Erin Cox, High School Senior, Punished for Being Designated Driver

By: Brian Powell - October 15, 2013

Many adults often complain about future generations of children, saying they are immature and do not understand responsibility. While this may be true, there could be an external reason as to why kids struggle with making decisions.

Two weeks ago, North Andover High School decided to suspend Erin Cox, senior and captain of the school’s volleyball team, for helping her intoxicated friend.

Cox had just finished work at the Andover Inn and had met with some friends at the local yogurt shop when she received a text from a friend stating that she had had too much to drink at a party and needed a ride home. Worried that her friend may try to take herself home or seek a ride with a fellow drunk, Erin decided the best course of action would be to give her friend a ride home.

Unfortunately for Erin, the night would not be uneventful. Shortly after arriving at the party, police showed up at the scene and arrested 12 underage drunks, along with summoning another 15 to court for drinking.

An officer at the scene cleared Erin of any wrongdoing, giving Erin’s mother a letter stating her sobriety.

Despite the fact that Erin was being a responsible adult and coming to the aid of a friend in need, the school decided to uphold its zero-tolerance alcohol policy and punished Erin – She was stripped of her role as captain of the volleyball team and suspended for the next 5 games.

“She’s very fragile and I’m worried about her. Very worried about her. She didn’t do anything wrong,” stated Cox’s mother.

The incident has put a damper on Erin’s senior year experience: “I just feel very defeated. When you’re in high school you’re supposed to stay perfect and be perfect, but everyone makes mistakes.” Despite feeling defeated, however, Erin still stands by her decision: “I felt like going to get her was the right thing to do. Saving her from getting in the car when she was intoxicated and hurt herself or getting in the car with someone else who was drinking. I’d give her a ride home.”

So what exact rule did Erin violate? The North Andover school handbook is very explicit in its alcohol policy, only indicting those who are intimately involved with the possession, use, or distribution of the substance:

Andover Alcohol Rule #1

However, there is a special condition in the handbook for those who hold leadership positions in extracurricular activities:

Andover Alcohol Rule #2

There are so many issues with this entire situation. First, why the double standard for “normal” students and those in leadership positions? Of course, one wants the leaders to be role models, but wasn’t Erin exhibiting her leadership abilities when she decided to help her friend?

Secondly, how is this strict prohibition on being involved or near alcohol in any way preparing these students for the future? In under one year, Erin will be headed to college, where she will be constantly surrounded by illegal activities? Is a zero-tolerance policy the best way to teach students how to handle these situations? How can one know what to do if they have never had to face the situation before?

The future generation of adults may in fact be less mature than their predecessors. However, one should look to the reasons why and address the cause. In this case, it is fairly evident that coddling adults and conservatism are to blame. So you Baby Boomers can complain all you want, but remember – you created these monsters through your strict moral limitations and conservative ideologies.

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  • http://WebproNewstechnology Steve

    Brian Powell:

    It is not our “strict moral limitations and conservative ideologies” that are to blame, because it isn’t “conservative” to punish someone for exercising good judgement like acting as a designated driver. you are mistaking a coddling, liberal ideology for conservatism. it’s liberals like yourself that are going to be the downfall of this nationif we don’t restore some common sense to our schools. Stupid liberal, zero-tolerance policies like those involving alcohol, and weapons (yes, even rural students who fish must use knives)are punishing good kids and preventing teachers from protecting students from the dangers of the world, and allowing crazed killers like Dylan and Kliebold, Lanza, and that other asshole from Sandyhook to do the killing they did.

    If we can get the liberals out of our educational institutions, and restore some common sense conservatism (not that which you mistake for conservatism), then we can begin to restore some sanity to our educational system.

    • hooey

      what are you talking about steve?
      you are blaming liberals for this?
      The only thing ruining this country is people pointing the finger at anyone they dont like..
      or understand..
      This is a horrible policy for sure.. but zero tolerance is not typically a liberal stand..
      guns being in the hands of minors also isnt a liberal stance…
      why the author of this artcile choose to write that opinion at the bottom.. and youre response to it.. and i suppose my response.. is the problem today.

