Etsy Aims To Help Sellers By Giving Buyers Custom Recommendations

    February 21, 2014
    Chris Crum
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Etsy announced this week that it is making some changes to make the shopping experience better for customers, which will in turn positively affect sellers.

Etsy’s Heather Burkman says one such change is through custom recommendations. She talks about a recent email test Etsy ran.

“Half of the buyers received an email with the same set of items, and the other half received custom sets of items based on their individual shopping preferences,” she explains. “The group with customized recommendations were twice as likely to come back and purchase than the group that received the same set. Not only do custom recommendations better connect the right buyers with the right shops, but they also bring exposure to a greater variety of sellers.”

“We’ll be testing more custom shopping recommendations on Etsy, to give buyers more ways to discover items,” she adds. “Overall, we see value in both curated and custom shopping experiences, as they serve different needs of shoppers.”

These days Etsy is offering users around 20 million items. In 2013, it sold over $1.35 billion worth of goods.

Image via Etsy

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