eTail 2007: SEO will Probably be Discussed

    January 18, 2007

Josh, a friend of mine works for the company that puts on the eTail conference series. eTail 2007 is arriving soon so I thought I would mention it here for anyone who is interested in attending.

I can’t make it this year but do plan to attend next year (as a speaker right Josh?). The conference was voted in the top 4 SEO conferences on Top Rank Blog last time I checked.

Here is what Josh told me about the conference:

We have a search day and email day and a main two day event that covers everything online retail business would need to know or care about. The vast majority of the sessions are led by industry leaders, not vendors. We have a separate exhibit/vendor area of course, but the vast majority of presentations are not sales pitches because they are led by the actual retailers.

Sounds like a good time! Come back here and comment if you attending and blog about your experience.

Tip for Josh(and everyone else). 301 redirect your URL to your main etail page instead of 302. You’ll get more love from your links if you do



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