    • @Steve

      You live in a dream world. Our strict moral limitations and conservative ideologies have indeed led to a lot of harm. When people are repressed, they act out. I could give you a ton of examples. They are all around us. Ask any psychologist — people who live in strict, authoritative, repressed environments often act out and get into the most trouble as they grow older.

      Here is what people never talk about: YOU CAN NOT PROTECT PEOPLE FROM EVERYTHING.

      Bad things are going to happen. That is just life. You don’t give up your way of life, your freedom, your common sense just because you are afraid.

      • Robert

        @Steve. Yes, overly strict rules are dangerous, however, too much liberal usage is also dangerous. There still have to be rules in a functioning society, or you get anarchy and chaos. I hardly think blaming conservative ideologies for everything is justified. The nanny state is just as harmful as the authoritarian state. Common sense and moderate policies are what work. You won’t find any totally free society anywhere, they all have at least some rules they follow, written or unwritten.

    • mike

      To all of you jacka**es making this a political issue:

      SHUT UP!

      Personal politics have nothing to do with right or wrong. They are opinions, you morons. The issue hear is common sense and responsibility, not liberal vs. conservative, you twits. This includes, Brian, Will, Steve and any other pea brain that thinks politics are responsible. It is a narrow minded school board and a unfair punishment that are the issues.

    • mike

      Is this the same “Brian” who wrote the article above? You already had your chance. Maybe next time you’ll write a more thorough article instead of complaining about everyone’s opinions afterwards. You sound like a mud slinging political campaign rather than someone who is genuinely concerned about the moral implications of punishing someone for doing the right thing. And getting liberals out of our schools and educational institutions altogether will solve absolutely nothing, you asshole. Its the guns and drugs that need to be kept out. Its misguided policies like the one this girls school is hiding behind that need to change. Think before you speak. Or in this case, type.

  • Reed

    I commend Erin for her actions and hope that someone suspends the administration of the for at least a month for the stupidity they are showing. Good Luck to you ERIN you are a special person.

  • Peanut

    Why don’t we just send our kids more mixed messages?!? I did not see anything in their Chemical Health Policy which mentioned simply being in the presence of alcohol was violating their policy. The principal and the entire school board need a lesson in reality. The way they are enforcing this means that if someone had to give say their mother (who may have taken a drink) a ride to the store that student is guilty of violating their policy. This is like the old law still on the books (in Kansas, I believe) which states that “if two trains meet on a track, neither can leave until the other has left.” And as for Mr. Bak, he is paid to “tow the line” so to speak. I would love to hear how he justifies the schools stand.

    • Jericho

      Agreed. I don’t see how she violated the Chemical Health Policy. therefore the suspension should not stand. You could argue she violated the second, broader clause (which is also debatable). But that only says she would be stripped of her captaincy (in addition to other possible consequences). Seems the school went beyond their rules or possibly did not believe she was not drinking.

  • http://webpronews/life gerald cox

    you hang in did the right thing,us cox’s are allways getting a bum rap.dont let it stop you from doing what you know is right.

  • Will

    Brian Powell,
    I would urge you to reconsider and re-evaluate the statement: “…you created these monsters through your strict moral limitations and conservative ideologies. “.

    You might find it interesting every of conservatives all think it’s the other half who is to blame. [that aside, I’m not angry. I really do wish you would reconsider and re-evaluate your blanket statement for the “truthiness” of it. ]

    but if you truly wish to back up your statement, please review the members of that school’s board; then look up their political affiliations, their ideologies and practices. I think you might find it insightful; as we conservatives find many school board “inciteful” in their lack of common sense.


    • Will

      Brian Powell,
      Not to end my previous comment completely on a negative tone. I did look in my inbox history. I have enjoyed many of your recent written articles, and I do agree with most, not all of your comments. including those articles on Francois Hollande, the woman at the drawbridge, Julian Assange…etc…

      • Brian Powell

        Also, thanks for reading my articles and for your constructive criticism. Much appreciated, Will.

    • Brian Powell

      Strict moral limitations and conservative ideologies do not necessarily lend to a political stance, but rather a belief system. It is a more conservative stance to demonize the use, possession, distribution, and association with alcohol than a liberal stance.

      To me, this rule is similar to conservative stances on sex education, which seems to be if we prohibit kids from understanding what sex is and limit their exposure, they will not make bad decisions.

