigger who thinks she is gods gift to men. Not, but she does look like a man. Now, that she can’t get her way, everyone must pay…

  • beth mckay

    Chad- good ball player. Sucky person. Evelyn- she does have her own. She got the clothing store and her book. Not like she’s in it for the $……

    • fitzwilliam

      oh brother. as if some rag of a book and a shoe shop are going to make you rich these days. get a clue.

      • Pooch

        lol, so true.

  • Rebecca

    Evelyn, if you read this email, make amends with those you have hurt or allegedly hurt, and begin your new journey in seeking love. If Chad is not right for you–and only you know–get an annulment. Be available for that person that complements the woman you are destined to become: warm, caring, family oriented, loving, calm, and spiritual. Start over. Enhance the spiritual you. Take your time to find love. Remember, it’s quality and not quantity ($$$). Finding love is a journey, not a race. Peace be with you…

  • charmin

    I don’t agree with the fighting but she stated on TV on basketball wives that he could sleep around just tell her so why is it such a big deal now if you didn’t meant it then don’t say it. Chad has worked hard for football and you just ruined his career. I don’t think he would put his career on the line by going to jail but Evelyn on the other hand she loves drama and I believe him when he say she head butted him. I wish them both the best.

    • http://www.rudylogos.com Rudy

      I really don’t know “Tami,” but in a showdown of truth and lies,I think she might well have the advantage! Ocho Cinco was good entertainment on “Dancing With the Stars,” but he seems to be a little self-serving!

  • dgr57

    Chad has lost his career because of your selfish mean girl morals. Prior to the numpuls,all Evelyn said was “he better” hope she is happy, his comeback will prevail!However yours is on tape!Evelyn is a bully, and a batterest to other mens wives,mentaly,physcialy,and sexualy!Because of your mouth, he sought sex other places!I can’t and don’t blame him. Marriage to you was and is a monsterous mistake.Now he can end it with you, and move on. To a bigger and better life.
    Awhile his attorney tears you to shreds in the courtroom!And hopefull your celeberty career churns in the toilet as its being flushed! The first time I ever saw you on Ballers wives,I knew your were your own worst enemy.And you have proven my theory!Chewed off your own fingers to spite your hands! Just like the video vixen!!!! Bye,Bye, Baller!!

  • leslie lewis

    Evelyn is a player. Hate the game. My problem is her daughter and the lifestyle and message she is displaying. Evelyn your too old to be acting like a groupie. grow up and provide a clean healthy lifwe for yourself and beautiful daughter. I wouldn’t trust chad around my daughter anyway. Pervert!!!!

  • BrownSkin0828

    No violence is good man to woman or vice versa but it seems as though our beautiful black community makes it seem that this is normal and ok. Evelyn was so down for Jen not pressing charges when she was assaulted but now she wants to? Ladies, lets get it together and make better decisions regarding our relationships. Why would Evelyn or any of us marry or be with a man that we know is prone to cheat? Ladies are we going to continue to devalue ourselves for what a man can provide for us when e we are capable of working to provide for ourselves. How can material items allow us to be ok with being treated like $hit!!!! Men ONLY do what we allow them to do.

  • Confused

    I am confused by these posts. Do you all know them personally? You all are making assumptions based off of what you have seen on T.V. My granddad used to always call it TELL-LIE-VISION. Don’t believe everything you hear or SEE on T.V. The bottom line is some of you either are worse people or know worse people than Evelyn and Chad. Sadly, their lives are on display at all times. It is the price to pay for fame. Evelyn’s actions are mostly for entertainment value and based off of the number of responses discussing her behavior on the show, it appears the producers of Basketball Wives and their cast have been successful. I wish everyone involved in this situation the best. I know several “famous” people personally and most of them are nothing like they are portrayed some of them are better and some of them are far worse!

    • Debbie

      Dear Writer,
      There is nothing to be confused about. When people put their personal lives on reality TV what do you expect? You don’t know her either and how else are we to draw a conclusion on her when all she has done is cuss and fight with any and everybody that crosses her path. Maybe if you met her she will hit you too. By the wy, did your granddad ever told you ladies should be seen and not heard?

