Escaped Spam King Kills Self, Family

By: Mike Sachoff - July 25, 2008

Only four days after escaping from a federal minimum-security prison in Florence, Colorado "Spam King" Eddie Davidson was found dead from a self inflicted gunshot wound.

Eddie Davidson aka Spam King

Davidson’s body was found at his wife’s former home in Bennett, Colorado.

Davidson also shot and killed his wife along with his three-year-old daughter. His 7-month old son was found unharmed strapped in a baby seat of an SUV. Davidson’s 14-year old daughter was wounded in the neck but was able to run to a neighbor’s house for help.

His wounded daughter was able to tell police what had happened before being taken to the University of Colorado Hospital in Denver for treatment. The infant was taken to the Children’s Hospital in Aurora to be examined.

"What a nightmare, and such a coward," U.S. Attorney Troy Eid told the Rocky Mountain News. "Davidson imposed the death penalty on family members for his own crime."

Davidson, 35, was sentenced in April to serve 21 months in federal prison for his role in sending massive amounts of spam promoting penny stocks as good investments.

Davidson had become a "consultant" to the FBI investigating other spammers.

Davidson had served less than two months of his 21-month prison sentence when he escaped.

Mike Sachoff

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  • Guest

    how did he escape?!?  i don’t care if it is minimum security…does that mean "escape if you want" prison?

    • Guest

      I would guess that he was most likely out on some work patrol or work release program? They do those sorts of things for non-violent, low-risk inmates. Apparently this guy was a little more violent, and a little higher risk, than his crime of spamming would have led the authorities to believe.

  • Gerry

    It is a tragedy.  That guy was a loser.  He should’ve killed himself, not that little girl and wife.  But most of these programmers, spam senders turn weird at some point.  They don’t sleep.  Just look at Mike Sachoff’s blacked eyes.  He beat CNN and Msnbc on this news. LOL!  Just messing with you Mike.

    • Mike Sachoff

      Hi Gerry,
      Thanks for reading and thanks for noticing we beat CNN and MSNBC. As Vince Lombardi once said,”Fatigue makes cowards of us all.”

    • Guest

      "But most of these programmers, spam senders turn weird at some point." – yes all e-mail marketer’s should be rounded up as suspect psycho maniacs 

      "They don’t sleep" – they all take narcolepsy pills

  • Monetize Pro

    Yes, it is a escape if you want prison…. you can just walk away.. its a big issue here in the netherlands to.. crazy gov.

  • Ruben Zevallos Jr.

    Here in Brazil we still do not have real anti-spam or cyber crime aproved, but the congress are doing it’s job and I hope they do it very soon… I’m receiving lot’s of spam every day, and my companies servers get’s more than 100 thousand…

    Here some criminal does thinks like that… but they do not kill it’s entire family… like you said…this guy give death penalty for it’s family

  • Walking Dead

    A vary sad story if it is true.

    Funny how there is no jail time for the people that profit from building jails after they created laws, backed by Old Media interests of self promotion.

    All I can say is this is yet another example of Old Media Digital Rights Management that claims lives and generates hate groups without fear of criminal conviction for the millions of deaths caused to enrich ones own kin greeds by generating ‘Be Happy’ laws to remove debait, message, content…

    IMHO Could not care about "Spam" email as coined to market AV, Filter and other BS – nore do I care about dumb people who set up boxes to profit Old Media share holders = they should be spanned and have all access deleted.  I do care about ISP’s and Old Media controlers that invent laws to increase market share of their owners while removing compeditors without law reform access in a Mafia market system that allows the real investor to be completly ripped off – infact killing everyone but the richy rich of this world who read filtered news and think that they can think.

    So when do low-income people get to ride on a rocket they really paid for in the removal of service…

    • Guest

      Dude… Get a dictionary and a writing class.  Posts like this give conspiracy theorists a bad name.  While your point is understood, poor writing sprinkled with misspellings simply make you look like an uneducated whacko.

      • Steamdude

        You’re a smarter person than anyone I know, if you understood his point.  To me it’s just jibberish.  It makes no sense at all and has nothing to do with the article.

        As for the spam king, has anyone checked to see if he was taking pharmaceutical anti-depressants?  Sounds like a case of medication induced mental illness – common side effect.


        • Guest

          has alot to do with the article – spammer was working for 20 companies – any of them in jail ?