      Imposing strict, conservative morals and limitations on children results in a culture of backlash, one that is met with kids doing the exact opposite of what their parents wish for them to do. Strictly limiting exposure to vices is a conservative way to approach the problem; A liberal approach would be to discuss the issues in a mature manner and not hide the situation.

      Once again, this is not politically analogous. I have no clue what political conservatism or liberalism is these days due to party perversion.

      • Robert

        I think the moderate approach would be better. Combine your two approaches. Warn of the dangers of such vices and let them make their own choice. However, you have to make some things illegal (driving under influence of any drug). Too much liberal usage and it’s dangerous: too many restrictions and it’s dangerous. There needs to be a common, middle ground.

  • RPB

    This is atrocious!! A young adult claims responsibility and possibly saves her friends life and is punished!! What are we teaching our children? What would have been the outcome had she not helped her and refused to help her friend and harm came way to this person? Who would be held liable? This is a case of “Damed if you do and damed if you don’t'” ,”lose -lose” in Erin’s case. I feel we haven’t heard the last of this. I say Kudos and good job for doing the right thing Erin. When I have children I hope I can be half as good of a parent as her parents are for giving Erin the structure and self confidence to make to the right decision. Erin, your college recruiters will still come and see you, your scholarships will still be there and more importantly the example of leadership you set by potentially saving your friends life has given the youth of tomorrow a positive platform to stand on!!!

  • Obi-1

    @WILL @STEVE you two sirs need to see what type of children are going to schools today! It’s not just low income schools that have this problem of not being raised with conservative values, it’s all schools throughout the country! Today’s youth are being raised by parents in their (mostly 30’s through 50’s) who are possibly the most self-absorbed, wanna be religious but don’t help their community at all, as well as being huge bigots! So blanket statement or not it rings true if you knew what actually goes on in “your country”! Here’s an idea, if you get mad when you don’t get your way and your over 30 please don’t have children!

    • Will


      a) yup
      b) easy with the name calling.
      c) maybe it’s because I’ve gotten older, burned my share of bridges. I try these days to convince others to see my perspective, not just poke fun of them, call them names. Not saying you are, just trying to offer a heavier dose of “grace, seasoned with salt”.
      d) cool name.

    • Steve

      I am quite familiar. My Youngest of three recently graduated.

      My point was that a “zero” tolerance policy is not in line with the reality of the world. (Not just now, but at anytime…)

      it is comments like ” Today’s youth are being raised by” that seem to ME to be “blanket statements”

      not quite sure why your post spun up there at the end….

  • Bruce

    I’m sorry to burst your bubble Brian, but conservatives teach personal responsibility which is the exact opposite of what a zero-tolerance policy teaches. Look toward the nanny state policies of the liberal elite that preach to a village raising each child and that is where you will find the genesis for the types of policies which you decry. If it is everyone’s responsibility to raise a child, then it truly becomes no one’s because no one can be held accountable. Start by being responsible for your own children and teaching them to be moral, caring and good citizens.

    • mike

      Did you really just say conservatives teach personal responsibility and are moral, caring, good citizens? You mean like Dick Cheney and Enron? Bruce, you don’t happen to work for the school board in question here, do you?

  • Mark

    For those blaming Democrats for this, hate to break it to you Zero Tolerance was passed by the House and Senate with bi-partisan support. It is an ignorant mandate placed on education funds, but like everything else coming out of Washington it was more about control than any real desire to curb teen drug use despite what the regurgitate about the mandate.

    In the case of North Andover High School this actually takes Zero Tolerance to a new level of stupidity. First I am shocked that the parents of the students did not hit the roof over the policy as it explicitly gives the school authority over their child off of school grounds. Two, the kid was doing what we try to teach adults to do when it comes to helping friends that have a little too much to drink. This is actually not part of the Zero Tolerance mandate as released by congress and is a blatant power grab by the school system. The courts have long ruled on this issue, unless the behavior directly effects the education of children, the school does not have the authority they are attempting to give themselves with this policy.

    Finally, After reading their policy quite a few times to make sure I had everything, where did this young lady violate the policy? She did not consume or purchased alcohol or any sort of control substance nor was she under the influence. The school is about to find out how the courts handle such an over reach of power with this one.

