European Parents Spending More Time Online

    April 7, 2008

The European Interactive Advertising Association says that adults who live with children are more engaged online that those who don’t, according to its new "Digital Families Report."

The report found that 73 percent of people living with children are going online each week, compared to 52 percent who don’t. They are also engaging in broader range of digital activities than those without children.

Thirty percent of digital parents are watching movies, TV or video clips online, indicating how entertainment is becoming integral to the family Internet experience. Thirty-two percent are listening to the radio online and 66 percent now regularly use the Internet as a source of news.

People living with children four and younger are increasingly visiting health and film Web sites, up 24 percent since 2006, while those living with children between five and nine are going to game sites, up 32 percent. Price comparison sites are seeing an increase in traffic with children between ten and fifteen, up 32 percent, while those with children between 16 and 18 are visiting more TV Web sites, up 77 percent.

Parents are spending more time online, averaging 11.6 hours each week (up from 36% since 2004) and 27 percent are heavy users of the Internet.

Alison Fennah, Executive Director of the EIAA says, "Looking at the online habits and activities of digital families highlights just how inclusive and engaging the Internet has become. Marketers have traditionally tracked youth as a demographic online so it is particularly interesting to see their influence on the rest of the family."