      • fitzwilliam

        no, but mine told me “once a ho, always a ho” and “some people have their heads so far up their asses they can’t see the light of day which obviously applies to you Debbie Doo Daa.” LOL

    • http://Yahoo Carla Richards

      Dear Confused: I am not sure why ur confused, u obviously have not seen the show Basketball Wives nd furthermore what is put out there for u to c is the reality of their lives. I can only tell u that their r other reality shows that they do not behave in the manner that Evelyn did. She knew what she was getting into so u can sit around nd act like we are the ones that r nieve but we know what it is really all about. She carried herself like a woman who could not even be civilized. When u tell a man he can use condom if he is going to cheat, then ur basicaly telling him i am giving u permission. The problem is that marriage is not sacred anymore. Just pay me a lot of money nd ill just go ahead and marry for the camera when i get paid then its all over!!! Horay for Hollywood!!!!!!! So i hope i made things a little clearer………

    • Janice

      As you have stated that “YOU” know several “famous” people personally and most of them are nothing like they are portrayed some of them are better and some of them are far worse!


  • Jewels

    Jen’s having the last laugh now!

  • Debbie

    I think he is innocent. First impression is a lasting impression. Evelyn proves that she is a psychotic hot tempered person. She’ll pick a fight with her mother if you let her. Can’t you guys remember on the show when Chad first started to appear, she got all hot and bothered about him having female friends? Remember. I hope he is smart and get an annulment while he is still within the time frame. The problm with us as women is that we try to change men. She knew he was a a dog in heat yet she had to have him. Now that he does not have a job, and no income, I hope she has enough to take care of them. I wonder which other athlete she will go after now.

    • Janice


  • Jenny

    She’s an industry hoe and he should have seen this coming. I feel soooo sorry for him!

  • http://yahoo kisha

    what goes around, cuuuums right back….yep Jen giggling real good right now but good thing that she has stayed in her path and away from drama…CAUSE MISERY LOES COMPANY AND SHE DONT…HA

    • http://yahoo kisha


      • http://yahoo kisha


  • Zenia

    Wow, I have to say just seeing this couple interact it was clear he was a womanizer and she was desperate to settle down. Come on! He has several children from several different women–red flag alert, ladies!!! She can boast and flaunt all the wonderful expensive gifts he purchases for her however it is clear he has NO respect for her whatsoever!!!! This entire situation is has three vital lessons for women: 1-do not date dogs 2-Material items cannot and do not buy happiness and respect two of the most important things in a HEALTHY and NORMAL relationship 3- the more you brag and boast and claim how “wonderful” your man/relationship is, when shit hits the fan and it is no longer “wonderful” you look and feel like a fool! So keep your private life private and find a good man who respects you, even if he isn’t balling out of control. Self-respect, dignity and integrity are priceless. This broad looks like a fool! Yep, Jen warned Evelyn! You dumb fool! There is another lesson: always listen to your girlfriends. They see things you do not or choose not to.

  • trez1806

    I fucking love this,lol. I mean, I hate both of these low lifes and they deserve all of this ghetto bullshit, lol. Dumb goldigger and Dummer athlete, Thank you Ev & Chad for making my day by seeing your careers tank! LOLOLOLOL

  • Rebecca Easley

    Too good to be true. Evelyn is clearly a dumb gold digging, plastic, phoney whore. Sure she is beautiful, after all her surgeries, but she is no lady. She is insecure and angry. Run Chad run. Don’t look back.

    • http://ooooo martymar

      regardless if she has had confrontations on bbw, or not. or if she agreed to what most people say is an open marriage.whatever it is they agreed on , televised or not!!!!. he should have not cheated condom or not or head butted her. he is a football player who tackles on daily basis, she is a hot heated latina. hy would anyone question the allegation??