  • Dwill

    The school is run by a bunch of faggots

  • Chuck

    Little over 20 years ago my son had a similar situation. He noticed familiar cars parked near a sports field on a Friday night and stopped at what was a keg party site. Police came, he didn’t run as he had nothing to drink, and helped them police up the field, passed a sobriety test But as was policy the police officer drove him home and told me he had not been drinking and I asked if we could go back and let him drive his car home. Told YES.

    That Monday we are called to the police station and told he was in the presence of alcohol and all the kids had to spend a weekend doing civic jobs, pick up trash, wash police cars. My son said he had done nothing had not been drinking and was told by the officer there he was okay. So he said No he wouldn’t accept being punished along with those who had been drinking.

    Within 2 weeks we had to appear and he was charged in County Court by the local DA. In meeting with the lawyer I was told he was there, and even if he was there to drive a drunk friend home was breaking the law. It was hard for me to contain myself, and it is sad t see that 20 years later it seems this attitude still exists

  • Reality

    Zero Tolerance = Zero Intelligence

  • Clueless

    Parents and School Systems are clueless.

    They do not know what is really going on with their kids and come up with stupid rules to deal with problems. Our teenagers are not children anymore — anyone who thinks they still are is living in a dream world that doesn’t exist. However, that doesn’t mean you punish kids for doing good things just to lay down the law.

  • Evidence All Around Us

    There is evidence all around us that our strict Puritanical and Conservative way of life in this country has led to many problems. Other countries and cultures are simply not as strict as us and not as messed up. We think the “American Way” is A) thought of highly in the rest of the world and B) Actually leads to more morality ….. but it doesn’t. Everything in our society shows us that. Here are just 5 simple examples (there are many more):

    Make Harmless Drugs Illegal —– Led to massive drug abuse in this nation.
    Make Harmless Drugs Illegal —– led to an epidemic of alcoholism
    Make Sex Taboo —- everyone from middle school kids on up are having a ton of sex.
    Make Sex Taboo —- massive amounts of teenage pregnancy and abortions
    Make Sex Taboo —- massive amounts of porn

    We claim we are a moral nation but ever since our existence we have been constantly at war, we incarcerate the most people in the history of mankind, we spy on our own people and the world, we create/watch more porn than the rest of the world combined, we have the most violent culture in the world, we are the most corrupt nation in the world at all levels of government, we have the most censorship in the world, etc.

    The big problem in America is that most people do not ever travel the world. They don’t leave their state or even their county. America is really very messed up. Our rigid and unhealthy thoughts on sex, drugs, politics, religion have repressed our society to the point that it is imploding.

    People live in a delusion in this nation. A self-made delusion. We are so deluded that we are punishing a girl who DID THE RIGHT THING and WE KNOW SHE DID THE RIGHT THING. It is time someone stood up and stopped the madness. You ever wonder why there are so many innocent people in prison? Why there is a guy in California serving a life sentence for stealing a freaking pair of $2 tube socks? It is because nobody has enough balls to speak up when something obviously is just not right.

    I spend $2 on a pack of gum now and a man is wasting away in prison for that amount of money! It isn’t right and it isn’t moral.

  • divainred

    Shame on the school. Erin should be treated like a hero for helping her friend who could have been in a car accident or raped or any of a hundred things that could go wrong in that situation. I applaud her caring and wish there were more people in management in our school systems who had brains, common sense and as much good judgment and caring as Erin did.

  • Hyprocrites

    We are such hypocrites in this nation. We punish the people who do the right things and when someone does something wrong, we make them suffer because of it even though the reality is that every one is doing something wrong in their lives. EVERYONE.

    I have never seen a person who was perfect. In fact, I believe everyone in this nation is an addict regarding something. Drugs, sex, work, exercising, eating, gambling, prescription drugs, porn …. the list goes on and on. Yet, so many people are “holier than thou” about everything. In their hypocrisy, many people lost all sense of compassion for people and all sense of what is morally right and wrong.

