Eugenie Bouchard: Now Serving at the Adult Table


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Eugenie Bouchard, the 19-year-old tennis sensation hailing from Westmount, Quebec has a great chance of reaching the Australian Open Semifinals if she defeats Ana Ivanovic.

This is record-breaking stuff for Canada; Patricia Hy-Boulais has been the only other Canadian able to make it into a Grand Slam Tournament, and that was way back in 1992. In Bouchard's lifetime, she'd be the only Canadian to accomplish this feat in the professional women's realm. Bouchard has already won the status as the first Canadian to win a Junior Grand Slam in singles at Wimbledon, and has proven herself to be a dominant youth player. Now it's time to prove once and for all that she can run just as well with the big dogs.

It won't be easy running-- although she's fortunately been able to sidestep the most dominant player in the league right now in Serena Williams, she now has the task of taking down the victor of that intense match. Ana Ivanovic is obviously on a roll with the epic triumph under her belt, so Ivanovic will undoubtedly serve up some work for Bouchard-- even though she has already decimated Ivanvoic in straight sets at the Wimbledon just last summer.

A lot can change in a year, however, and Bouchard is not taking this upcoming match lightly. She also has to forgo resting up for the match-- she has a doubles round with Vera Dushevin on Monday.

Although Bouchard tells a Canadian newspaper that "she's just happy to be playing," we can be sure that the gravity of her appearing in the Grand Slam tournament is not lost on her. It is a sure bet that Bouchard will take advantage of the injury issues that likely slowed Serena Williams down to cause her defeat, allowing Bouchard to sidestep the number one tennis player in the world.

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