'Erotic Zoos' Are Apparently A Thing In Germany Now


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What kind of image does the term "erotic zoo" bring to mind? Chances are you're probably not thinking about bestiality brothels, but that's exactly what's happening in Germany now thanks to a legal loophole.

The Daily Mail reports that Germany has seen a rise in what people are calling "erotic zoos" or "animal brothels." In essence, people can pay a "farmer" to have sex with their animals, which can range from llamas to goats.

So, how is this legal? In Germany, the only bestiality laws on the books ban the creation and distribution of bestiality porn. The act of zoophilia itself is still legal under the law. There's also apparently no law banning what Hans-Michael Goldmann, chairman of Germany's agricultural committee, calls the "pimping [of] creatures to others for sexual use."

In short, there are now goat pimps in Germany selling said goats to paying customers to have their way with. The mere thought of it all is absolutely ridiculous, and I'm surprised that it's even a thing.

Oh, and if you were wondering, Germany is working on a law that would make all of this illegal. The country has been working on a bestiality law for some time now, but it has been met with stiff resistance from the German zoophile rights group ZETA. They say that it's a lifestyle choice where most practitioners never abuse the animal, but rather live in a mutually beneficial and loving relationship.

In short, ZETA says that "mere concepts of morality have no business being law." I'm usually inclined to agree with those who are against legislating morality, but I think we have to draw the line at goat pimps.