    What did Christ do repeatedly in his life? He forgave and gave mercy. Every time you turned around, there was Christ forgiving and giving mercy. He didn’t lock people up, condemn them, punish them — institute a zero tolerance law. Thank God he didn’t or none of us would be spared. He forgave …. forgave… forgave. He showed mercy … mercy…. mercy.

    Yet, a country that is supposedly Christian, is full of Christians that don’t have a clue about giving those two things. But they sure as hell can point the finger and condemn.

  • James

    If I was Erin I would have told the board or who ever it was that suspended her that if this is the way things are going to be then i will never help any of you people again. You try to be nice and help a person in trouble, maybe even save a life, and the school has the guts to go after you. The people running the school should have their heads looked at. They seem to be either insane or stupid.

  • http://Yahoo Dick Hertz

    As Nancy Reagan said, ‘Just say no’.

  • divainred

    The thing that is ruining our country is the lack of parenting, teaching children responsibility, setting rules and consequences if the rules or not followed. Combine that with an attitude of self-absorption and entitlement when someone hasn’t done anything to earn it and you have what we see today. Way too much emotion and way to little common sense.

    It doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or liberal, by the way. Our educational system stinks and our children are not getting educated because of this breakdown. No one seems to be applauding the good kids enough. Instead they make and enforce stupid rules that can harm them when they occur and can potentially follow them where they go into the future. After the way Erin has been treated why would a lot of the “good” kids take the chance? Is that what we want to encourage?

    Thank you to Erin’s parents. They taught her well and are to be congratulated, as is she. Wish there were more like them.

  • Drew

    If you are a parent of a senior in high school and think that your “child” or their friends do not drink yet, you are far far too naive. This girl is practicing what others would hope someone would do for them, just a couple years earlier than what people think when this happens. She is a practicing responsible adult! I approve , Erin. And no matter what, you will still be the captain in your teammates eyes – forget what the school officials, or even the coach, believes.

  • Dan Williams

    Please call superintendent of Schools Kevin Hutchinson Ed.D at Phone: 978-794-1503 | Fax: 978 794 0231 to ell him how poor his decision is to allow an honor student to be suspended for driving an intoxicated student home, so that student would not drive while under the influence. Erin Cox should receive an award for doing the right thing and not be suspended and punished for this. what kind of message is Kevin Hutchinson trying to send to his students and students all across America. Mr. Hutchinson’s actions and role model are despicable and embarrassing. The message should be to prevent drunk driving and not to promote it Mr. Hutchinson.

  • Lenny

    As a senior citizen and retired school teacher I say SHAME on those school administrators for not using common sense. Hats off to Erin and any other (young person)students who may find themselves in the same situation and do the same (right) thing.

  • Michael B.

    Teachers/Administrators may be educated, but they’re not smart. Exhibiting such terrible judgement, the members of the school board should be replaced, as soon new appointments or elections can take place.

  • mike

    Ridiculous. She did the right thing. And to hell with that scum bag trying to defend the school. I really cant believe this happened. Are they really saying they would have rather had that that girl walk home and maybe get raped and/or murdered? Or hitched a ride with another drunk at the party? She is guilty of aiding a underage drinker, but should be absolved of this and have her record wiped clean because it was the right thing to do. Even the police agree that it was thing. Those educated idiots on her school board should have to talk to any parent or parents who lost a teen to a drunk driving accident. I’ll bet any of them wishes their kid had a friend like Erin.

  • Steve

    “Zero Tolerance” is legal speak for “Zero human decision skills required” When asked about these kinds of policies the reply is almost always some variation of “It is for our legal protection, we have to be 100% strict” or “We cannot allow interpretation of the rules for each individual case”

    If that is truly the case then we no longer need “supervisors” or a “board”, just a few lawyers to hash out the “Risk” and “Liability” potential. This could save us MILLIONS across the country…

    silver lining folks…..

  • Tim

    The most disturbing aspect of all this is that somehow the school can assume authority and enforce discipline over students lives when they are in no way shape or form involved in school activities or on school property and the parents are ok with that. This school sounds more like a quasi-prison.

  • Bob

    The school’s officials should be removed and banned from EVER being near students AGAIN, under penalty of imprisonment. What’s good for the goose….

