EU Considering Microsoft Proposal In Antitrust Case

    June 1, 2005

Microsoft has made an offer to EU regulators, one that will finally settle their long-running antitrust case and will see Microsoft complying with the court’s late 2004 ruling.

MSNBC reports that the negotiations between the two went right up until last night’s court-imposed deadline, and that Microsoft faces steep fines if it does not comply with the ruling or if its proposal is deemed insufficient.

The orders of the European Commission require Microsoft to share its Windows server code with rivals under certain conditions to make the industry more competitive in the European marketplace.

Last month, the EU’s regulators were still not convinced the Windows version the company was forced to produce without Media Player was up to technical standards.

Microsoft said in the past it would give competitors a price break on reviewing source code and more time to decide whether they wanted to license it.

Link: Microsoft Proposal

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