EU Calls On US To End Online Gambling Ban

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The European Commission has released a report that finds U.S. laws on Internet gambling are not legally justified and discriminate against foreign Internet gambling operators.

"The European Commission report provides yet another reason why the administration and Congress should support pending legislation to regulate Internet gambling, which would resolve the trade agreement violation and better protect consumers," said Jeffrey Sandman, spokesperson for the Safe and Secure Internet Gambling Initiative.

Jeffrey Sandman
Jeffrey Sandman

"The Obama Administration should seek to forge a new direction on Internet gambling, rather than keeping in place a protectionist trade policy that hypocritically discriminates against foreign online gambling operators."

Legislation recently introduced by Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA), the Internet Gambling Regulation, Consumer Protection and Enforcement Act, would resolve the trade dispute with the EU by regulating Internet gambling.

The report found that the U.S. is in violation of international trade law by pursuing criminal prosecutions, forfeitures and other enforcement actions against foreign Internet gambling operators, while allowing U.S. online gambling operators, mainly horse betting, to prosper.

The report also suggests a resolution to the trade dispute could be reached through negotiations with the Obama Administration. If the dispute is not resolved, the EU could bring a case against the U.S. to the World Trade Organization.

A tax revenue analysis finds regulated Internet gambling would allow the U.S. to collect revenue in an amount ranging from $48.6 billion to $62.7 billion over the next decade.


EU Calls On US To End Online Gambling Ban
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  • Guest

    You can legalize and tax child prostitution too, but that does not make it any less violent, abusive, anti-social or abhorrent. Taxing tobacco products does not prevent disease in the users that can”afford” to use addictive and toxic tobacco products. Tobacco providers do not pay the cost of tobacco related illness and death out of the profits from the sale of the poison. Gambling is very much the same, scientific studies show most gambling profits come from “problem” middle and lower economic class gamblers. Social problems caused by these problem gamblers, theft, child neglect, divorce, bankruptcy are born by the families of problem gamblers and the general public, not gambling corporations. Legal for profit gambling is a perpetual fraud and casino capitalism is disguised extortion of the least educated members of our human family, not a productive enterprise.

    • Cliff Lowe

      Oh come off it! People should be free to make their own decisions and run their own lives. If I decide to buy a t-bone steak in a fancy restaurant when I know I cannot afford it, then it is my problem. I should exercise more common sense; if I don’t then shame on me.

      Secondly, if all you bleeding heart whiners were REALLY serious about all the people who will become gambling addicts or will gamble when they don’t have the money then you would be equally serious about alcoholics. But you are not. You are like most people and say one thing while you do another. Probably more deaths each year are related either directly or indirectly to alcohol. If you were serious you would be shouting to the skies to ban alcohol, but funny thing is, I do not hear any shouting about that. Too busy sipping your beer or mixed drink to take time to do it?

      Bah! I hate hypocrites.

  • Guest

    Comparing online gambling to children abuse is totally misleading. Online gambling is fun for all people involved and everyone know that the casino has a slight statistical advantage over the player. Invetments brokers who offer you to invest in their portfolio also make you gamble in much worse odds!
    There are addictive people everywher in every aspect of our lives and true they hurt themselve but its their own responsibility to take care of their lives – there are people addictive to shopping, there are people addictive to pleasure etc….

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