  • Brian

    As a parent of a junior in high school and a sophomore in college, I would applaud this student for doing the responsible “adult” like action that is stressed to every adult . “Don”t let a friend drive drunk ” She should be honored not reprimanded.
    So would the school have been happier if she did not intervene and her friend drove drunk and could have possibly caused a fatal accident injuring incident people as well ? Schools have rules as each states have laws and if each spent a better amount of time using common sense for certain situations we may all be better off.

  • Robert Sowers

    All part of the Wussification of our schools.

  • Bob S

    Bottom line?….School Administrators are once again, putting themselves into the private lives of American youth. Off Campus and acting more like adults than those who are actually in the Admin office. Zero tolerance is 100 percent pathetic. The Drone non-decision makers, non-thinkers, can think they’ve done the world good when all they’ve done is show youth that even the right decision can be sullied.

  • http://yahoo c

    can someone show up with protest signs who live near or in town. Our youths are rarely highlighted for the positive they do. To her parents don’t give up and I hope the protest begin she stood up now let us stand by her to show her decision was the best decisiom.
    If this isn’t the kind of decision we want our youths demonstrating as the hope of the future( caring, compassionate, astute) then shame on us.

  • http://yahoo c

    get the protest going send a clear message tot his teenager-awesome decison. Send a message to the school board..WHAT ARE YOU DOING ON THE BOARD???

  • AlHbundy

    Shows you the stupidity of these school administrators. They would rather destroy a young girl’s life than admit that they’re wrong. I wonder what party they belong too. (I don’t wonder I was being sarcastic)

    • Jim

      If I was a student in that school or school district, I would not attend school until that student was fully re-instated and an apology received.

  • http://yahoo John Cockram

    This is just to much! What if Erin’s friend had tried to drive herself and been involved in an accident ( God please forbid ). Erin may have saved the young ladies life and that of others!!! The school board should have their brains examined. Erin did NOTHING wrong!!! She was not part of the party or gathering, she was there to pick up a friend in need. Even the police commended her!!!THIS IS POLITICAL CORRCTNESS GONE AWRY!!!!.
    I HOPE SHE CAN SUE THE SCHOOL DISTRICT AND CLEAR HER “ALREADY CLEAR NAME!!! I wish there were more young people like Erin!!! May God bless you Erin. Keep on being true to your standards!!!


      John, your comments are irresponsible. You have no idea how long she was at the party. Did she actually end up giving her friend a ride? Why not? Maybe she got there, hung out and the cops showed up. She should never have gotten out of the car and enter the illegal party. Teen-agers will say anything to get out of trouble. Don’t fall for the lies of the mainstream media.

  • TJ

    There is an article trending now about a girl that committed suicide because she was being bullied at school. Two of the bullies were arrested but nothing may be done to them except for a slap on the wrist. Miss Cox was trying to be a good friend and a good person. She possibly saved her friend’s life. Her parents should be proud of her. They raised a responsible young lady. Next time there is a situation like this with a student at this school, their request for aide may be ignored. The officials at this school need their heads examined; I think their brains are missing.

  • bob

    How long after she arrived at the party did the police show up. Sounds to me like she stayed at the party .Attending the party, an illegal party with underage drinking, is against school policy. She may have remained sober, but if her friend wanted to leave the friend would have met her outside.

    • Steve

      Bob, you’re so quick to rush to judgment that being the idiot you are, you expect a drunk to act in a logical manner. By the very questions you ask, you demonstrate your ignorance of the situation and ASSume things that one can only guess at unless they have first hand knowledge of the event. Something that neither you nor I possess. She was trying to do the right thing. Let it go at that, asshole

      • Chris

        Steve, what is wrong with you? You write that Bob was quick to judge and then you go and do the exact thing you accuse him of. Then the name calling? are you like 14 years old or what? act mature. The girl did the right thing to help her friend but if she got out of the car and went into the house where the rinking was going on, then yes, she should have stay in car. Her friend called her earlier, showing that she has alertness to use a phone and dial right number, correct? Then Erin, knowing the school policy, should have told her friend to come outside and meet her. Erin would have watched for her and honked her horn when her friend came out. Erin being the good friend went in to get the girl, but voluntarily took the risk of being ‘caught’ there. Just a bad break.