  • Travis

    The sad thing about this is how judgemental most of you guys are proving yourselves to be. Bottom line no one in any relationship deserves to be hit or cheated on. You do dirt it will eventually catch up to you, no matter if you are a whore, saint or famous ball player. Check yourself and your own damn lives before throwing names around., because tjays not a good look for anyone!

    • T


    • hopsingjuntao

      Yes Hollis! I remember the episode on Basketball Wives when they had the discussion about an open marriage and he told her that he had no intentions of not sleeping with other women–and sharing women with her to which she agreed. She did not like him being seen with other women only because she did not want bad press. So I feel this whole thing is bulls@#!t and she is using this for publicity. As a woman who has been involved in a violent domestic situation (for real), I think lying or exaggerating about DV in order to extend your 15 minutes of fame is absolutely loathsome. I am truly disgusted. I have no idea why he married her in the first place–they dated for about 15 minutes before they got engaged. With her outlandish behavior, he should have seen this coming. I know Chad is an attention monger, but he has never been violent or aggressive (that I know of). I feel bad his poor decision to marry a reality personality has led to the end of his career.

  • Hollis

    If I’m not mistaken, Eve agreed to have an open marriage with Chad BEFORE she married him so its not cheating. It stupidity and nasty but not cheating if that’s the type of marriage she agreed to. She should be greatful he was using condoms.

  • T

    I hope she did head butt him first,they was all at the store shopping laughing loving each other get to the trunk of the smart car BAM, there goes the condoms. I dont know what I would have done. I know one thing is for sure can’t make a HO into a husband!!!!!!

    • evelyn simmons

      i think she caught chad cheating and set out to mess up his career why mess up the mans career thats fucked up she hit him and he kicked her ass she had to know how he was before he married him she didnt even know him
      that long shit happens when u follow the mighty dollar

  • Carol

    I”m surprised he, Chad even married the drama queen…Her unstable personality has cost him his job….He also has to take responsibility for his choice in a bride (shouldn’t have) With that said. I just want him to get back to being who he is , just date don’t marry and get back to playing football. You’ll be missed this season


    I think she started it she has shown how aggressive she is when she does not get her way. This is just another attention grabbing headline. I am not saying he is such a great guy but she has proven she is a b**** on several occasions and is just out for herself. She wants everyone to so say poor, poor Evelyn, Karma is a b****.


    YEAH HE PROBABLY PUSHED HER ASS DOWN AND SLAPPED THE PUERTO RICO BORICUA SPANISH HARLEM BAUTISTA TASTE OUT OF HIS MOUTH, but she never said that when she was sucking his DICK. and he did plenty of times when she was sucking his dick Im sure. So just because he has someone else sucking his dick who is probably some white bitch, now she getting mad because she know she is the OTHER WOMAN and that her friend, THE TRANSEXUAL JENNIFER WILLIAMS WAS RIGHT ALL ALONG and she dont want nobody to tell her “I TOLD YOU SO”. She also doesn’t want to face the fact that she is becoming “WASHED UP” and will soon end up like Rosie Perez or some other HOT RICAN From the 80s…HOW DO SHE LIKE THEM APPLES, lol?

    • Aida V.

      You hit thenail right on the head when t comes to the Jennifer situation. Evelyn owes Jennifer a public apology, that’s of course my opinion, and you know what they say about Opinions… Anyways i hope Evelyn sees that Jen wasn’t being a bitch, she was just stating concerns for her girl, and those concerns became her reality!!! It’s too bad that a friendship was affected in all this mess. Get it together Evelyn your daughter is watching everything that you do, and if your not careful she’s going to follow in your footsteps and repeat some of them if she doesn’t look out, I should know because it happened to me with my daughter because I forgot that my daughter was getting older and watching and you know the saying, “The sins of the Mother shall be repeated by the daughter”…

    • preston clark

      lololol!! well-said

  • gg

    The first thing that came to my mind was Evelyn. Her best friend, BITE THE BULLET, CALL HER! GROW UP IT HAPPENS TO THE BEST OF US!

