EU Commissioner Blog “Hijacked” By Eurosceptics

    March 7, 2005

I still think Margot Wallstrms blog is a really good idea, but as The Times reports it’s not only a positive experience for her …

“It was meant to bring the European Union closer to its citizens, putting an appealing face on what often appears to be a distant bureaucracy. But the personal blog, or internet diary, of a European Commissioner has been hijacked by British eurosceptics.

They are using it, instead, to attack the EU and to pour scorn on those who lead it.”

The tone of the article in The Times is somewhat negative, at least the way I read it. I disagree. I actually think this is a very good sign, even if I can relate to the practical problems it generates (especially when you feel you should answer all these people).

Isn’t it wonderful that eurosceptics can turn to her to release their anger? Isn’t that a vital part of democracy, to know who to contact and be able to do it easy? Isn’t lively debate the best thing a political blog could hope for?

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