      • WOO WOO WOO

        There is more to this story than meets the eye. Tyhe girl went to the party and the girl’s parents sound like over-reacting whiners.

      • WOO WOO WOO

        Steve, you have anger issues. Clearly, you are angry. You should seek some professional help.

  • steve

    Where did she violate the policy? I commend the young lady for her actions in possibly saving her friend’s life or even another innocent motorist had her friend decided to get behind the wheel.

  • paul

    It is typical of politians to decide to punish those who are upholding their policy’s. politians teach young people to disrespect authority, and that crime is the most profitable policy to follow. Is it any wonder that 20-30 yr olds think anything that serves them is automatically right. Cannot blame them for following their leaders.


      Paul, you are truly clueless. You have trouble spelling and you do not have a high IQ, apparently.

  • Joe Gil

    Its amazing. The two students made two very adult decisions. Although you can argue for or against drinking at that age, that is not what i am commenting about. The Young Lady who had too much to drink wisely called her friend so that she didn’t drive and injure herself or others. She called a good friend who dropped everything and came and picked her up. They are what is the very definition of what being an adult is, “personal responsibility”


      Wrong…the intoxicated girl was drinking and hiding it from her parents. The girl who drove her aided in the dishonest behavior. Shame on them both!

    • Orvis Rake

      As a former public teacher for 35 years, it seem to me that the school policy should be scrubbed in place of common sense. She had not been drinking and was simply following the “good sam artin” rule which any person with good morals would do.

      • WOO WOO WOO

        Orvis, your 35 years of regurgitating the dogma from your stae-run globalist, cleptocratic education wellfare job has clouded your judgment.


    She put herself in the position. Her friend should have called her parents and asked them to pick her up. Too bad, but bad things happen when you are underage drinking!


      Who’s giving me THUMBS DOWN???? Come correct and show yourself. Sniveling COWARDS!

      • John

        You make no sense. First off bad things dont always happen when you are underage drinking. Just because the law says you must be 21 doesn’t mean its right. People fight wars and get killed at 18 but are not responsible enough to have a drink. Besides that asshole she wasn’t drinking, the cop cleared her stating she was sober. If she had even one drink she would have not been cleared and would have been given an underage. She was making sure her friend didn’t get in the car drunk and hurt herself or even worst somebody else.


    The right questions need to be asked here. 1) How long did the Cox girl stay at the party? 2) Are the Cox parents trouble-makers? 3) Was Cox trying to hide the fact that her friend was drinking from her friend’s parents. 4) Did anyone break dance at the party?

  • Greg

    She’s in training to be an adult. Part of that training is learning from what adults do, think, decide, and act on. She is acting the adult here by utilizing common sense and a will to be a good responsible friend. Hopefully when she assumes more adult roles, she will remember this part of her life and act accordingly. She has my full confidence she will do the right thing. She has so far.


      You have no idea what really happened. The kid told her parents this trumped up story and they ran to the media with it. The mainstream media can not be trusted. No stories that I read indicate how long she was at this illegal party.


    The author of this story, Brian Powell, seems to be just another mainstream media drone, who does not ask the right questions. You cannot trust the mainstream media. Powell, to me, seems like a mouthpiece for the New World Order.

  • Savek

    It is amazing that so many Neanderthals are permitted to oversee schools. I apologize for insulting the Neanderthal species. From the Chemical Health Policy, “for USE, POSSESSION, DISTRIBUTION, PURCHASING, HAVING CONSUMED, or BEING UNDER THE INFLUENCE,” which of these did she violate? None! In the second listed policy, “A student leader who is disciplined or involved in an incident,” the first definition of involved is — very complicated or complex. The word involved is poorly used and the likely meaning here is, “actively participating in something.” She was not an active participant and discipline should have been determined based on the Chemical Health Policy, which she did not violate. Stating that Ms Cox violated school policy is not true and she should retain a good lawyer to correct this injustice.

  • stpetejohnny

    Common sense has gone right out the window in this country. Along with the obsession of being Political Correct.

  • http://Yahoo! Michael Gile

    I can’t believe she was punished for doing the right thing. I hope that she knows that most people in the nation are behind her. I hope she continues to do what is right, even though the adults at her school didn’t.