    • kristen

      I totally disagree with you, I’m guessing you or anyone who agrees with you don’t watch the show. Evelyn knew what he hell she was getting into and she provoked the wolw thing I personally think it was her intentions. There is no way no real woman who respect herself has morals would go on national tv and have a conversation with her fiance about their relationship and he says and I quote ” Well you know what about when I be on the road and get tempted or something and her response is “call me let me know!” buy condoms!” I rather find out from you than someone else!” Lol really Ev and now your getting mad after he did what you said. smh this broad

  • I speak my mind

    No matter what you say. A head butt is inappropriate action towards someone you supposedly say you love and want to spend the rest of your life with. Even though Evelyn may have a temper and he knew this prior to marrying her, a head but leaving a gash is never okay. Evelyn does not deserve this regardless of what her past actions may have been with the girls on Basketball Wives. She should file charges now!! There should never be I “want” to. She deserves better!!!

    • http://webpronews.com Agree to DIsagree

      I SOOOO agree with you. Her temper has nothing to do with the fact that he was caught with evidences of cheating or the possible of cheating. I we have to play out her personal life in front of tthe world verus hiding behind a fake name, are outlook wi=ould be different. this is want happens to individuals are not ready for commitment; but refuse to the other go.

  • Aida V.

    I hate the fact that she called the cops on him for some B#lls@it that she probably started, because she’s so insecure, especially because she’s older than him and he wants babies and she can’t or just didn’t want to. Evelyn knew exactly who she was marrying and if she ddn’t trust him then she should have done the right thing and walk away from the relationship before it got ugly like it is now. I think Evelyn is caught up in the celebrity, and the big expensive toys, houses, and diamonds. I’m sure she’s used the “OchoCinco” name to get better tables at the finest restaraunts in town. I remember an incident between Jenifer and Ev’s friend who’s name I can’t remember but when she hit Jen and Jen called the cops, Ev was all about taking care of those kind of things without calling the cops, Period. Hey Evelyn you absolutely need to take a step, rewind , and really take a good look at what really occured, and how and why things happened the way that they did, who knows you might see the REAL TRUTH!!! I hope VH-1 pulls the Chad & Evelyn wedding show, and I don’t think they should get paid for a Reality Show that’s not real. I wish Evelyn would do something to polish up her image and show the younger women who have been watching her for the last 3 or 4 years, and be a better role model, not only for the girls that are watching her on T.V., but more importantly, she needs to be a better role model for her daughter. A little advice to Evelyn clean it up, so far you’re going 0 for 2 and maybe thats because you get involved with men who aren’t really available, not that they’re involved, but because they just are’nt ready and you think you can change that and maybe you wan them for the wrong reasons too, the big contracts, the big houses, and the big fancy cars do not eaqual LOVE!!!

  • Pooch

    Chad is dumb as hell, he should have press charges against her dumb ass cause I know she provoke him, I don’t have to be there to know she hit him first. He probably actually love that dumb ass b***h. She just didn’t expecthim to knock her ass out, LMAO!!!! Always trying to fight somebody… Whether it was a man or a woman somebody was gonna eventually knock her dumb ass out, IJS. Still laughing…

    • Pooch

      Team Chad!!! Headbutt that b***h every time you see her, aint’t that right Jen. For some reason I cant stop laughing…

    • preston clark

      lolol!!! dude you aint lyin! she ALWAYS up in somebody face, then when a real G TREAT HER LIKE A G shyt hit the fan, or her face…damn woman can vent, but need to learn how to stay in place….or get head-butted in face

  • wilson nc

    as kemp reavis use to say u order $hit you get $hit.. this train wreck could be seen when he 1st met her

  • http://joschmoo djodjo

    you can take ’em outta da ghetto…but you can’t take da ghetto outta dem…..

  • Fordarilla

    You’s a HO! You’s a HOOOOO!!!!

  • dd haynes

    I think that both of those ATTENTION WHORES deserve what they set themselves for!! Kick rocks B***H’s!!

  • Janice

    he was stupid as hell 4 marryin her ass anyway…smdh!!

