EU Seeks To Rip Off Microsoft Again

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The European Union is at it again with their money hungry threats against U.S. based Microsoft. This time the EU suggested a fine as high as euro3 million (US$4 million) a day, claiming in a BusinessWeek article that the software company was still not offering a fair deal to rivals seeking to make Windows-compatible server products.

(This is an editorial comment by WebProNews Publisher and iEntry CEO Rich Ord)

In a statement attributable to Senior Vice President and General Counsel Brad Smith, Microsoft attacked the EU’s threat vigorously . Smith slammed the EU’s logic, "US and European patent offices have awarded Microsoft more than 36 patents for the technology in these protocols, which took millions of dollars to develop, and another 37 patents are pending, so it’s hard to see how the Commission can argue that even patented innovation must be made available for free."

I would go further than that and challenge the EU’s motivation and honesty in its approach toward Microsoft. I don’t even believe this is part of the underhanded trade war the EU is playing with the U.S. (as in Boeing vs. Airbus). In this case the EU is simply trying to rip off one of America’s largest companies with flimsy inconsistent and illogical rulings. The United States government should be standing by Microsoft’s side in this battle.

No U.S. company should be paying a fine to the EU . There is an underlying principal here that goes to the heart of international trade which requires the U.S. to respond to these actions. If Microsoft has to pay fines and give away its intellectual property in order to sell products in Europe then the U.S. should reciprocate.

Clearly this is a trade battle. Microsoft is not harming companies in Europe and the EU knows it. It’s really a large scale hustle to extract dollars … that is their only motivation.

Rich Ord
CEO, iEntry, Inc.
Publisher of WebProNews

EU Seeks To Rip Off Microsoft Again
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  • xhosa

    US can stick Microsoft up yours. Have you ever heard the word FUD. Means Fucking Users be Damned. Coined by Microsoft.
    Eat that!

    • Rich Ord

      How exactly is Microsoft harming Europe? I think it is obvious that the EU is acting like thugs using their power to extort money from Microsoft. I’m not defending Microsoft as much as I’m against the EU tactics and their suspect motivations.

      Rich Ord
      CEO, iEntry, Inc.
      Publisher of WebProNews

  • hansoft

    First of all, I’m not a supporter of the EU. Like many of my fellow countrymen I’ve voted against the EU consitution and if I had my way, I’d desolve the whole thing to a loose cooperation between souvern states. BUT I find it unacceptable that the whole of information processing (even the strategic parts of it) is based on the closed source of a company of a foreign power. I think the Chinese feel the same.

    MS is not known for good business practices. It has played some of the foulest games in the history of corporate history and continues to do so. ANY fine for whatever reason is justified for one reason or another, so I’m not crying any tears for MS.

    Still, I think that fines are not the solution. Measures should be the solution, e.g. every hardware vendor should be obliged to sell at least a choice of two OSes or not any OS at all, so consumers have a choice again. These OSes should be charged separately from the H/W.

    There is a large Linux community in the EU that have been forced to pay for a OS they don’t use and note the difference is about $100 which is quite substantial. Especially when you buy a laptop it is almost impossible to escape the MS monopoly.

    In short, I don’t feel fines are the way to punish MS, but for the lack of real measures I couldn’t care less.

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