        • Aaron

          I am with this guy. Could anybody even understand what he was saying. My God, just rambling on about nothing. By the way, who cares about misspellings. If I spell "spell" like this or like "spel" and taking in the context of what I am trying to say, you will still understand my point.

          F**cking morons. I bet there from Britton!

    • MGM

      He types likes hes drunk and there called TYPO’s even though he is drunk.

      • Guest

        maybe he’s a ‘retard’ and you are picking on a disabled peron, shame on you

      • Guest

        Are you drunk? You had a ‘typo’ or a misspelling too, smart pants.

        • -B

          I forgot…..  was this blog about someone who murdered his family, or 8th grade english lessons?  The truly intelligent people are the ones who can keep their mouth shut and just know someone is an idot.

    • Guest

      I understood exactly what he is referring to anyone who has been on-line a while knows what they mean – what spam is, and who’s bread it butters…  and you guys… as for spelling "mistakes" – the English language was based on variations of spelling – do your history – look at modern companies mispells too – french connection’s little wordplay made them a big brand hit with the fcuk range of products didn’t it ?

  • Guest

    I think there are chances of davidson being killed by some other people who was scared to be exposed to FBI during interrogation of davidson. It is a big game !!


    I also believe that all the staff at duty when davidson escaped, should be terminatted right a way.

  • Guest

    This guy is a smack-tard, who would do such a thing?

  • FaTe

    What a f*ck wit, it was not like he had a 10 year + sentance and he kills his family for it too, Makes all of us once again ponder what exactly the mind frame of Americans is these days…..

    • JohnnyJoeJingo

      "All of us" who?  Taking this whackjob’s outrageous behavior and implying that the American people share his mental state makes me ponder your privilege to call anyone a "f*ck wit."

      • Guest

        This almost only happens in United States. Therefore why not assume that lots of Americans share his mental state??

        • Guest

           "this almost only happens in United States" – that’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard all month.

          Suicide only happens in the United States? Killing of family members by deranged people only happens in the United States? Maybe it gets more press when it happens in the USA, but it’s just asinine to think that it doesn’t happen in every country in the world.

          You’re a j@ck@ss.

        • Guest

          To assume that most Americans share this mental state is in itself short-sighted and ignorant. We are all humans; we are all as much alike as we all are different. I can assure you that most Americans find this behavior nothing short of apalling., as do most everyone else on the planet. After reading these comments about Americans I see now why it is so important to have a good education.

          We are all now less intelligent after reading your comments. Thanks a lot. I am actually surprised you were able to get the CAPTCHA math question correct.

    • Aaron

      I had to chime in with you other guys here. Arent you sick and tired of these people turning everything into an American problem. Stop worrrying about what we are doing and try to make your own country better. This guy is a moron of the truest sense.

      What this guy did is terrible but comments from posters like this guy just pisses me off. I suppose your government installing cctv cameras everywhere and prying into your privacy is Anercas fault also.

      Damn idiots!!


  • Liad

    Well apparently the guy was intelligent and emotionally retarded.Waste of talents too bad!!

  • Bob W

    I just wish all Spammers would follow his example and kill them selfs

    • Mike

      For me, this is sad…Condolences to those left behind…

      Poetic Justice…I am sure…

  • Guest

    This kind of online wheeling and dealing is being promoted as a get rich scheme. Ill prepared fortune seekers hoping to become rich or pay debts see the internet in the same way as gold prospectors during the rush. Unfortunately, there is ne secret method to making tons of easy cash online, despite the cheesy sales pages. I think in a lot of cases spammers are born through desperation and lack of proper training in the ways to slowly build an online business. However sad or humiliating the outcome of this mans folly it far from justifies the taking of anothers life. I believe that better warning should be given to those who dare to venture online and it should also be made known that there is no pot of gold on the internet. An internet business has to be built like a regular offline business. Be prepared to hear similar stories until the real hoaxters (those promising false hopes to the desperate) are closed down. The web is new terrain and such "scammers" would quickly be shut down if they operated a regular business in your neighbourhood. It’s time to police the internet with the same veracity. Condolences to all who suffered through this tragic event.     

  • J.M.

    My condolences to the rest of the family that lost the baby and wife… These people get sicker and sicker everytime I read the news… I agree with the person that posted "yes all e-mail marketer’s should be rounded up as suspect psycho maniacs". I can’t stand spam mail, I get SO freakin’ much of it, its sickening… I’m constantly sending out fraud email alerts to companies that these people are trying to pretend to be… They need a life or do something more productive with their time…