  • steve

    anything these people do on supposed tv is a joke. they became a joke the moment they signed on. my tv bill keeps going up every year so these people can act like idiots. am canceling my tv

  • Yolonda

    A person’s past or what appeared to have happened in the public eye is very different when behind closed doors. Stop being disrespectful to the situation and allowing his star status to intefere with the possibility he very well may have hit her. Not to mention his indiscretion as a man being married for 1 month shows he clearly disrespected their vows that was said before God. At the end of the day, only God can judge them both. Ev has a job to do and she does it really well when acting on television. That doesn’t give anyone the right to automatically blame her. Everyone on this forum would naturally create a scene if their spouse of one month had condemns and you know you don’t use them. Be realistic and take Domestic Violence serious! No one deserves to be hit male or female. Their lives are played out under a microscope and the last thing they need right now is the blame game and rude comments regarding her status as his wife. That was a choice he made, just as they both chose to allow their situation to escalate. No one is perfect in this situation. Be respectful and allow them to work out their differences.

    • steve

      just read a story today that a lady killed her fiance with a knife the night before the wedding.

    • dee

      i agree with you mrs yolonda all the way

  • jlovdr

    First let’s start with the disrespect for one another. I don’t know, but i’m told that if you hit once he’ll hit again. That goes for her too. If she hit first (which seems obvious based on her actions on bbw) i bet it shocked the hell out of her when he hit her back. Not sure but I will be it wasn’t the first time either she hit him or he hit her. Eve, it is clear that you can’t beat every ass. Just those that won’t knock the fake tits off your ass.

  • maria

    I can’t believe how many people are upset that Chad Johnson got fired because of this incident! He deserved it! You don’t put your hands on a woman. Even if she acts crazy, and put her hands on him, he could’ve called the cops and her arrested. Now look at it, his already tarnished reputation is even more so. and he’s out of a job.

    • shorty

      he didn’t put hands on her. She claims a headbutt. Let the situation play itself out before you judge. Shut she might have headbutted him and threw a tantrum. Hell she is a VH1 drama queen

  • BucBall

    I was shocked that he even married the tramp he should have learned from antwan walker and ran like hell away from the woman who went to Robin Givens school of how to destroy a rich athlete.

    • CC

      She crazy! I can see her hitting him first! What happen ten years doesn’t mean he hasn’t change! I’m guessing you didn’t see basketball wife… She crazy.

  • Taylor

    You all are mistaken! He was charged with domestic violence 10 years ago and convicted. He didn’t follow his obligations in a timely manner so he got more community service tacked on and he completed it along with anger management his second year with the Cincinnati Bengals. He original got 45 days in jail, but diverted it to community service cleaning up graffiti. No matter what Ev has done in the past physically, it does not give him the right to hit her now. It is all very sad, but there are consequences in life for your actions.

    • kid247

      so, doesn’t mean he was guilty. he is/was set up in this with soon too be ex-wife. run from that bch as fastas you can, she’s no fckn good. she’s been playing this game a lot longerthan chad, can’t believe he didn’t see through this crazy bch shyt.

  • preston clark

    how doesnt he already know this bitch was most likely gonna provoke him??? i dont get these dudes sometimes, always thinkin’ they have a certain formula that will change these psyhco bitches

  • Doubt me

    Fuck that..she got what she deserved. She cant get a real job or make her own money..so she has to do something to keep her name in tabloids and in the spot like..famous for nothing. I bet if there was a hidden camera the situation would be whole lot different.
    These bitches want to be treated as equals, but when they step up like a man then they need to get handel like one. Females are quick to call the cops on stuff they started.
    So now shell be on opera, tyra or show dumb fkn show trying to act all innocent blaa blaa blaa.

  • UKiddingRight

    **Disclaimer** A man should not hit a woman,unless that woman was trying to kill him.

    Now, my advice for Chad is to get that marriage annulled. To keep your assets,since you haven`t been together long. I think this chic is past her 10 mins of fame and is looking for more pub at his account. I think the tramp head butted him. And I`m a woman.

  • CC

    Amen! she wants to end him. She comes from nothing.

  • penski

    I feel this is awake up call for Chad, we clearly sees how she behaved in basketball wives. He needs to get a divorce from her quick. NBA player knew what he was doing by not marrying her. she is project ghetto trash!

  • ivory

    ghetto ghetto girl , get her off tv , cant beleive these guys with millions wld risk it on ghetto girls

  • ivory

    i wanna hear jenn say , i told you so lllol

    • http://myspaceginaevelynabel Gina

      I THINK YOU SHOULD REMAIN NEUTRAL ABOUT THE WHOLE THING UNTIL YOU KNOW THE COUPLE AND THE SITUATION. RARELY IS IT ONE SIDED. ghetto trash that woman is rich and is far from ghetto trash who are you and what is your story put it out on television and let people see who you really are. she is brave or stupid? My opinion is she is brave for letting people see her for who she really is flaws and all. rarely are any of us perfect.

    • http://yahoo.com Mable

      That’s real talk……

  • kid247

    oh this BCH 100% set him up. she’s so fckn mean and vindictive i totally see this bch doing this to fck his career up and try and get sympathy for hers. she’s made a living fckn high profile athletes. this bch is as low as they come. just like in one of the episodes of bw, she saw him having lunch with a ex gf o w/e she went off on him said something like she would beat his and her arse no ?? ask. this fckn bch has been playing dudes her whole life, thats exactly what shes doing now, she could give a flying fck about chads life/career. get away from this bch as fast as you can chad, and i’ve NEVER been a chad fan. this whole bshyt does not pass the smell test, it fckn stinks. she 100% set your arse up chad, cost you your job, just too bring her some more attention. fckn sick bch

  • Hattie Cook

    I think what goes around comes around, Evelyn is a bullie and all she does is bully people around and its about time someone put her in her place. It is so sad to see how rude the women on basketball wives act it is so disrepectful, I stop watching it. It is so SAD that black women must stoop this low to make a dollar. Evelyn, I’m glad some body beat your A?? because you are one disrepectful person. What kind of example are you setting for your kid?

  • georgia jones


  • dawn

    Evelyn is violent and I’m not sure she did not head butt Chad. She made Jen’s life a living hell throwing drink glasses, pulling off her shoes to hit, filty words and down right nasty. Maybe now she wished she had listened to Jen and maybe she would not be on national television trying to make people feel sorry for her. Not only was she violent to Jen but others. Maybe she is a victim but she has also done things to other people that was a victim to her violence. Now the Oprah saga. Will she ever take responsibility for her actions? Is Chad the only one that need anger management? Or could this be a PR stunt for more endorsements?
    Make me wonder what her MO is!

    • http://yahoo.com Mable

      I agree with you, She is a money hungry witch. I only wish that Chad would have used her for the person that she really is (sex), nothing more and nothing less. He should have given her a few dollars to buy new Red Bottom shoes, a new purse and called it a day. She is trouble, and the nerve of her trying to be some type of domestic violence advocate, she couldn’t tell me nothing.

  • michael

    Money greedy bitch!

  • t

    This isn’t about violence, love, who hit who first, or anything of that nature!!! It’s all about the “O-Mighty $$$$$$$”!!!! In my opinion this was Evil-lyn’s plan all along. As ignorant as she and chad both are do you really think this is the first time they’ve laid hands on each other?? I believe this is what Jen was so afraid of and didn’t want to talk about the entire last season of BW. There’s no one that knows u better than your girls; so when Jen slipped up and said what she did about Chad Evil-Lyn thought she had screwed up her “gravy train” and was ready to ruin her. Evil-lyn’s plan was to marry and divorce rich all along!!! Jen seems to be so much better than that. I hope she goes the opposite direction of those “BASKETBALL X-WIVES”!!! #rachett

    • PBrown

      I agree. That’s EXACTLY what’s going on.

  • kpzy

    Well, I guess Chad and Eveyln are an example of true love. VH1 Style.

  • Alekkxx

    Evelyn and chad weren’t going to last….. We all knew that.!!!